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Geno Smith On His Offseason Tour, 2023 Goals & Making The Top 100 

Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith discussed his offseason workouts with teammates, what he’s expecting in 2023 and more when he met with the media Thursday. 


Quarterback Geno Smith spoke with the media after the second day of training camp, and shared details about his busy offseason, about his hunger to improve upon a promising 2022 campaign and more.


Smith spent his offseason on a U.S. tour, practicing with some of his teammates over the summer, helping him get ready for training camp.

Smith spent time in Dallas, Miami, USC, UCLA and at the University of Washington with players like Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Tyler Lockett, Dareke Young, Bobby Wagner and DK Metcalf.

"It was just a good chance for us to connect on a personal level more than in a group setting," Smith said. "I just think that the one-on-one is just really good for us."

Smith said the experience with the players over the summer is different than a practice setting with an entire team.

"One on one experience talking ball, and really just getting to hang out. Hanging out with your teammates being more than just teammates. Being a friend," Smith said.

Season Goals

The team has a goal to get better and build off of what they were able to accomplish last season when they went 9-8 to earn a Wild Card berth, with Smith earning AP Comeback Player of the Year honors. 

"We got to have that mindset that we want to get better every single day," Smith said. "No two days are the same, nothing we did last year is going to be able to help us this year except for the confidence."  

After signing a three-year deal earlier this year, Smith says there are advantages during training camp to being the starter, but the mentality is still the same as last year when he was competing with Drew Lock for the starting job.  

"I just had a really bad taste in my mouth after that playoff game. I didn't want it to end," Smith said. "I just went straight to work. I was preparing for this opportunity this season." 

While Smith is getting more reps with the starters, Lock is getting his reps in too.Smith is happy to have Lock back this season, but also hopes to see him get his shot as a starter someday. 

"It's a bittersweet thing, because I know he's a starter and I know he can go and do great things. I want him to go get that opportunity somewhere but when he's in the room with me, we are going to push each other. He makes me better, hopefully, I make him better as a player," Smith said. "When he gets his opportunity, he is going to kill it."

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Appreciating Top 100 Honors

While at the Pro Bowl, Smith said he talked with some of the other players about what it meant for him to have the season he did in 2022 and be at his first Pro Bowl appearance. Multiple players told Smith, who was a backup for seven seasons before finally getting another chance to start, that his story inspired them. 

"If I could be an inspiration to anyone, I'm happy with that. I want to continue to help people and overcome things, I believe I'm an overcomer. That's something that I take pride in and really appreciate," Smith said. 

This year was his first time being recognized in NFL Network's Top 100 list, an honor he appreciates because the list is voted on by players. 

"It was a blessing to be recognized by my peers," he said. "It's my first time but you all know me, I'm not satisfied with that but it's a blessing just to be in there."

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