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What The Seahawks Said Following Their 37-27 Win Over The Panthers

Interviews, transcripts, and press conferences from the Seahawks' Week 3 win over the Panthers at Lumen Field.


Featuring postgame quotes from the following:

Head Coach Pete Carroll

PETE CARROLL: "One of the most obvious things that happened today was feeling the 12s. God, what a great impact they had on this game. These guys had eight false starts in this game and that's not us. We had nothing to do with that. They can't get coordinated because of the noise. What a great factor. It felt like what it feels like to be here at Lumen. That was a thrill. Thrill for our young guys who hadn't heard it like that, hadn't felt it like that, and they understand why we talk so much about them, why it's such a factor and all that. Anyway, we got to give a lot of credit to our fans being part of this game, just like they've been in the past. That was really obvious today. What I liked about this game coming off the last game as well is playing 60 minutes of football. To play all the way through to the end, both sides of the ball, playing winning football. Offense scored 25 points in the second half. That's huge, and that's execution. Geno was on fire and the guys were making their plays, so that's the big stuff, finishing really well, playing 60 minutes, and this young team understanding what that feels like and what that takes. As well as playing here. The obvious stuff, you can ask all the questions you want to ask, but we were lousy on third down and lousy in red zone scoring. We might've scored seven times in the game, but Jason Meyers has a record day because we can't get our first downs. Have to convert on third down, and we've got to just capture the opportunity of the drive. It didn't get any more obvious than that. That is where we're focusing. It's carrying over a little bit. We've seen this for a couple weeks. It's not good enough. So we're going to need that to get better, and so we already have ideas, we can't wait to get back to work. Another note about this game was the guys that were hurt all week that couldn't play, that were able to get to game day and answer the call, Diggsy (Quandre Diggs), Julian Love, DK (Metcalf), J Reed (Jarran Reed), those guys didn't get much work at all and they just wouldn't not play. So they made it through their injuries and sucked it up and all had really solid games for us. It's a great visual for our young guys to understand what it takes. Another thing I would like to mention is we're getting this run game in order on the defensive side. To give them 44 yards today, that's a team that likes to run the football, and they were determined, and after a while they couldn't. Great job by our guys. That's just something that we have to hang on to and be part of our team. When we rush for 146 yards, 33 carries, that's the same thing on the other side of the ball. We have to make these staples of our play, and then we can find the consistency we need. Really fired up about this day today."

Q. To be able to have that kind of rushing day, at one point you had four backup linemen in the game compared to what you started the year with.

PETE CARROLL: "I know. It's such a statement really about the coaches keeping those guys together and getting our guys that step in to play front level ball. Didn't run the ball well at times early. It looked like we might be struggling. Really Kenny (Kenneth walker III) and Zach (Charbonnet), they were really on it. They're so different, and uniquely different. I loved seeing Zach show himself today and show you how tough he is and how explosive he can be, great asset for us. So that was a really good part of our day."

Q. You mentioned Jarran not being able to practice. He had a sack and a half...

PETE CARROLL: "Oh, yeah, sack and a half, and when he got it, really to ice the game. Really was a big-time come through. He is such a marvelous return to us, to get him to come back to us. Such a marvelous factor. You wouldn't know how much he affects the guys around him with his

wisdom and background, but it's his toughness and resolve. He's unbelievably important to us and had a great game."

Q. (Regarding stopping the run.) Eight false starts. Did this feel like a championship style (team effort)...

PETE CARROLL: Yeah. And rushing (for) 146 yards, heck yeah. Scoring points at the end of the game and finishing, yeah, it did. I'm really pumped about that. The first game was such an outlier, can't imagine how that happened. To go finish 60-plus minutes last week and come back again this week, that's really a big statement for us to build on. We're going to need it all the way down the schedule. It's a young team that's coming together and finding themselves and we can really make something of that."

Q. How'd you and Red Bryant get the team fired up yesterday?

PETE CARROLL: "Red Bryant did great. It was a classic Red Bryant at pregame. I told him, 'Okay, give the pregame speech like (you) used to.' It didn't take him two seconds to jump into character."

Q. How was that having all those (2013 Super Bowl) guys?

PETE CARROLL: "It was really good. I'm so glad we won a game and played a game like that with the fans being part of it and coming from behind and all that kind of stuff. It was really a thrilling weekend; way more than I thought it would be. I didn't know it would feel so emotional connecting with the guys, because they love the recollection of this time that we spent together, and they've all carried it with them, and it's been a big part of their life. They deserve to cherish and relish in all the memories of that, and they are doing that. It just lives on because of that, really special."

Q. Speaking of the fans, after the back-to-back false starts, you turned around and gave a pretty emphatic salute to the crowd.

PETE CARROLL: "It was so obvious. It was so obvious that they were kind of running the show, so we were just playing off them and flying with them. It felt more unique than it's felt recently, and for whatever reason, the fact that they responded like that in this early part of the season after we screwed it up last time we were here, that's where we start moving forward. I'm hoping that we can continue to fill them up and they can fill us up with the love they have for the Seahawks."

Q. What happened with Dre'Mont Jones?

PETE CARROLL: "His hip tightened up. I don't know. Don't know the extent, but hip got tight."

Q. You said it's a young team coming together. How much has them trusting each other helped this process?

PETE CARROLL: "That is what the process is about. It's about learning who you're playing with, understanding what you can count on from the people around you, and then being

accountable and being that, finding your way to performing like we need you to perform. That is what's happening. There are just growth opportunities. I made a big deal about last week because that was such a challenge opportunity to be in. We'll grow with that one. Coming back home and doing it again after we screwed it up before was a huge growth opportunity for us, and I really feel like we can trust that we understand that you have got to play 60 minutes of football and sometimes even more."

Q. What did you think of Jake Bobo's touchdown?

PETE CARROLL: "Loved it. I was so fired up that Jake (Bobo) got that. We missed some opportunities to him today, but he's going to be a big factor. He did some really good things in this game today. I couldn't see how intricate it was at the back line, but I'm sure he did it perfectly. He would figure out how to get in bounds. Great little play, great call, great throw by G (Geno Smith), and also to finish it off like that."

Q. You expressed your confidence in Jason(Myers) after the misses last week.

PETE CARROLL: "Yeah, what a great bounce back. He's a great player. That was something else. This was him."

Q. What did you think of (Devon) Witherspoon's day?

PETE CARROLL: "That was a huge call in this game, wasn't it? It was such a crucial time and they thought he grabbed his jersey. If they see any grab at all they have the right to call it. That is how they defined it and that's what the guy said he saw. So, good call on his part if that's what happened. I thought Spoon (Devon Witherspoon) had a terrific day today. You can see him. He's all over the place. He factors into the game by being around the football to make the wins. You're not going to stop them all, but he stopped a bunch today. Had a couple pass breakups and I think 11 tackles. So he's big time."

Q. On the two-point conversion...

PETE CARROLL: "Holy cow. I couldn't see it very well, but did Tyler (Lockett) make it look like the ball wasn't coming? Yeah. That's amazing stuff. That was a thrill."

Q. Remind you of Luke Willson's a little bit?

PETE CARROLL: "Had a little bit of that, yeah. Just lucking out, yeah. (Laughter.)"

Q. Is Darrell Taylor okay?

PETE CARROLL: "Yeah. He got hit in the shin and had an old injury there. It's just aggravated enough we had to hold him out."

Q. How's Tre Brown?

PETE CARROLL: "He had a concussion."

Q. On Michael Jackson…

PETE CARROLL: Michael (Jackson) did great. He just tapped a couple balls down. So classy in the way he played a couple of them. We're lucky that we have that kind of depth. We'll come back and get a bunch of guys back next week and be really exciting to see these guys come back to us. Jamal (Adams) will be playing. Tariq (Woolen) has a great chance to come back. Charles (Cross) has a real chance next week. We'll see how it works out."

Q. Their touchdown, was that just kind of miscommunication?

PETE CARROLL: "Yeah, we screwed it up. We busted it. We busted the coverage."

Q. Sorry if you answered this, but 146 yards rushing with four backup linemen...

PETE CARROLL: "Yeah, thrilled about that, the commitment to it. You could see our style from our two guys. Like I said, they're much different, uniquely different, but man, they've both got explosions in them. The physical run that you see Zach (Charbonnet) make, again, that's kind of (what) we've already learned about him, so when it happens again, man, he just reinforces it. I'm really fired up about those two guys. That's the kind of day. It's the right numbers. We completed I don't know, 23 or something passes, ran 33 times. You know, those numbers really stand for consistency. So that's what we're going to stay with it."

QB Geno Smith

Q. Second half what changed for you guys? You're moving the ball in the first half. Weren't finishing the drives.

GENO SMITH: Yeah, I think the O-line just really took the game over. I thought in the second half the way we ran the ball, you know, helped us finish those drives in the end zone. So in the first half we moved the ball. I think we had two punch today, and that's always a positive sign for the offense. But as we always talk about, we want to score touchdowns. Today in the first half we didn't do as well, but that's the good part about our team and our offense. We kept battling and showed a better showing in the second half.

Q. What did you think of Jake Bobo's touchdown?

GENO SMITH: Sweet, man. That was awesome. So happy for Jake, just all his hard work and seeing the way he's prepared. Since the day he got here he's done his thing, and so we were trying to get him the ball really in these first three games and he stuck with it, kept preparing, and it's just great to see a guy works so hard to get that. He's very deserving of that.

Q. How had you describe the two-point conversion?

GENO SMITH: Just one of those things where you're just out there playing in the backyard. Obviously it's a two-point conversion. You don't want to throw it up and give them a chance to

get two points. Obviously that would change the game. Kind of reminiscent of that one play Russ had in I think it was 2014 when he threw it to Luke (Willson). Tyler is a guy who we trust. When I scrambled I saw it was just him and another guy back there, so figured I would give it a shot and he did a great job coming down with that.

Q. The run game in the second half, what did that do for you guys, to have both those guys going?

GENO SMITH: Man, it's awesome to have those two guys. Just to see them run, just to see Zach finish runs. I mean, he's just out there running guys over. Ken is out there just juking guys and making guys miss left and right. I'm having to go out there and make blocks for him. It's super fun just to have guys like that. Obviously it starts with the O-line and the way they block, you know, getting up to the second level. To have two runners that are equally dynamic and explosive, man, it's great for our offense and our team.

Q. You know how disruptive it can be as a quarterback when the crowd is as loud as it was. What was your opinion of the crowd today?

GENO SMITH: Yeah, I think the (12s), they got us a win today. You can tell just from watching them out there. The offense, they can't hear a thing. I think they had eight or 10 pre-snap penalties, and you can put that right on our crowd. I think we have the best fans in the world. Just tremendous the way they showed up for us today and always. They're always here for us. We want to continue to give them things to get rowdy about, because it makes it hard on the opposing offense. (The 12s were) real today, and I'm just happy to be a part of it.

Q. What did you think of seeing members of the 2013 team?

GENO SMITH: It was great having those guys here, especially on Saturday having Big Red give us a speech. You can see how passionate he is and you can see how much he meant to this city and how much the city means to him. But having all those guys -- and they always come around, but to see more of them and see them hanging out together, that was pretty cool. We definitely wanted to get a win for them today. We wore the jerseys for them today and it was great to have them here.

Q. The play that you hit Ken down the sideline, what did you see on that play and how often, when he's split out like that, is he the one that ends up open?

GENO SMITH: Yeah, usually that's just going through progression there, but kind of saw the corner getting a little nosey. Was probably trying to rob the out that was coming, and Ken did a great job at really running on his route. They don't always get the ball in that situation, but they got to be ready and he was ready for it. Just kind of saw the corner getting jumpy out there and gave him a shot, and Ken is a guy we always want to get the ball to. It was a really good play and I thought we needed it in that moment, so it was good.

Q. Were you asked about the two-point play already?

GENO SMITH: Yeah, it was fun. It was great to obviously have that happen. Good for the team at that point.

RB Kenneth Walker III

(On getting into the end zone in the second half) "I felt like it was big. I think we had, like, 25 points in the second half. That just shows that, Coach Carroll talks about finishing a lot and I feel like we did a great job executing in the second half."

(On the team's rushing performance today) "First off, it starts off with the O-line. They did a great job, and made my and Zach's job easier. Also, I want to give credit to Zach (Charbonnet), because he had a lot of physical runs and he made a lot of plays. I feel good about the way we ran the ball tonight."

(On the balance between him and Charbonnet) "I feel like it's a great balance. Zach can make plays, just like I can make plays. Whichever one of us is in the game, I believe that we're going to produce."

(On the hit Charbonnet had down in the red zone) "That was crazy. I see him running like that in practice like that all the time. He's so electric. It's great to have him here."

(On running go routes) "I like playing wide receiver. I played it in high school, so that is one of my favorite positions. I love going out there and being able to catch."

(On whether he knew he might get the ball when the corner bit on the short route) "Yes, I just kept running and looked up. I was hoping Geno (Smith) would throw it, and he did."

(On hearing from some of the guys on the 2013 team) "It was cool. I don't know who was in the middle of the huddle, but he was hyping us up yesterday. And then I talked to Baldwin today before the game, and it's cool to have those guys come back and watch us play."

(On the crowd noise today) "It was great. I love the energy. The 12s always bring energy, and it was an exciting moment."

(On the offense and defense playing complementary football) "I feel like when we play complimentary football, that's what wins games. Offense, defense and special teams playing together. It makes it hard for another team to beat us."

(On his big run where he bounced outside, did he see Geno's block) "I didn't see it. I saw Geno over there, but I wasn't really paying attention. I was just running."

(On whether he hears crowd reaction during his runs) "Not until after the play. I came on to the sideline and asked, was it loud? But, I can't really hear. I kind of blank it out."

(On what makes DeeJay Dallas effective in the return game) "He studies it. He's always in the film room, and he takes it serious. I feel like DeeJay is so versatile, he can do anything, and he's real reliable."

(On getting the run game going despite a lot of injuries to the O-line) "We talk about next man up. I believe that everybody on our offensive line is reliable, and they can block. I feel it's important to have depth like that."

(On how often Geno actually throws him the ball when he runs the go route) "It doesn't happen much. Teams usually back off and the corner just waits until he throws a flat, but this time he kind of bit on the flat, and it was open."

NT Jarran Reed

(On whether the defense is taking steps in the right direction) "I definitely think we are taking the steps in the right direction. We can't get complacent. We have to stay hungry. We have to stay practicing hard. We have to stay executing our plays and playing as one on defense."

(On his thoughts on the 12s today) "Oh, man, that was amazing. They were loud. I think we had eight [false start] penalties, and that's a lot. That says a lot to the 12s. We need more of that, each and every home game. We want it even louder."

(On whether the sack dance was an homage to Michael Bennett) "That's a shout out to my list, to my OGs of the game. I thought it was only right. I was thinking the whole day today, if I was getting a sack and I do it, how am I going to look, because I really didn't practice it. I really didn't expect to get the sack, but I got it and I just said, I'm going to do it."

(On what it was like having guys from the 2013 team around this week) "Oh, it was great. Just to get to look at those guys, and to see when they came back together, it was like they never left each other. The comradery they had, and the togetherness. Big Red, Red Bryant, gave a speech to us, after the practice, after the walk through yesterday, and I was ready to play yesterday off of the speech. It was crazy. I can only imagine in that defensive huddle, being in that locker room before a game, with that group of guys, and how they were ready to go out there and play."

(On why the run defense has been so solid) "I just think it takes all 11 on defense. Coach Hurtt trusting us to play hard-nosed, play hard-nose football. We know last year that was a point of emphasis and this year it was a point of emphasis. We just want to play together, we just want to play as hard as we can and to have a complete game, period. Not just on the run, but in the pass game as well."

(On why the pass rush seemed to come alive this week) "Just holding on. Just to keep going, no matter what happens. We have a great group of guys that work very hard, and we work hard together. We have to keep on going, we got to build off this."

WR DK Metcalf

(On turning things around in the second half) "Pete (Carroll) talked to us at halftime and said we've just got to go out there and finish it, because last time we were here, with the Rams, and the half that we put out, left a bad taste in my mouth. So, we don't want to go out there and be a

repeat offender. We just started to execute. The plays Shane (Waldron) called, (we) just started to make the plays when they came to us."

(On 12s today) "I mean, 8 false starts. Just shout out to them. They came ready and they definitely helped us win this game."

(On his thoughts on the last touchdown by Jake Bobo) "I will be watching it and try to replicate it one day. (Jake) Bobo's a hell of a player, always works hard, comes to practice, does everything the right way. It was only right that he got his first touchdown, so congratulations to him."

(On what it does for the offense when the running game is working) "It just opens up everything; the play-pass, and then just the pass in general, because the defense is not just barreling down, they're looking for the run, basically. So, it's easier for us to pass. It's easier for the O-line to block guys who aren't just barreling down their throat every play."

(On Zach Charbonnet's finish on his key run) "He laid the guy out, like he was on defense. He's a hard runner."

(On whether this week was challenging for him after the hit last week) "No, you should probably check on the other guy. I'm good."

LB Jordyn Brooks

(On how well the team's run defense has been through the first three weeks) "It's huge moving forward. That was the biggest emphasis for the defensive side of the ball this offseason, we have to stop the run. We thought last year's performance as far as stopping the run was embarrassing, and not the standard that has been upheld here. That's been the emphasis, and I think we've gotten better each week. We just want to keep rolling and keep that menatility as far as stopping the run."

(On why the defense has been able to stop the run) "I think you get what you emphasize. Just having a better understanding of how we want to attack the opposing offenses. Last year we were a little bit discombobulated, not everybody being bought in. I think it's been the exact opposite of that this year. I'm just proud of the guys, front seven especially, of accomplishing that thus far."

(On the atmosphere at Lumen Field) "It was crazy. I think they had eight false starts today. I have to give it to the 12s. They showed up and showed out today. Sometimes it might get me a little rattled, I can't hear what Bobby (Wagner) said in the huddle. I'll take that any day. What's the record 11? We need to break that next home game. It was great to hear them cheering today."

(On what Jarran Reed has brought to the defense) "Toughness, just a "dog" mentality. That was another reason having that type of guy. He was here my first two years and then went off the last year, and that was a big piece that was missing. I think the toughness and his mentality as far as just playing ball, period. I think he definitely is the forefront of stopping the running game right now."

(On if Jarran Reed's toughness and mentality affects the rest of the defense) "J-Reed will let you know about it. If he feels like you're not playing up to your standard, he'll let you know about it, and he did that today. He felt like we could've been more dominant, and we could have. Him just leading by example and also being a vocal leader also helps us tremendously."

(On if Jarran Reed inspires toughness) "Oh yeah, because J-Reed will let you know about it. If you're not playing up to your standard, he will let you know about it. He did that today. He felt like we could have been more dominant; and we could have. Him just leading by example, and also a vocal leader, helps us tremendously. This is during the game, you know when you see us on the sidelines, defense huddling up, I don't remember what point of the game it was, but at some point, he came up and was like 'Hey, we have got to do better. We got to stuff them, keep them stuffed, don't let them get anything.' Everybody bought into that, and we went out there and performed."

(On first three games back from injury) "Oh man, I'm just thankful. You see this shirt right here? 'Jesus saves.' And he saved me. I've got to give God his credit to be out there playing. People don't realize, the experts or whatever you say, gave me this time limit, but God gave me a different time limit. He blessed me to go out there, and be out there with these guys. I'm just humble and thankful to be out there right now."

(On if he was playing through any pain) "We had a little friendly fire. Mike Jack (Michael Jackson) knee'd me in my back. I'll get him back at practice."

(On how it was having the 2013 team around at practice) "That's big. Any time those guys are in town it's just inspirational what those guys accomplished while they were here. Shoot, I don't think it can ever be done again, defensively. Obviously we shoot for that, but what they did was special. Just to see them, and they came to talk to us a little bit at practice yesterday, and just feeling their energy, and seeing those guys together, for myself I thought that was very inspirational."

(On Jamal Adams' return) "I'm so happy for that guy. As you know, he and I rehabbed together in the offseason in Dallas. I've seen him every step of the way, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I'm his number one supporter, I can't wait for him to get back out there. I was telling him at the end of the game, 'It's time now. It's time.' I'm just excited for him to get out there after missing a whole year."

WR Jake Bobo

(On how it feels scoring his first touchdown) "It feels good. It feels good. Scoring a touchdown was cool, just being able to contribute to the team. It was a cool moment for me because that's all I'm really trying to do."

(On what it meant to hear from the 2013 Seahawks this weekend) "It means a lot. Those guys are legends around here. I remember watching those guys put a beatdown on the Broncos. That is

one of the Super Bowls I remember. Having some of those guys around the facility this week was cool."

(On the home environment today) "I've never really experienced anything like that before. Obviously the 12s have a reputation. But they definitely upheld that reputation for sure. That was really cool to be a part of."

RB Zach Charbonnet

(On the overall offensive performance and playing with four offensive linemen down at one point) "All those guys stepped up. Next man up mentality and they all stepped up and just did their job. I'm proud of those guys."

(On his run when he ran through the safety) "I was definitely hyped. That's my type of run and I love running like that. It's definitely great film."

(On Jake Bobo's touchdown) "That was definitely a great time. I'm going to celebrate with him still, so that was definitely a great first touchdown and I'm proud of him."

(On how the game has slowed down for him over the first few games) "Definitely since preseason and coming up until now. Definitely started off nervous but starting to get down our offense more and be more comfortable the more games we play."

FS Quandre Diggs

(On what he thought of the fans and the crowd noise today) "It was awesome. I feel like when you give them something to cheer for, they always do their thing. For me, it's just go out there and be consistent. We emphasize being at home, this is what it's like being at home. You have to take care of your home. We didn't do that the first week so we owe it to our fans to be better. That's what we've been trying to do."

(On if today's atmosphere felt more unique) "I've been here when it's been really, really loud so I know this was one of those ones. We've had a few games, but today you could definitely feel the energy inside the building."

(On what it was like having the Super Bowl team around this week) "It was dope. I'm big on the legends and the guys that played before us. Just being around a lot of those guys, and some of those guys were my teammates. For me, it was pretty dope, and I have nothing but respect for those guys."

(On how Devon Witherspoon played today) "He played his tail off. That's what we expect. We made him the fifth pick for a reason. You could just tell he was juiced [with] his swagger. The demeanor that he has out there, it's great. To add him with the rest of the room, Jamal [Adams] being back, it's definitely going to be a more swagged up group."

CB Artie Burns


(On the versatility of the defensive backs playing different positions) "I think everything is a lot better because everyone had been plugged in and out and we play a bunch of coverages behind the front seven, so it's a benefit for us."

(On where the growth of the defense is) "We just want to dedicate ourselves to getting better week in and week out. We don't want to stay stagnant, we're working to be the best version of the Seattle Seahawks and bring home the big one, we have a standard to uphold."

(On how big it was to win at home after the opening loss) "It was big especially with the Super Bowl team coming back having their ceremony. It was big, it was great energy, and we got the win. That's what everybody wanted so that's what happened."

Check out some of the best action shots from Week 3 vs the Panthers at Lumen Field on September 24, 2023. Game action photos are presented by Washington's Lottery.

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