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The Latest On Riq Woolen & Other Notes From Pete Carroll's Monday Press Conference

News and notes from Seahawks coach Pete Carroll’s Monday press conference.


The Seahawks are back in Seattle following a thrilling overtime victory over the Lions, and are excited about what they were able to accomplish in Detroit. A day after that 37-31 victory, Pete Carroll met with the media to provide a few injury updates and discuss the game.

Here are seven things we learned from Carroll's Monday press conference:

1. Updates on Riq Woolen and DK Metcalf.

Receiver DK Metcalf briefly left Sunday's win with a rib injury, but was able to return, while cornerback Riq Woolen left the game with a chest injury and did not return.

A day later, Carroll said Woolen is "Still pretty sore. He's sore today, and we're just one day at a time. There's nothing that we need to do other than just treat him and see if he can make it back. We'll take it one day at a time."

As for Metcalf, Carroll said, "He had a pretty good day. Still sore, but he had a pretty good day. He was upbeat today. He needs tomorrow, he needs Wednesday, he's going to need a couple of days to get this thing quieted down.

2. Jamal Adams will practice fully, but it's still undecided if he will play in Week 3.

Safety Jamal Adams returned to practice last week, a big step in his comeback from a torn quadriceps tendon. The plan this week is to ramp up the workload, which could perhaps have Adams ready to play against Carolina on Sunday, but Carroll said they will be cautious with Adams and not rush him back if he's not ready.

"The plan is for him to have a full week of regular practice and take all the reps that we can get him. That means no restrictions. I don't foresee any problems with that; he looked great last week and was up for everything we put in front of him. He should be able to do that. But whether or not he plays, that's a different story. We're not talking about that yet. I just want to get him through a week of practice and see how he does… We'll have to wait and see. I'm his best cheerleader, I can't wait to see him get back out there and play, so we'll see what happens."

3. Shane Waldron and the offensive coaching staff were on top of their games.

Scoring 38 points while gaining 393 yards and 28 first downs is pretty good for any NFL offense under any circumstances, but it was particularly impressive for the Seahawks to get that done in a very challenging road environment while playing without both of their starting tackles. While the players on the field, from quarterback Geno Smith to his pass-catchers to the two tackles who filled in, Jake Curhan and Stone Forsythe, all deserve a ton of credit, so too does the offensive coaching staff, led by offensive coordinator Shane Waldron.

"I was really fired up about that," Carroll said. "They minimized (Detroit's) strengths—we thought their rush might be a problem for our guys on the edge—the multiplicity, the small changes, the tactics of our protection was designed beautifully for this game. You saw us move the football all around with the quarterback and the actions and stuff. I just thought they took advantage of stuff that made it a game that we could be really highly productive."

4. Geno Smith "played great" helping lead the team to victory.

Like the team as a whole, Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith didn't have his best performance in a Week 1 loss to the Rams, but he bounced back in a big way on Sunday, throwing for 328 yards and two scores, a performance highlighted by the winning drive in overtime on which Smith went 6 for 7 for 69 yards and the game-winning touchdown pass to Tyler Lockett.

"I thought Geno played great," Carroll said. "I thought Geno played exactly like he has been playing, like we counted on him coming out of last season, as he has been throughout camp. I don't think he got off to a great start in the first game, but he was everything that we wanted him to be. I thought he made really good decisions to dirt the ball—wish he could have gotten rid of the one on the monumental scramble when we get trapped down there inside the five—but other than that I thought he played a great football game.

"He had a really good game going, then we go into OT and he takes us right down the field. It was just a classic drive, beautiful execution, timing was great, total confidence, didn't waver. We were talking about it going into OT, kind of laughing about it, 'Here comes our chance.' It was very much in the moment, and I hope we just take the next step, come back this next week and get a good solid game again, and he'll start stacking them. He's shown us that, it's not a surprise, I'm just glad to see he was so comfortable in the moment, which was as difficult as it could have been. You couldn't hear a thing out there. He handled all of the checks, all of the changes, all of the various cadences we had to use, and he did a great job."

5. Devon Witherspoon impressed in his debut.

After missing the opener due to a hamstring injury, rookie cornerback Devon Witherspoon started the game at left cornerback and was involved in a number of key plays, including two fourth-down stops.

"I didn't see him being nervous at all," Carroll said. "I thought he was in it from the start. It wasn't too big for him. He might have been internally tight some, but he didn't show it. His attitude doesn't go that way. He was having fun and got involved—had a couple of big wins and stuff—so I think it was a terrific first game."

Carroll called Witherspoon's fourth-down pass breakup "A great play. That was a terrific play. So often in one on ones, guys lose on the crossing routes, especially the shallow crosses. You've got to get a good jump on, then you've got to make a play on the ball, which he did cleanly."

Carroll also didn't have a problem with the play Witherspoon made on what ended up being flagged for pass interference, saying, "The receiver ran right up into him, and he settled right at the depth where the receiver was going to make his break. That just can happen some. He did not torque the guy in any way, he really tried to get off of him once the guy settled into him. I don't know how he could've avoided that other then throw his hands up."

6. Tyler Lockett can reach for the end zone because he's Tyler Lockett.

When preaching the importance of ball security, coaches frequently remind players not to reach for the end zone and risk a fumble, but Lockett took a calculated risk on the final play of the game, diving to hit the pylon with the ball before he went out of bounds. Lockett said after the game he would probably be used as an example in future meetings, but Carroll said an exception can be made when it's a savvy veteran scoring the game winner.

"Only when you win the game, that's OK," Carroll said. "He has enough presence to know when to do it and when not to do it. He's been in this game as long as anybody. What a great game he had again. He just does all the little things so well. He's a master."

7. Carroll has faith in Jason Myers despite some early-season misses.

After one of his three field goal attempts hit off the upright in the season opener, Jason Myers had two more misses on Sunday, though one of those was from 56 yards, making him 3 for 6 on field goal attempts this season and 5 for 5 on extra points. On his way to Pro Bowl honors last season, Myers missed only three field goals all season, and Carroll is confident Myers will be back to his usual accurate ways soon.

"He's been hitting the ball well in practice and all of that," Carroll said. "I just believe in him and trust in him and figure he's going to get back on track."

Check out the best sights from the sidelines following a thrilling 37-31 overtime win over the Detroit Lions during Week 2 of the 2023 season. Easy To Celebrate photos are presented by Bud Light.

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