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Mike Macdonald, 'Expects A Big Year,' From Rayshawn Jenkins

Rayshawn Jenkins spoke with the media for the first time since he’s been with the team, after the Seahawks second day of OTAs.


Going into his first OTAs with the Seahawks, Jenkins is coming in with seven years of NFL experience and brings the most experience to the Seahawks safety room. This is the team's second OTA practice, and they are still very early in the installation process, but his initial thoughts on the defense are about how creative the defense is and "It will be challenging for opposing offenses to figure out what we're in."

Jenkins was acquired by the Seahawks in early March, at the beginning of free agency, to fill holes at the safety position. During the offseason, Jenkins visited with both the Seahawks and the 49ers, and had two other visits set up when he signed with Seattle.

"I wanted to go to a contender. I wanted to go to a bigger market," Jenkins said on why he signed with the Seahawks. "I felt like Seattle was the perfect place. Plenty of opportunity, a team with a head coach that's defensive minded."

Jenkins signed with the Seahawks before even visiting the other two teams. And before becoming a free agent, Jenkins was with the Jacksonville Jaguars for three seasons and before that was drafted by the Los Angeles Chargers and spent four seasons in L.A.

Head coach Mike Macdonald said that Jenkins has been everything he and the coaching staff expected him to be. "[We've seen] the things we anticipated off of tape," Macdonald said. "Off of reputation and doing our homework. He's going to be a leader on this football team. We're going to count on him and he's very talented."

Macdonald continued with his high praise of Jenkins.

"He's a guy that we can play matchup with and he can do all the things that we ask from a safety in our system. Off to a great start, we expect a big year from him."

And on that system, Jenkins said it's not so much the concepts that are difficult to get down pat, but the communication between teammates.

"Every play, every movement, every shift in the offense, every motion something has to be communicated. We're never sitting back in one defense. It's a really creative and really fun defense but you have to be on the details."

Jenkins is confident in the abilities of the defense though, especially in the safeties, saying, "Our safety room is pretty versatile."

And on his impressions of his head coach so far, Jenkins said Macdonald has been patient with the team. "He knows that its Day 2 of OTAs right now on the field. He knows there's going to be some mistakes… As far as learning the game, he let's that happen organically. You might drop down or go somewhere you're not supposed to and he's like 'You know what, let's learn from it. Let's change it right here. You saw it now then I expect for you to start cleaning it up.'"

Seahawks linebacker Tyrel Dodson visited Seattle Children's Hospital on May 17, 2024. Dodson was named the 2023 Week 16 NFLPA Community MVP for his efforts in making a positive impact on the community.

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