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12 Things You May Not Know About DeeJay Dallas

Learn something new about the Seahawks rookie running back.


Running back by day, prankster by night. Learn about his urge to swim, his self-taught activities, and even how to make the perfect burger. Here are 12 things you may not know about DeeJay Dallas:

1) Board games are right up his alley.

"My favorite board game would probably be checkers. I taught myself how to play, and I'm actually pretty good at it."

2) His style is one of a kind.

"I'm not really a big clothes guy. I do own a lot of fishing shirts and hunting shirts. I own a lot of stuff from Duck Camp, and Mossy Oak, stuff like that."

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3) He enjoys playing pranks on his brother.

"One time I pranked my brother and made him think that he missed his bus at 2 a.m. When I told him to look at the time, I couldn't stop laughing."

4) Watching the movie 'Friday' is something he can never get tired of doing.

"I feel like I could watch 'Friday' over and over without ever getting tired of it. My favorite scene is probably the one when Pinky and Craig get into it at the record store. That movie is a classic."

5) On Saturday nights he has made it a tradition of his to watch 'The Dark Knight'.

"Every Saturday night before games, I watch 'The Dark Knight'. That's a weird habit of mine that I developed."

6) He knows the recipe to making the perfect burger.

"First, you want to start off with the meatless patty, preferably the black bean patty. Next, add some avocado, sweet red onions, honey mustard, and some lettuce. That's all you need."

7) He loves The Joker.

"The best movie/cartoon villain of all time is The Joker. That is probably the reason why I watch the movie so much. I like the Heath Ledger Joker though, not so much the new age Joker."

8) His urge to swim has been strong since he was a kid.

"Whenever I'm near water I feel like I need to swim. I also love to fish. I just love being on the water."

9) He challenges himself to break bad habits.

"One bad habit I was able to break was eating after 9 p.m. I think that's a common mistake that makes people not happy with the way that they look. My first hurdle was eliminating sweets. After that, it became a lot easier."

10) All of his dream teammates attended the University of Miami.

"If I had the opportunity to play on the same team as any retired NFL player, I would choose either Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, or Willis McGahee. All Hurricanes."

Miami running back DeeJay Dallas (13) celebrates a touch down during the first half of an NCAA college football game against Louisville, Saturday, Nov. 9, 2019, in Miami Gardens, Fla. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

11) His Grandmother is the creator of his favorite dish.

"My Grandma's spaghetti is amazing. Everybody who tastes her spaghetti always wants more. I'm not sure what she puts in it but it's far better than anyone else's spaghetti that I've had."

12) A fond family memory of his came on Thanksgiving.

"Growing up, every Thanksgiving my Grandma would always make a huge dinner. I remember spending time with her in the kitchen and helping prepare the food. I miss that. That is one of my greatest childhood memories that involves food."

Some of the best photos of Seahawks rookie running back DeeJay Dallas over the first few months of his pro career. Presented by Gatorade.