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What The Bears Said Following Their 27-11 Preseason Win Over The Seahawks

Interviews, transcripts, and press conferences from preseason week two vs. Chicago.

Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields talks to reporters after a preseason NFL football game against the Seattle Seahawks, Thursday, Aug. 18, 2022, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Stephen Brashear)
Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields talks to reporters after a preseason NFL football game against the Seattle Seahawks, Thursday, Aug. 18, 2022, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Stephen Brashear)

Featuring postgame quotes from the following:

Head Coach Matt Eberflus

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(Opening statement) "Good evening. Overall, it was a good performance. Solid performance for our group. To go back and really just to talk about our football team, this was our first time we traveled together. The logistics team did a great job of setting everything up with hotel, air travel, meals. I thought it was excellent. The meeting space that we stayed here was really good. Got a good chance to have walkthroughs. When you have these night games, a lot of times what you'll do is you'll have meetings and extra walkthroughs and that was beneficial for us. One of the goals for us coming out of our first performance from last week was to start a little bit better. We wanted to have a faster start as a group and I thought we did that. We came out, Justin [Fields] had a nice drive, created a field goal there for us and the defense came out in their first two series and had two three-and-outs which was excellent. And then we ended up scoring a touchdown with our second offensive possession. In the third quarter, we came out and had a nice defensive stop, created a short field, played complimentary football there. Drove the ball down and scored another touchdown there to start the second half. That was really one of our goals that we wanted to accomplish and I think we got that done. Some really good plays on special teams. We had a couple good explosive returns. Velus [Jones Jr.] had a really nice punt return, Nsimba [Webster] had a nice kick return that was really good. And it's not just those guys, it's the guys that are blocking for them. The whole football team, the whole team that's out there did a nice job. [Special Teams Coordinator Richard] Hightower did a really good job coaching those guys to do it the right way. We're excited about that as well. A lot of guys played. We had a lot of guys that played that are trying to make the roster. We still have a lot of battles open going forward and we're excited about moving forward into this week. We have two days coming up where players have a day off tomorrow, we have two days coming up to practice. We'll get these corrections cleaned up from this game and then another day off and then we're really going to work into the Cleveland week. We're going to treat that like a game week. We're going to have an in-season Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and then an in-season Saturday and then play the game on that next Saturday. We're excited about getting that done with our players to go through the process with them for the first time in a game week situation for that week."

(On what he liked about the first team's offensive drive and how it fit Justin Fields' strengths with more play action) "When you can run the ball, which we've done a good job on in spots where we can do that, that's what really creates the play-action passes and the movement passes. We do a good job of that. He does a really good job with the movement passes, the play actions, in pocket and out of pocket, and be able to deliver the ball. So we're excited about that."

(On what improvement he saw from Justin Fields this week) "It's a small sample size. We're talking about nine plays and a penalty so 10 plays. I thought operation was good, his preparation was great. He handled the offense the way we wanted him to. Had a nice drive and scored the field goal. So I think it's progress. I see more progress in practice sometimes. His footwork is getting better, his delivery when he feels pressure and how he slides in the pocket and delivers the ball, that's getting a lot better too. He's improving every single day."

(On Velus Jones Jr. returning punts) "I liked it. He's fast, for sure. He's explosive. It's a challenge for him because he's a rookie and he's going to have to come in there and show guys what he can do. I think he's up for the challenge."

(On how the offensive line played today) "I thought it was solid. I thought it was solid. It's hard to really evaluate that sometimes in the scrum there. When you look at the tape on the plane, I'll get a better feel for that. But overall, I felt really good about it."

(On Offensive Coordinator Luke Getsy calling the plays and the offensive operation) "That's been great. Our guys have been really good on the headset. It's about having calm and clear communication on the headset. I think when you have that, and it's got to be effective communication. So who's talking to who and when, and we've had that the first two games. I think the operation of that has been really good. Communication from everything, from what units were on the field if we're going to go for it, what situations are coming up. We're always staying a play ahead. That's been really good."

(On if Justin Fields will play in the next preseason game) "We're going to look at that. We're going to look at that. We're going to evaluate our football team and see where we are. I'll have a coordinators meeting sometime tomorrow and we'll get everyone's opinion and go from there."

(On not challenging one of the incompletions) "On that one, that's a good question because a couple coaches on the sideline thought it bounced on the ground. We got one good look upstairs and that was it. We didn't have a good second look at it so we just decided to let it go. In real time in a real game, maybe I would've thrown it in there, but we didn't have a second look."

(On how he can tell if the defensive scheme is coming along like he wants it to) "You evaluate practice. It all starts in practice. You'll see it first in practice. The execution of the calls, the speed. And then in the game, you want to see the hitting and the tackling. We want to be able to show the intensity of how we hit and how we knock things back and how we tackle. I thought that was solid today. That can always be better. Our strip attempts have to be better. We have to cause more fumbles, take away the ball more. We'll get after that this week."

(On if Kyler Gordon had a forced fumble) "He sure did."

(On what he saw from Kyler Gordon in his first NFL action) "It was a small sample size. I'll have to look at the tape, to be honest. I don't have a feeling one way or the other right now."

(On what he said to Kyler Gordon since he was playing back home) "I just said hey, have fun. Have fun, go out there and be yourself and that's going to be good enough. He's always on point there."

(On what Kyler Gordon is like when he's himself) "He's real easy going. High energy. He loves to try and do things and he's excited about trying new techniques and he's working at it."

(On if Kyler Gordon will continue to play in the slot or if they'll put him on the outside) "We're going to look at both things. We'll look at putting him on the outside and still keeping him on the inside. We really like him on the inside, but certainly he's going to play on the outside too."

Quarterback Justin Fields

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(On how he felt about the offense) "I felt pretty good. Yeah, I felt pretty good. It felt good to get points. Of course, we got seven on that first drive. I'm just glad we got points on the board on that first drive."

(On what makes a good screen pass) "Of course, good blocking, and that's about it, really."

(On whether a successful screen pass helps to slow down the pass rush a little) "Yes, for sure."

(On the long completion to Cole Kmet) "It was just a naked play, and pure progression. He's my second read on that. He was open, so I just threw him the ball."

(On the importance of Cole Kmet to this offense) "Cole's a great tight end. He can pretty much do it all. He can block. He's a great route runner, he has great hands. He definitely brings another weapon to our offense, for sure, so I was just glad to see him out there today."

(On whether he feels he would get something out of playing the final preseason game next week) "I feel like every time I touch the field I can get something out of it. Every time I get on the field it is an opportunity for me to get better."

(On where he improved from last week to this week) "Just moving the ball and converting on third downs."

(On the third down scramble, did he think he was closer) "I thought I was closer, for sure."

(On the impact of getting the running game going) "It just opens things up, like you said. If we get the run game going, then everything comes after. Play pass and screens."

(On the play of Velus Jones, Jr.) "He's a do-it-all guy. He's a physical guy, I think he weighs like 210 at receiver, and you don't see it from a guy his height. You usually see those weights at guys that are six-three, six-four. What he's able to do with the ball in his hands, he's almost like a running back playing receiver. He's a great weapon that we have on offense, and we're going to find ways to give him the ball this year, for sure."

(On the play action pass to Kmet, and not having a pass rusher in front, and the ability to set his feet and throw) "It feels good just not having to worry about pass rushers, and stuff like that. It definitely makes my job easier."

(On the play of Tevin Jenkins at right guard) "He's been great. I think he's been adjusting well. He works hard at it. I'm excited to see him kind of switch positions and see how this right guard position works out for him."

(On how comfortable he is with Jenkins at right guard) "Is there a sense of comfortability? I think yes, for sure. Just the amount of work he puts in, and just seeing it in practice."

(On the third down swing pass that was short.) "I should have worked to the middle of the field, so that was my fault for sure."

Defensive Back Kyler Gordon

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(On how the game flow felt to him) "It was nice. I felt pretty comfortable out there. It was nothing crazy, nothing too fast for me. I was just having fun with it."

(On if his confidence is growing after this good outing) "Yeah, and the next one will get better and better and better, so I'm just ready to stack days on days and games on games."

(On making his NFL debut in front of family) "It was extremely exciting. It was super nice having everyone be there, supporting me. Just seeing my family up there, and my friends and everybody, so I was really appreciative of that.

(On the emotions of his first game) "I really wasn't that nervous. I was just more excited to be on the field and do something. So just to have an opportunity to get on there, that's all I've been waiting for. Yeah. It was exciting."

Wide Receiver Velus Jones Jr.

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(On how he feels about his returns) "I feel good about those returns. Can't be dropping the ball or putting the ball on the ground. But got it back, though. That's always a positive. I can watch the film, I can learn from those returns, see what I can do better, see if I can put a spin on some things. I feel good overall, but go back to the drawing board and get ready for the next game."

(On the value of a short-term memory after a mistake) "That's something, you know, growing up, my grandmother always taught me there's nothing you can do about something if it's in the past, and I have that mentality. I know in this game of football adversity can strike anything of the game. But it's how you respond. I mean, you see how I respond. But I know my abilities, I know what I can do when I get the ball in my hands, so it's never stressful. I'm never down on myself. Just looking forward to the next play. I can smile now. I got my feel wet now. I know what to expect. This is just a great feeling. I wasn't the first to fumble and I won't be the last to fumble in this league. It's all about short memory. If you allow that to creep on you and stuff, it will affect your next play, and you never know your next play might be your biggest play. You've got to have that short-term memory, especially in this game. That's something I have, and I thank God for it."

(On if anything surprised him) "Nothing really surprised me. I'd say guys are a little more physical, faster; that was probably the difference. But I had fun overall."

(On the impact of his big return) "It's a big confidence-booster. All day in the hotel, I was thinking about the plays I was going to make, just trying to visualize everything. It was a good feeling overall."

Tight End Cole Kmet

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(On if tonight's performance and his connection with Justin gives him confidence) "It builds your confidence. All the work you put in through the offseason, the experience I've been having these past two years, it continues to grow each game we play. It feels good. It's definitely a confidence-builder."

The Seahawks take to Lumen Field for preseason week two against the Chicago Bears. Game action photos are presented by Washington's Lottery.

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