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Seattle Seahawks In The Community

Seahawks In The Community

Mental Health Matters - Seahawks Mental Health Awareness Initiative

Mental Health Matters - Seahawks Mental Health Awareness Initiative

Learn more about the Seahawks' commitment to destigmatizing the conversation around mental health and how you can train your mind like you train your body!

Community Areas Of Focus

Community Response

Through an investment in organizations and individuals working to make life better in our region, we raise awareness and offer support for a variety of both immediate needs, and long-term causes facing the people of the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Youth Empowerment

Through programs, initiatives, events, and strategic partnerships we aim to educate, empower, and encourage youth, with a focus on character development, social emotional learning, and career building opportunities.

Military Community

Engage, support, and celebrate members of the military community including service members, veterans, families, and non-profit organizations in our local community through a variety of programs, recognitions, and events throughout the year.

Future of Football

Serve as a catalyst to drive youth aspiration to play the game of football, encourage and celebrate a broad range of local youth football communities including NFL Flag, Youth Tackle, Girls Flag Football, and High School Football.

Social Justice

Fight for racial equity and justice within our workplace and our community by addressing inequities, tackling systemic racism, removing barriers and providing access and opportunities for all people of color in the communities we serve.

Players & Legends

Create and support opportunities for our players and Legends to engage in a variety of programs, campaigns, and events through service and involvement in our local community and beyond.

Youth Achievement Center

Youth Achievement Center

The Seattle Seahawks have pledged to a commitment of $500,000 over 5 years to the Youth Achievement Center (YAC). Once developed it will provide housing and programming for South Seattle youth who need a safe and supportive place to call home. YAC will offer more than 45,000 square feet of housing and services to more than 100 young people. This is a project initiated by BIPOC youth in the community where it is being developed.


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Seattle Seahawks Charitable Foundation

About The Seahawks Charitable Foundation

Founded in 1995, the mission of the Seattle Seahawks Charitable Foundation (SSCF) is to invest in the healthy social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development of youth and support organizations and initiatives aimed at making the Pacific Northwest Region a better place for everyone to live.

2022 Community Impact Report

Delta Community Captain

Delta Community Captain

The Seattle Seahawks and Delta Air Lines have launched a new program to recognize local individuals or organizations across the 12s community who make a difference in the categories of education, military, equity and social justice, and the environment.

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