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Ryan Grubb's Offensive Vision, The Learning Process And Staying True To Himself

Offensive coordinator Ryan Grubb spoke to the media about what OTAs have been like as a first time NFL coordinator.


Offensive coordinator Ryan Grubb's football coaching experience spans 20 years, and this will be his first go round as part of an NFL staff.

Heading into the last week of OTAs, Grubb said the offense is at about 50 percent of their installation process and Grubb feels like the team is in a good spot in terms of understanding the nuances in the broader vision of the offense.

"I think we're right on schedule. I think we're in a good spot. I think a lot of the big parts that haven't been hit yet are more some of the things that you hit in camp when you have a little more contact and things like that," Grubb said.

One of the biggest differences, for Grubb, between the NFL offseason schedule and the college offseason schedule are the time restraints for practice and Grubb said, "more time on the field with the guys would be awesome. Not even in a contact way, but just being out doing more walkthroughs and things like that. So I think when we are able to get to that in training camp, I think we'll take a lot of big steps."

And when Grubb is talking about his offense, the traits that he wants to see from it are explosiveness, physicality, dominance and creating a confusing element for opposing defenses.

"You base some of that on the talent that you have and the guys that you have here. And so for us, we're trying to make sure that we find every way to utilize those things. So when you talk about some of the run pass balance, you have backs like Nine [Kenneth Walker III] and Zach, you're pretty excited about your ability to run the ball," Grubb explained.

Adding to that, quarterback Sam Howell said "it's going to be a lot of fun to be a quarterback in this offense."

"We have so many great pieces," Howell said. "We got DK (Metcalf) Jax (Smith-Njigba), Lock (Lockett), Ken (Walker) in the backfield, Zach (Charbonnet) in the backfield, Noah (Fant), and we have so many great players and I think Coach Grubb, that's what he does. He knows how to utilize his talent and he's already shown that already."

With those pieces and being a new coach in the NFL Grubb said that rather than feeling pressure to go out and prove themselves, he will stay true to himself, as he would put it, precisely, 'don't try to go out of character.'

"I think that when you start pressing, that's when you get out of your element, and you start trying to do things that you didn't do to get here," Grubb said. "There's things that every member of the staff does that they do really well and I want to keep just trying to find ways to highlight all those things. You just have to figure out ways for our tight ends to catch routes and we have to find ways for our guards to block better on inside zone …We are really fortunate though, we have players that believe in this place and are invested and big time players like Geno and DK, but it definitely doesn't stop with those guys. I've been wildly impressed how these guys are demanding of themselves and that's what you expect from the outside."

Of course, while the players haven't put on pads or stepped foot on the field for an NFL matchup yet, they have taken notice the strengths and how unique Grubb's offense can be. Quarterback Geno Smith joined The Jim Rome show. "In the past two weeks, I've seen plays that I have never seen before, Smith said. "And that's something to say for a 12-year veteran. Coach Grubb, he's come right in, and like coach [Mike] Macdonald, he's laid it out for us. He's set the tone. He's got high expectations. We got high standards. The guy, he's got some plays. I can't wait to get out there and show the world."

Tight end Pharoah Brown's first impressions of the offense have aligned with what Grubb wants to see out of the offense.

"It's been very explosive," Brown said. "Been making a lot of plays. It's been a lot throwing at us and the guys have responded well." Brown added later that "Mostly all the NFL people come off the Bill Parcells tree and all these different trees. So the foundation of the offenses in the NFL, across the league, is fairly similar and it is just different verbiage. This is like a whole new animal. So we were just talking about with our tight ends, just trying to figure out 'is it slowing down yet? Is it going to stop?' We keep getting these installs and we keep getting new plays and we're trying to go back and perfect the old stuff, but new stuff keeps coming in, so it's kind of fun. You're always on your toes. You don't know what's coming next. So it's been exciting."

The Seahawks held their seventh OTA of the offseason on Monday, June 3, 2024 at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

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