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"The Nerve Of You!" Snoop Dogg, Will Ferrell & NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Chastise Pete Carroll Following Viral QB Video

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll received some playful criticism from some big names for abusing his team’s defense with his quarterback skills.


According to his birth certificate at least, Pete Carroll is the NFL's oldest head coach at 71. But as quarterback Geno Smith put it earlier in the week, the Seahawks head coach is also an "ageless wonder" with the constant energy and enthusiasm he exudes on a daily basis.

From running 100-yard sprints during practice to, as was illustrated in a recent social media post, putting his quarterback skills on display, Carroll is quite possibly the world's most spry septuagenarian.

After that video of Carroll playing quarterback, which included an impressive no-look pass that would make Patrick Mahomes jealous, went viral on social media, Carroll heard from some celebrities who were upset with the way Carroll was abusing his defense.

Rap legend Snoop Dogg, actor Will Ferrell and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell all weighed in, expressing their concern for the way Carroll is lighting up his defense.

"Pete Carroll, the nerve of you to treat your players with such abuse," said Snoop Dogg, who goes back decades with Carroll to the coach's days at USC. "You should be sanctioned, dog."

Goodell, meanwhile, told Carroll, "I got a video earlier today from one of your practices that has me very concerned. I keep hearing about the abuse you're putting on your defensive secondary, shredding them every day with your passes and your running."

Ferrell, who like Snoop goes back with Carroll to his days in Los Angeles, and who also has been known to crash a team meeting on zoom, admonished Carroll, saying, "What are you doing? These are young men out there, their fighting for their livelihoods, for the jobs."

The video ends with Carroll offering no apology, saying, "Hey, you're either competing or you're not."

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