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Meet The Seahawks 2021 NFL Draft Class

Everything you need to know about the three newest members of the Seattle Seahawks.


The Seahawks entered the 2021 NFL Draft with three picks and, while they did make two trades on Day 3, ultimately made a total of three draft picks. The three-player draft class is the second-fewest number of players selected in a draft since 1967.

Below, take a look at the team's 2021 NFL Draft class, coupled with links to content surrounding each draft pick that you might have missed.


Eskridge's self scout: "Aggressive, explosive and dynamic. I can do multiple things on the offensive and defensive side, and I can also go and perform well on special teams, so I just bring a whole other juice."

Twitter: @allaroundplays

Instagram: @allaroundplays1


Brown's self scout: "You're getting a physical guy, you're getting an intelligent guy. A fast guy out there on the field, and a guy who is scrappy. A guy who goes out there and it doesn't matter what size you are or how big you are, I'm going to compete, regardless. Size never meant anything to me. You're getting a guy with a great, scrappy mentality."

Twitter: @TBrown25

Instagram: @trebrown25

With the No. 137 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks selected Tre Brown, a cornerback out of Oklahoma.


With the No. 208 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks selected Stone Forsythe, an offensive tackle out of the University of Florida.

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