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Seattle Seahawks Tailgating


On-Site Parking

The Lumen Field North Lot and the Lumen Field Garage are presold on a season basis. Tailgating is not permitted on Lumen Field property. Fans interested in tailgating can find a number of lots a short walk from the stadium including a lot on 8th and Holgate, about a 10-minute walk south of Lumen Field.

A message from the Seattle Police Department, Washington State Liquor Control Board, the City of Seattle, the Seattle Seahawks and Lumen Field:

Please remember that consuming or possessing an open container of alcohol (beer, wine, or spirituous liquor) is a violation of city and state law.

The violation is a class 3 civil incraftion punishable by a fine of $103.00 (RCW 66.44.100).

Minors in possesion of alcohol face a criminal penalty with a maximum fine of $5,000 and/or a year in jail (RCW 66.44.270).

Public Safety is our priority. Thank you for your cooperation.