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12 Things You May Not Know About Lano Hill

Learn something new about the Seahawks safety in this player Q&A fueled by Campbell's Chunky.


After making big play, after big play on the field, Lano Hill becomes Lano 'Chill'. From living out his dream, to his hobbies, all the way down to his stress relievers, here are 12 things you may not know about Lano Hill:

1) He is a gamer.

"I prefer Xbox over PlayStation. My favorite game is 'Call of Duty'."

2) When people drag their feet while walking, it annoys him.

"A really big pet peeve of mine is when people drag their feet while they walk."

3) To relieve stress, he takes a walk with his dogs.

"Walking is my biggest stress reliever. I love to walk my dogs. I think I might feel better than they do after a nice walk."

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4) The most used app on his phone is the calculator.

"I tend to use my calculator for a lot of things. It is definitely the most used app on my phone."

5) He is living out the dream he envisioned in high school.

"I knew I wanted to play football professionally in high school. Since the 11th grade, I was determined to make my dream come true."

6) All he needs for a camping trip is something to create fire.

"My only necessity on a camping trip is something to make a fire with. That's all I need. I feel like I can get by when it comes to everything else."

7) Salmon is his favorite food to cook.

"I love salmon. That is my favorite food to cook salmon. My side dishes vary, but the main entrée is definitely salmon."

8) Nike 'Air Force 1's" are his go to shoe.

"I own a lot of 'Air Force 1's.' I have probably about 20 different pair of them."

9) His superpower of choice would be the ability to control the Earth.

"The superpower I would want would be the ability to control the Earth. I would make things move just by causing small Earthquakes."

10) He would prefer to explore the depths of the ocean rather than outer space.

"I would choose to explore the depths of the ocean instead of outer space if I had the chance to. The world is covered in so much water, it would be interesting to see all of what we can't see."

11) He is a fan of game shows.

"Of all game shows to compete on, I would choose 'Family Feud.' I am usually pretty great with my answers."

12) Any kind of weather is 'football weather' for him.

"My favorite weather to play football in would be sunny skies, with a temperature of about 75 degrees. Ironically, the most memorable football game I've played in was my last collegiate game played in the snow."

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