Upcoming Opponents

2020 Opponents

2020 Opponents

2020 Home Opponents: Cardinals, Rams, 49ers, Cowboys, Giants, Patriots, Jets, Vikings

2020 Road Opponents: Cardinals, Rams, 49ers, Redskins, Falcons, Eagles, Bills, Dolphins

Dates, times, and ticket information to be released in spring 2020.

Ticket Options

Group Tickets

Seahawks group tickets are a great way to entertain clients, host company parties, and to gather with friends and family all while experiencing Seahawks football in the loudest venue in the National Football League!

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Single Game Tickets

Single game ticket information for 2019 home games is now available.

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Season Tickets

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Field Seats

Experience the action up-close in our premium Field Seats, located directly on the field!

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Suites are now on sale for the 2019 season.

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Delta Sky360° Club

High-quality food and beverage offerings, the best amenities, superior service and quick access to some of the best seats in the stadium.

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Reserve Club

The Reserve Club is an all inclusive suite experience, featuring premier outdoor seating.

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Toyota Fan Deck

Located in our South End Zone, the Toyota Fan Deck features 1,000 additional seats, exclusive gathering areas, and a dedicated platform for our traditional 12 Flag raising ceremony.

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Charter Marketplace

Official charter seat license marketplace.

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Field Seats Available Now!

Catch the game from the field in the most up-close and personal experience at CenturyLink Field! Individual and group options available.

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Ticket Safety Information

Protect Your Tickets

Protect Your Tickets

We love seeing fans share their excitement by posting about their tickets but please remember the importance of keeping your ticket barcodes private. Do not post pictures of your active ticket barcodes on social media or other platforms which can compromise your ticket information and make it more vulnerable to theft. Stick to posting photos without the barcode or with the front cover of your season ticket booklet only.