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Updates From Mike Macdonald's Introductory Press Conference reporter John Boyle reported live as Mike Macdonald spoke with the media for the first time as Seahawks head coach.

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A day after the news that former Ravens defensive coordinator Mike Macdonald would be named Seahawks head coach, he addressed the media at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center for the first time.

Following along, Senior Digital Media Reporter John Boyle shared updates live from the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

Read highlights below or watch the full video of Macdonald's introductory press conference.

Opening Statement

11:03 a.m. PT: "Welcome to Mike Macdonald Day," opens executive vice president and general manager John Schneider. "This is the future right here."


Macdonald's First Words

11:10 a.m. PT: Head coach Mike Macdonald: "This is a humbling, humbling feeling that I'm feeling right now in front of everybody.

"I understand where this organization wants to go. And I feel like we're aligned on how we want to get there, and just juiced to go do it.

"My wife [Stephanie] and I have been talking and this feels like home already."

Thank You

11:14 a.m. PT: Before taking questions, Macdonald issues thanks to several important people on his journey including his wife Stephanie, former general manager of the Ravens, Ozzie Newsome, current general manager Eric DeCosta, and John and Jim Harbaugh, both of whom he coached under during his career.

Offensive Philosophy

11:20 a.m. PT: Asked about his offensive philosophy, Macdonald says: "We're going to be a physical football team. We're going to try to be explosive and build it around the players that we have.

"The percentage of when you run the ball and how much and all of that, it's all adjustable. To me, it's going to mirror our football team."

Defensive Play Calling

11:24 a.m. PT: Macdonald says his plan is to call plays for the defense to start, but that he could see handing those duties over to a defensive coordinator when the time is right.

"When it becomes obvious that someone else is ready to go, when we see it the same way, then we'll make that change."

Pete Carroll

11:29 a.m. PT: While Macdonald has not yet met former head coach Pete Carroll, he called him a "Hall-of-Fame coach."

More importantly, though, he won't try to be like Carroll. "I have a different personality.

"My plan is to be myself everyday. You're just going to get me."

"Build Around The QB"

11:34 a.m. PT: Macdonald mentions speaking with Geno Smith after this year's Week 9 game in Baltimore, saying he had "great respect for him.

"We've played against Geno. He's a really good player. I'm pretty sure he's at the Pro Bowl right now.

"We're going to build around the quarterback. You've got to."

Offensive Coordinator Search

11:37 a.m. PT: Asked if experience calling plays in the NFL was important for the offensive coordinator search, Macdonald said it's "not at the top" of factors he's considering.

Seahawks new head coach Mike Macdonald arrived at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center and was greeted with a warm welcome from the organization. Check out some of the best photos from his arrival.

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