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Seahawks Player Q&A: Former Safety Jordan Babineaux

Catch up with and learn more about former Seattle Seahawks safety Jordan Babineaux, perhaps better known to 12s by his nickname, "Big Play Babs."


Q: What is the biggest difference between living here in Seattle coming from your hometown, Port Arthur, Texas?

A: "When I got to Seattle, I was in awe because there's snow-capped mountains and houses on the hill with a lake underneath. It was just scenic everywhere you look. I really gravitated to the city of Seattle which is why I decided to make it home."

Q: What is your favorite food?

A: "Cajun Food"

Q: What is your favorite vacation spot?

A: "Jamaica."

Q: What is your favorite non-football sports team?

A: "Growing up in Texas, an hour away from Houston, I would have to say the Rockets. Who didn't love Hakeem Olajuwon, Kenny Smith, and Clyde Drexler."

Q: Who is your favorite musical artist?

A: "Al Green."

Q: What was the team you hated to go against the most?

A: "We didn't like the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers and the Arizona Cardinals were two teams that really gave us problems because of what they did to us offensively. You know you have to jump up for those division games, so I guess I hated them all the same."

Q: Who was the funniest teammate you've been around?

A: "Jimmy Williams. He was just a fun guy, high energy and had a great personality all-around. That's a tough battle between him and Lofa (Tatupu) because Lofa was so witty and he would put you in tears of laughter."

Q: Did you play with a chip on your shoulder after going undrafted and being overlooked going into college?

A: "I had to. That was the only way I was going to stay. It wasn't with a sense of arrogance, but I came into the NFL, and I didn't want to make friends. I wanted to take their job in a competitive type of way. Playing with a chip on my shoulder and being versatile was definitely the way that I had to play to sustain my career."

Q: What was your most memorable moment as a player for the Seahawks?

A: "The fumbled snap from the 2006 Wild Card game against the Dallas Cowboys has to be one of the best games. The other one was against the Cowboys when I picked off Drew Bledsoe to clinch the win. I guess you could say those are two of the plays that helped me earn the nickname 'Big Play Babs.'"

Photos of the former Seahawks defensive back Jordan Babineaux, who raised the 12 flag prior to the team's Week 6 game against the Dallas Cowboys.

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