Seahawks Dancers Honor Crucial Catch In Color

To honor Cancer Awareness month, the Seahawk Dancers are honoring Crucial Catch with a colorful photoshoot to help support early screenings for cancer detection.


The Seahawks Dancers are known for their creative moves when they dance on the field on gameday. However, this month the Seahawks Dancers are dancing for a cause bigger than just entertaining the 12s. This month, Ashely, Della, Hailey, Victoria, Caroline, Katrina, and Geena are sharing their true colors with us for Crucial Catch Awareness. Each dancer chose a color that represented a different cancer that has had an impact on their life. Whether it be with a family member or themselves, the dancers were able to channel their passion for dancing into beautiful photos for the Cancer Awareness Month gallery.

You can read what color each dancer is representing and why below.

Ashley – White (Lung Cancer)

"Crucial Catch is such a special game for me. During the game I dance for my Nana and my Grandpa George."

Della – Pink (Breast Cancer)

"I dedicate this shoot to both of my grandmothers who survived breast cancer."

Hailey – Teal (Cervical Cancer)

"Getting screened and catching cancer early has saved the lives of many important people in my life and makes all the difference when it comes to fighting such a horrible disease."

Caroline – Gold (Childhood Cancers)

"I was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Cancer in my ear at age nine. This year I had the incredible opportunity to do a photoshoot in gold to represent the support for pediatric cancer awareness with the Seahawks and NFL's Crucial Catch. Being a part of this photoshoot meant a lot to me; not only is it important to bring awareness about this cancer, but I was also able to take a few moments during the shoot to reflect on how grateful I am to have successfully fought the battle with cancer and do the sport I love today on a professional level."

Victoria - Light Blue (Prostate Cancer)

"David, my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the age of 70. My dad made the decision to go through surgery and multiple radiation, with the support of my mom. Thankfully due to early detection, they were able to remove the cancer, and get his levels managed. Cancer is always an ongoing battle to be watched, but with proper checkup management and some minor lifestyle changes my dad has been cancer free the past 10 years."

Geena -Lavender (All Cancers)

"My shoot was in honor of a special person I lost in November of 2020 to esophageal cancer, which was the end of a 20-year fight with multiple types of cancer. Doing this shoot meant the world to me. He loved the Seahawks, and he loved the University of Washington and going to UW football games. Therefore, being able to do my shoot in the heart of UW's campus, I felt such a connection with him the whole time. I found myself tearing up at the end of my shoot at the thought of getting to honor him in a place that was special to him."

Katrina – Navy (Colon Cancer)

"It is such an honor to represent colon cancer in this year's Crucial Catch photoshoot. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis at age 10 and have been living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) ever since. This puts me at a higher risk for colon cancer because of the chronic inflammation in my GI tract. I get screened for colon cancer via colonoscopy once a year to check for any cancerous tissues that might have developed. For years I was so embarrassed by my IBD diagnosis, and recently have become more candid about living with IBD. It is such an honor to represent the navy in our photoshoot to help raise awareness and normalize talking about GI disorders in hopes others are more inclined to share their symptoms and get screened. If you would like to donate to the Seahawks' Crucial Catch campaign, click the attached link:"

The NFL's Crucial Catch mission is to fight cancer through early detection and risk reduction. By partnering with Virginia Mason Franciscan Health, the Seahawks are helping further support their mission: which is to create healthy communities, keeping people safe and healthy by educating and raising awareness about disease prevention and how to live a healthy lifestyle.

In support of Crucial Catch, throughout October, the Seahawks will donate 12% of the proceeds from in-store Seahawks Pro Shop purchases of the official Seahawks Crucial Catch gear to Crucial Cash. In partnership with Virginia Mason Franciscan Health, Crucial Cash funds will help local patients who cannot cover the incidental costs of cancer treatment. Fans will also be able to donate at the Pro Shop at checkout. At the team's Crucial Catch game at Lumen Field on Oct. 31, 25 cents for every bottle of water purchased will be donated to Crucial Cash. Donations can also be made online directly at

As the Seattle Seahawks celebrates our Crucial Catch game, the Seahawks Dancers are also helping to raise awareness of screenable cancers the NFL recognizes. Seven dancers dressed out for a photoshoot to show their technical and artistic abilities to shed beauty and light to honor all of the crucial catches the 12s have made.

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