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12 Things You May Not Know About Ben Burr-Kirven

Learn something new about the Seahawks linebacker.


What do bears, Lindsey Vonn, and Bobby Wagner all have in common? Ben Burr-Kirven is a fan of them all. Here are 12 things you may not know about the Seahawks linebacker:

1) Bears are his favorite animals, and he would own one if he could.

"I've always thought Bears were really cool animals since I was a little kid. If I could own one safely, I would. That would be my top animal of choice."

2) His favorite female athlete of all time is Lindsey Vonn.

"I was a really big skier growing up and I've always loved watching the Olympics. Watching her in the Olympics in the early-mid 2000s was really awesome."

3) He could see himself being a great wrestler.

"I have never wrestled, but I always played around and wrestled with my friends. I think there was some carry over with that into football. I would definitely say wrestling."

4) Kicking back and watching a movie is his favorite way to relieve stress.

"Sometimes I like to relax and watch a movie just to get away from the real world. My favorite genre of movies are thrillers. I'm big on murder-mystery kind of movies."

5) His favorite play of his career so far was made in the first game of his rookie season.

"My most memorable play so far in my career came last season in my very first game. It was against the Bengals when I forced a fumble."

6) Bobby Wagner is his favorite Seahawks player of all time.

"My favorite Seahawks player of all time is Bobby Wagner. He will be mad at me if I don't say that." 🙂


7) A family trip to Ireland is on his bucket list.

"I would love to be able to take my family on a trip to Ireland someday. I have a lot of family history there dating pretty far back. I think that would be pretty cool."

8) He loves to play against the Arizona Cardinals.

"Right now, my favorite team to compete against is the Arizona Cardinals. I have a lot of former teammates from the University of Washington over there, and it's always great to compete against guys that you played with. It also makes it sweeter that it's a division rival of ours."

Burr-Kirven celebrates an Ezekiel Turner during their playing days at the University of Washington. Turner now plays for the divisional rival Arizona Cardinals.
Burr-Kirven celebrates an Ezekiel Turner during their playing days at the University of Washington. Turner now plays for the divisional rival Arizona Cardinals.

9) The biggest goal he has set right now, is to win the NFC West division.

"I want to win the division. I want us to be well seeded headed into the playoffs so we can get on a good run going into the Super Bowl."

10) His dodgeball teammates would be quarterbacks.

"If I started my own dodgeball team and could choose one teammate and one coach to be on my team, I would choose Russell Wilson and Austin Davis. They're both quarterbacks so I'm sure they could sling a dodgeball pretty well."

11) His favorite pregame chef is his mother.

"My mom is definitely my favorite pregame chef. She used to make great meals for me back in high school. My favorite dish of hers would be any kind of pasta."

12) He credits his family for where he is today.

"Family is everything to me. I wouldn't be where I am today without them, everything starts with family. It's been tough this year not being able to see them, but at the end of the day they're always my backbone and support for everything I do."

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