Seattle Seahawks Gameday Policies

Gameday Policies

Banners And Signs

Banners and signs are permitted in the stadium as long as they do not obstruct the view of guests or block stadium signage. Banners and signs must be event-related, in good taste and not commercial, political or offensive in nature. All signs must be hand-held; signs on sticks are not permitted. Lumen Field reserves the right to remove any banner or sign.

Credit Cards

The Lumen Field Box Office, Seahawks Pro Shop, and permanent novelty stands accept American Express, MasterCard, VISA, and Discover. All stadium concession stands accept American Express, MasterCard, and VISA. Credit card acceptance varies for all other Lumen Field events.

Customer Service

During a Seahawks game, please direct any comments and concerns to the nearest GuestLink Location or Event Staff member. If you have questions or issues regarding your game tickets please visit the Northwest Box Office. Questions or comments may also be directed to the Seahawks Customer Relations Department by calling (888) 635-4295, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m., or emailing


Lumen Field and the Seattle Seahawks reserve the right to eject anyone who violates our Fan Code of Conduct, or whose behavior is unruly or illegal in nature. Tickets can be revoked without refund and the individuals will be escorted from Lumen Field and Lumen Field Event Center. If you are ejected from a Seahawks game you will be required to complete our $250 Fan Code of Conduct Course before re-admittance into Lumen Field. The Fan Conduct Class can be completed at All season ticket holders are responsible for the behavior of themselves as well as their guests using their seats.

Emergencies And Evacuation Procedures

In the event of a serious Lumen Field and Event Center emergency, all event staff, law enforcement and fire personnel are available to assist guests, including those with disabilities. Information will also be provided over the public address system and on stadium televisions and scoreboards.

Field Access

Only authorized personnel with proper credentials will be permitted onto the field before, during or after a Seahawks game. Any unauthorized person going onto the field will be removed and subject to arrest, and will have their ticket privileges revoked.

Food And Beverage Policy

Seahawks fans may bring food into Lumen Field and Lumen Field Event Center of Seahawks gameday in approved clear bags only. Per NFL policy, outside beverages are not allowed. Exceptions are made for factory-sealed water bottles (non-enhanced, flavored or carbonated), baby bottles, beverages related to medical needs, and unopened, soft-sided single serve containers (i.e. juice boxes). Coolers and backpacks are also prohibited. Please review our Prohibited Items and Stadium Bag Policy.

Football In Stands

NFL rules state that any ball landing in the stands as a result of play must be returned to the playing field. A Lumen Field staff member will identify themselves and request the ball returned to the field of play.

Gameday Giveaways

For the majority of games, giveaway items are distributed to fans upon entering the stadium gates. Although giveaway items are ordered in quantities to accommodate Lumen Field's seat capacity, receipt of a giveaway item is not guaranteed. Arriving early and utilizing the gate entrance designated on the game ticket is the best way to ensure receipt.

Gate Opening Times

For Seahawks games:

Charter & General Ticket Holders: 2 hours prior to kickoff

Suite Ticket Holders: 3 hours prior to kickoff

Delta Sky360 Club and Field Seat Ticket Holders: Can enter the stadium and access the Delta Sky360 Club Level 3 hours prior to kickoff, and can access seats in the bowl 2 hours prior to kickoff.

Gate opening times for other events at Lumen Field and the Lumen Field Event Center will vary. For specific event information, please call (206) 381-7555.

Lost And Found

If you have misplaced an item at an event, please proceed to the nearest GuestLink Location inside the stadium. After the conclusion of the event you may Contact the Lumen Field Lost and Found at (206) 381-7544. Lost items will be kept for one month; those unclaimed after that time will be donated to charity. For more information, visit


Lumen Field is pleased to offer The Mother's Room, located on the SW Corner of the Suite Level. It can be accessed by using the SW Elevator. The Mother's Room is a private space where moms can nurse, pump and spend some quiet time. The room has soft lighting, comfortable chairs and electrical outlets. It also has a convenient changing table and hand washing sink.

Lost Children / Parents

Guests are encouraged to instruct children in their group to find a Lumen Field staff member if they become lost or separated from their group. Lost children will be taken to the nearest GuestLink Location. Parents looking for a lost child should follow the same procedure.

As a preventive measure, all GuestLink Locations offer the "Family Finder" program as a free service. Parents can also have their seat location printed on a fun wristband for their children to wear while at Lumen Field.


Those who wish to leave an emergency number with relatives or sitters can refer them to the Lumen Field office at (206) 381-7555. Please remember to leave an exact seat location (section, row, seat number) at home with the emergency number. If Lumen Field is contacted in the event of an emergency, stadium staff member will deliver the message to a patron's seat.


For your safety and convenience, Seattle Police Department and King County officers are stationed throughout Lumen Field and Lumen Field Event Center. If you have an emergency, please notify the nearest Lumen Field member representative immediately.

Public Displays Of Affection Or PDA

Lumen Field is committed to providing an atmosphere that all guests find enjoyable. As part of this commitment, we ask that all guests keep acts of affection tasteful and discrete.


Radios and televisions are permitted in Lumen Field and Lumen Field Event Center so long as they do not disturb other fans. For the benefit of others, fans listening to broadcasts are required to use headsets.

Re-Entry Policy

Due to security concerns and direction from NFL Security, re-entry is ONLY permitted up until kickoff time. After kickoff there is no re-entry. Once a fan exits Lumen Field after kickoff, THEY CANNOT RE-ENTER. In the case of a medical emergency, you can be issued a medical pass by Lumen Field First Aid.


Restrooms are located throughout Lumen Field and Lumen Field Event Center and are all ADA-compliant. Family restrooms with baby-changing tables are also available throughout the facility.

Sitting / Standing Policiy

Lumen Field enforces a "majority rules" sitting vs. standing policy in order to ensure the best viewing experience for all fans. If the majority of the fans in your section are sitting, we ask that you sit. If the majority of fans in your section are standing, we ask that you stand. Guest Services may provide instruction to best enforce this policy.

Skateboarding / Rollerblading

Skateboarding and/or rollerblading on property surrounding Lumen Field and Event Center is strictly prohibited.

Smoking Tobacco / Marijuana

In compliance with state law (RCW 70.160), smoking of any kind is prohibited in all areas of Lumen Field and Event Center. This includes, but is not limited to: cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vape pens, and smokeless tobacco.

Solicitation/ Literature

Any persons without written consent from either First & Goal Inc. or the Seattle Seahawks are prohibited from soliciting contributions or distributing literature on Lumen Field and Lumen Field Event Center property (inside or outside).


Strollers are allowed in Lumen Field and Lumen Field Event Center. During stadium events, strollers too large to be stored under a seat may be checked at the nearest GuestLink Location.


Umbrellas are permitted in the stadium provided they do not interfere with other guests' enjoyment of an event.

Video Boards (HawkVision)

The video boards at Lumen Field are called HawkVision and represent a "one-of-a-kind" approach to sports venue video displays. HawkVision was designed, engineered and built to deliver video and graphic images of the highest resolution and clarity to fans. The south video board, measuring approximately 84 feet wide by 24 feet high, will display video in a super landscape format. The North Tower's board is the first-ever portrait layout, measuring approximately 44 feet wide by nearly 50 feet high. Together, the HawkVision video boards represent some of the largest viewing surfaces in the NFL.

Visiting Team Fans

Visiting team fans are our guests. Harassment of the visiting team or their fans will be considered unruly behavior and grounds for ejection or arrest.