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New Seahawks Safety Julian Love: "Seattle Was The Perfect Fit For Me" 

Seahawks safety Julian Love on his decision to sign with the Seahawks, his role in the defense & more.


Julian Love's free agency visit with the Seahawks was a short one, but in that quick trip to Seattle, he recognized a perfect fit.

From dinner with fellow free agent Devin Bush and a group of Seahawks coaches, to talking ball with Pete Carroll, Love felt comfortable on his visit, which is no small thing in the whirlwind process of free agency.

"After I met Coach (Pete) Carroll and everybody in the building, it just felt comfortable," Love said. "I think that is the biggest stressor of free agency, the unknown. I don't know the people in the organization for the most part, but meeting them and getting to know them, it was clear cut, I knew I was supposed to be there."

Love said that ultimately his decision came down to what he saw as "a great opportunity to join a good team that's led by a great head coach who just gets it. That's what I was looking for, I was looking for a nice fit. The culture's great, and I think that fits my style, my brand of football. So yeah, I think Seattle was the perfect fit for me."

Love, 25, is coming off the best season of his four-year career with the Giants, having started 16 games while recording a career-high 124 tackles, six tackles for loss, five passed defensed and two interceptions. But as good as last season was, the former fourth-round pick out of Notre Dame doesn't think he has reached his potential yet, and the chance to play for Carroll, a coach long known for developing defensive backs for multiple decades in the NFL, made Seattle all the more appealing.

"I am always looking for the ability to grow," he said. "I feel like this past year I was just scratching the surface of the player I can be in this league and so throughout free agency, I just wanted an opportunity to be at a place where that was possible. We started with the casual conversation about family, background, and all of that stuff, but (Carroll) couldn't help but talk ball with me. He was kind of going in and out of talking ball and I love that. That's the kind of the player and learner that I am, so before you knew it, within five minutes of being in his office, we were at the computer going over tape. That's what it was. I was just watching tape with him, picking his brain, and him picking my brain. That is where the reassurance came from."

Both Carroll and general manager John Schneider raved about Love when asked about him at the NFL Annual Meeting, with Carroll calling him a “remarkable player” while Schneider noted that he was a team captain who also wore the green dot on his helmet, meaning he was the defensive play-caller receiving calls from the defensive coordinator, a role more often held by middle linebackers.

The Seahawks, of course, already have a pair of standout safeties in Quandre Diggs and Jamal Adams, but Carroll made it clear the plan was to have all three of those players on the field together quite often next season.

"We have a clear thought of what we're going to do with our guys and how we want to play them, and we feel very fortunate to have all of our guys," Carroll said last week. "… He can do a lot of things. He was a very dynamic player in their system, he did everything, from the front to the back. He's a really good deep-end player, but he fits into the running the game and pressuring and all of those things. He's a really complete football player. And also, the smarts that he brings, the leadership that he brings, he's going to be a really good addition."

Love recognizes that it will take some time to iron out his role in the defense, but like his new head coach, he looks forward to sharing a field with Adams and Diggs while also learning from two of the game's best safeties.

"I think they were excited about having the ability to put three safeties on the field, and I think they saw me as a good addition to who they have in their room right now," he said. "So that's what I wanted. I fortunately have the opportunity to grow with two savvy vets. I'm a vet myself now, but I'm still 25 years old, so I'm still learning the game, still trying to improve. So that's how they see me fit, continuing to improve and grow in your system.

"I don't know if I have a specific spot. I played corner in college. I had some starts at nickel, corner, safety, free, and strong in the league. I don't know, wherever I can make plays, I think is where I am most comfortable. I like to be in the action. I think I play a tough brand of football and I think they will utilize me in that way."

One of the biggest reasons why Love is a fit for what the Seahawks is the versatility that will allow the defense to do a lot of different things with three safeties on the field. With the Giants, Love showed the ability to do everything from playing in the box like a linebacker to playing deep in the middle of the field to playing nickel and guard slot receivers.

Asked about that versatility, Love said, "I'm not sure where I get that from, honestly. I think I'm able to adapt. I was playing corner in college and on the first day of rookie minicamp, I was asked to get some reps at safety. To me, I'm just trying to do my best and show up with my best foot forward. I said, 'Of course,' so I just started repping everything really early. I think it comes from me being a competitor. If I have time to train at any one position, I'll be very clean and do well with that, but if I cross train throughout the week, you can expect me to be competitive at whatever it is. I built my brand on that somehow and I enjoy it. I think of it just as like playing pickup ball as a kid. You are kind of just playing all over the place and that's how I like to play. As long as I am around the ball, I'm happy."

Take a look at photos of safety Julian Love from his first four seasons in the NFL, as well as his time in college at Notre Dame. Love signed with the Seahawks as a free agent on March 17, 2023. Read more.

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