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Watch the game from the field.

Watch the game from the field.

With single game tickets nearly sold out for the season, settle for the best and join us in Seahawks Field Seats. Create last memories this holiday season only yards away from your favorite players and coaches.

2018 Home Opponents


Colts (Preseason)

August 9, 2018
7:00 pm PT

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Raiders (Preseason)

August 30, 2018
7:00 pm

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September 23, 2018
1:25 PM

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October 7, 2018
1:25 PM

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November 4, 2018
1:05 PM

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November 15, 2018
5:20 PM

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December 2, 2018
5:20 PM

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December 10, 2018
5:15 PM

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December 23, 2018
5:20 PM

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December 30, 2018
1:25 PM

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Seahawks Box Office At CenturyLink Field

Box Office Mailing Address

Seattle Seahawks Box Office

PO Box 4769

Seattle, WA 98194-0769

The Seahawks Box Office Window is located on the Northwest side of CenturyLink Field.

Box Office Hours of Operation

Mon-Fri: 10:00AM - 5:00PM
Sat: 10:00AM - 2:00PM
Sun: Closed

Please note that box office hours will vary during the season.

Disabled Seating

The Seahawks are committed to the best game day experience and offer disabled seating and wheelchair (convertible) locations available on both a season and single game basis. Seats are dispersed throughout all areas and price levels of CenturyLink Field and are fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Get more information and access appropriate options. Call (206) 682-2800 or TTY/TDD (206) 381-7833

More Information

Ticket Safety Information

Protect Your Tickets

Protect Your Tickets

We love seeing fans share their excitement by posting about their tickets but please remember the importance of keeping your ticket barcodes private. Do not post pictures of your active ticket barcodes on social media or other platforms which can compromise your ticket information and make it more vulnerable to theft. Stick to posting photos without the barcode or with the front cover of your season ticket booklet only.

Receiver Doug Baldwin puts a stiff-arm to the face of Cardinals safety Tony Jefferson near the end of a 49-yard reception. Baldwin's seven catches led all receivers.

Away Game Tickets

While we don't have away game tickets available to the public, fans wishing to see the Seahawks on the road are invited to contact our fan travel partner Prime Sport for details or call (800) 591-9198.