Seattle Seahawks Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I send an item to the front office to have the team and/or a player sign it?

No, due to the large volume of requests receive each year we do not accept personal items to be autographed.

Behavior In The Stands

If someone is using obscene language in front of my kids and I've asked them to stop, who should I contact?

You can text-message HAWK12 (429512) to 69050 at any point during the game to report fan activity that has disrupted your enjoyment of the game or to report spills or housekeeping issues that require attention. You may also contact the nearest usher or stadium staff member.

Bringing Items to the Stadium

I'm coming straight from the airport to the game (or going from the game to the airport). Can I store my luggage at the stadium?

Unfortunately, we do not have a place to store luggage at Lumen Field. Clear bags that are 12" x 6" x 12" or smaller are allowed in the stadium provided that they do not contain items on our prohibited items list.

If it's hot out, can I bring in a bottle of water?

Full factory sealed plastic bottled water may be brought into the Stadium for Seahawks games, regardless of the air temperature. Caps should be left on. Also, empty personal plastic sports bottles will be permitted. Please note that cans, glass, thermos, or other containers of drinks of any kind are not permitted.

Fan Packs

Do you have fan packs?

We do not offer fan packs. Please visit our Pro Shop at for great deals on team merchandise and apparel.

Game Tapes

How can I request a copy of a past Seahawks game?

All game video is property of NFL Films, you can contact them directly at (856) 222-3500 for information and a catalog of available videos.


Concession Questions

Why can't I bring my mixed drink from the Club bar back to my seats?

This is a WA State Liquor Control Board policy which states that hard alcohol remain in a "controlled area". In this case that area is in the Club lounge or restaurant.

Can I buy wine in the Stadium?

Yes. If you are seated in the Club Level, wine can be purchased at the 50 yard line bars. Wine is also sold in non-Club seating areas at the Kickoff Cafes and at the craft beer carts at sections 309 and 333 on the upper level.

Where can I find a specific food or beverage item?

Please see the Concession Guide to view specific locations.

Contacting Players or Dancers

How do I contact players or dancers?

Letters to Seahawks players and Dancers may be sent to Seahawks headquarters at the following address:

Attn: [Player or Dancer Name]
12 Seahawks Way
Renton, WA 98056

Due to the high volume of mail, we cannot guarantee responses.


Do the Seahawks donate tickets?

No, NFL rules place a limit on team's use of complimentary tickets, therefore, we are unable to use tickets in this manner.

Can I call the Seahawks to make a donation request?

As of January 1, 2009, all donation requests must be submitted online. Requests via U.S. mail, phone, fax or email will no longer be accepted. Our donation request process can found online.

I live in California and would like to have an item donated to my child's school, is this possible?

Unfortunately, due to the number of requests we receive we have established a regional focus for in-kind donations. Organizations located in the Pacific Northwest (WA, AK, OR, ID, MT) that are centered on youth football and soccer will generally receive support, depending on the nature and scope of the request or event. If your organization is located outside of this region please contact the NFL team located nearest to you to request a donation.

Where can I find more information about donation requests?

Please visit our donation request page in the Community section of the website.

Family Restrooms

I am a dad who wants to bring my daughter to an event. Do you have family restrooms at the Stadium?

Yes, Lumen Field and Event Center has family restrooms equipped with baby changing stations. Family restrooms are located on all levels of Lumen Field. Please contact the nearest GuestLink location for directions.


I heard that nonprofit groups could earn money by working in the concession stands, how can I sign my group up?

Contact the Stadium concessionaire, First & Goal Hospitality, for details at (206) 808-8368. They will be able to provide your group with all the necessary information and requirements.


How many tickets do I need for a group?

The minimum for a group is 20 people for one game. Inventory is very limited with priority going to past group buyers. For more information, call (888) 635-4295.

Do children need a ticket to attend a Seahawks game?

Children who have celebrated their third birthday are required to have a ticket to gain admittance to a Seahawks game. Children under three years of age are not required to have a ticket provided they sit on an adult's lap. As a courtesy to all fans and to comply with fire regulations, children should not sit in the aisles or walkways. There are no discounted tickets available for children.

How do I buy away game tickets?

The Seahawks do not have away game tickets to make available to the public - all tickets are facilitated through the home team ticket office. Fans wishing to see the Seahawks on the road are invited to contact our official Travel Partner, PrimeSport, for ticket information. Visit their website or call 800-591-9198 for more details.


Where can I find Seahawks job information?

To learn more about Gameday Employment, check the Lumen Field website or contact them at (206) 381-7555.

For information about Seahawks Employment please feel free to visit our Employment page at as openings are posted periodically.


Stadium Questions

How can I make a special occasion announcement at Lumen Field?

On Seahawks game days, you can purchase a special message announcement for special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries through our Seahawks Gameday Experience program. Please visit for more information.

How do I get a tour of Lumen Field?

Between September 1st and May 30th public tours are held on Friday and Saturday at 12:30pm and 2:30pm; tours depart from the Seahawks Pro Shop. Please call (206) 381-7582 to confirm the current tour schedule as they are subject to change should there be an event in the stadium.

Can we tailgate at the games?

For those fans interested in tailgating, we recommend the parking lot located at 8th and Holgate. This lot is a short walk South of Lumen Field and is sold on a game-by-game basis.

How do I get tickets to other events at Lumen Field?

In addition to Seahawks football, collegiate football and international soccer, Lumen Field hosts a number of sporting events, concerts and trade shows. The WaMu Theater in the Lumen Field Event Center will host many great concerts throughout the year. To be among the first to receive notice of advance purchase opportunities and special promotions, sign up for one or all of our e-newsletters. Make sure to select the event preferences for which you would like to be notified. For more information about events please visit Lumen Field at or call our Box Office at (206) 682-2800.


What is the process for Military re-enlistments, flying a U.S. Flag to honor a retirement and other Military tributes?

Military re-enlistments and flying a U.S. Flag to honor a recent retirement are available year-round at Lumen Field. During the football season, enlistments are limited due to the high number of requests and are filled on a first come first served basis. Please note that due to high volume it may a few months for us to return the flag to you. For any questions, please contact Armando Mejia at or our military support page.

National Anthem, Halftime & Gameday Performances

I reviewed the submission form and still have questions. How can I contact you?

Please contact with any questions. We review all submissions but do not guarantee a call back.

How can I contact you if I have questions?

Please contact with any questions. We review all submissions but do not guarantee a call back.


Where can I park if I don't have a season pass?

There are many private lots located South of Safeco Field and North of the Lumen Field in and around Pioneer Square and under the 99 Viaduct downtown.

If I carry a disabled placard, does that give me automatic access to the North Lot?

Unfortunately, it does not give automatic access. If you do not have a prepaid season pass, it is unlikely you will be able to park in the North Lot. It is a good idea to make alternate plans such as using the drop off area in front of the Pro Shop on Occidental Avenue.

My husband wants me to drop him off at the "Drop Off Area". Where is that?

The drop off area is located in front of the Seahawks Pro Shop on Occidental Avenue. Since this street is blocked off at King Street and Royal Brougham, the ONLY way to access this area is from 1st Avenue onto Railroad Way South. This area is available both before and after every game. Please be patient and follow police instructions, as this area can get congested close to game time.

I am a season ticket holder and would like to purchase parking. Is there anything available?

Parking is extremely limited and is renewed by our season ticket holders each year. Please contact your account representative at (888) 635-4295 to get the most up-to-date information.

Can cars or RV's park at the Stadium overnight to tailgate?

No they cannot. This was done on a trial basis for a few games in 2003. Unfortunately, security needs, police, noise, and complaints from local neighbors prohibit us from trying this again. Please call (888) 635-4295 for some RV Park alternatives.

It is hard to know where to park if you do not have a pass. Any suggestions?

Since majority of the parking adjacent to the Stadium is reserved and sold out on a season basis, the best alternatives are the Union Station Garage on 4th Avenue or the Safeco Garage adjacent to Safeco Field (where the Mariners play). If you come late, those may be full as well so you will want to head south and look for one of the many private lots.

If I don't have a pass can I drive down King Street and try to see if they will let me in the Lot?

King Street will be restricted to passholders for the North Lot. Try going to Union Station Lot on 4th Avenue or any private lot South of the Stadium.

Permission to make and sell a product

How do I get permission to make and sell a product with the Seattle Seahawks name and/or logo on it?

A: The Seattle Seahawks name and logos are trademarks and/or copyrights of the National Football League. Any person or business wishing to make and sell products incorporating NFL trademarks and/or copyrights must obtain a merchandise license from NFL Properties.  Individual NFL clubs -- including the Seahawks -- do not have the authority to grant anyone permission to make and sell products incorporating NFL trademarks and/or copyrights.  For more information, please log onto or call the NFL Licensing Hotline at (212) 450-2780.

The name Seahawks

How did the team get the name Seahawks?

In June of 1975 a contest was held to name the team. After receiving more than 20,000 entries the name Seahawks was chosen.

What is a Seahawk?

Seahawk is another name for an osprey. Ospreys are birds that live on rivers and sea coasts all over the world. They have a wing span of 4 to 6 feet, and body length of 22" to 25". Seahawks soar over the water to hunt for fish, and unlike eagles, ospreys often dive completely under water, using powerful talons to grab their prey.

Ticket Scalpers Info

I see people selling tickets outside the stadium. Is this legal?

It is illegal to sell tickets at any price on Seahawks property. We have added extra security and police patrols to help deter this bothersome practice.

Is it safe to buy tickets off the street? They claim to have some great seats.

A: It is absolutely NOT safe to buy tickets from anyone selling on the street. Most of the time these tickets have been reported stolen, are counterfeit, or missing from someone's mailbox. Fans who choose this route, do so at their own risk. The Seahawks assume no responsibility for tickets purchased anywhere other than authorized Seahawks sources.

News Policy

What is the news policy on

As Seahawks fans you probably wonder why ESPN can run a "crawl" that says the Seahawks have agreed to a contract with , or the Seattle Times writes on its website that we've agreed to a deal with - and that information is not on the team's official website. The simple answer is: agents.

Reporters stay in contact with players' agents and those agents will alert good reporters when the agent has agreed to a contract. As a team, we have to be more cautious with that information. First, we usually wait until a player passes the physical and signs the contract before we announce anything. Second, there have been examples when an agent agrees to a contract, uses that as leverage with another team and then takes the player someplace else. So, we have to be a little more cautious with that information. In the end, we'll have more information because of our contact with the players.