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Celebration Of 2013 Seahawks Results In "A Really Thrilling Weekend"

The Seahawks celebrated the 10th anniversary of their Super Bowl-winning season, capping the weekend with an impressive win over the Panthers.

The Seattle Seahawks defeated the Carolina Panthers 37-27 at Lumen Field on Sunday, September 24. The team made big plays and had plenty of things to celebrate.
The Seattle Seahawks defeated the Carolina Panthers 37-27 at Lumen Field on Sunday, September 24. The team made big plays and had plenty of things to celebrate.

After his fourth-quarter sack put a Seahawks victory on ice, Jarran Reed popped to his feet, put his hands behind his head and swiveled his hips, an homage to his former teammate, Michael Bennett, who was in attendance along with most of the 2013 team that won a Super Bowl a decade ago.

"That's a shout out to my OGs of the game," Reed said. "I thought it was only right. I was thinking the whole day today, if I was getting a sack and I do it, how am I going to look, because I really didn't practice it. I really didn't expect to get the sack, but I got it and I just said, I'm going to do it."

Reed's impersonation of Bennett's provocative sack dance was pretty solid, and more importantly, the Seahawks put forth an effort in a 37-27 victory that no doubt made that 2013 team proud on a weekend the organization was celebrating the 10th anniversary of that historic season.

With much of that 2013 team in the building, the current version of the Seahawks improved to 2-1 after a rough season-opening loss by following a similar formula to the best teams from last decade, using a strong running game on offense, smothering run defense, and most importantly to Pete Carroll, a strong finish to close out the game.

"Rushing for 146 yards, scoring points at the end of the game and finishing, yeah, it did," Carroll said when asked if it felt like the type of wins that 2013 team had a decade ago. "I'm really pumped about that. The first game was such an outlier, can't imagine how that happened. To go finish 60-plus minutes last week and come back again this week, that's really a big statement for us to build on. We're going to need it all the way down the schedule. It's a young team that's coming together and finding themselves and we can really make something of that."

The celebration of the 2013 season has been going on all week, starting with the release of the outstanding "Season of Boom" docuseries, and continuing with events held for former players, coaches and staff members, as well as a visit from players at Saturday's walkthrough and community service events on Saturday in which 2013 players took part.

"It was really good," Carroll said of the weekend's celebration. "I'm so glad we won a game and played a game like that with the fans being part of it and coming from behind and all that kind of stuff. It was really a thrilling weekend; way more than I thought it would be. I didn't know it would feel so emotional connecting with the guys, because they love the recollection of this time that we spent together, and they've all carried it with them, and it's been a big part of their life. They deserve to cherish and relish in all the memories of that, and they are doing that. It just lives on because of that, really special."

One highlight from Saturday's walkthrough came when former defensive lineman Red Bryant gave an impassioned speech to the team about the importance the team being a family.

"Red Bryant did great," Carroll said. "It was a classic Red Bryant at pregame. I told him, 'OK, give the pregame speech like you used to.' It didn't take him two seconds to jump into character."

Reed said that speech had him so fired up he was ready to play the game a day early.

"It was great, "he said. "Just to get to look at those guys, and to see when they came back together, it was like they never left each other. The comradery they had, and the togetherness. Big Red, Red Bryant, gave a speech to us, after the practice, after the walk through yesterday, and I was ready to play yesterday off of the speech. It was crazy. I can only imagine in that defensive huddle, being in that locker room before a game, with that group of guys, and how they were ready to go out there and play." 

Current Seahawks players know they have plenty of work to do if they're going to live up to the standard of that championship team, and seeing that team get back together this weekend only strengthened the resolve of the current team.

"Any time those guys are in town it's just inspirational what those guys accomplished while they were here, shoot, I don't think it can ever be done again, defensively," said linebacker Jordyn Brooks. "Obviously we shoot for that, but what they did was special. Just to see them, and they came to talk to us a little bit at practice yesterday, and just feeling their energy, and seeing those guys together, for myself I thought that was very inspirational."

Check out some of the best action shots from Week 3 vs the Panthers at Lumen Field on September 24, 2023. Game action photos are presented by Washington's Lottery.

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