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Five Things To Know About Seahawks Sixth-Round Pick Stone Forsythe

Get to know new Seahawks tackle Stone Forsythe. 


The Seahawks wrapped up their 2021 draft by trading up in the sixth round to acquire Stone Forsythe, a two-year starter at left tackle for the Florida Gators. Get to know the Seahawks' new offensive lineman, here are five things to know about Forsythe:


1. He's a big dude who can pass protect.

All NFL offensive tackles are large humans, but even in that context, Forsythe will stand out when he joins the Seahawks, checking in at 6-foot-8, 307 pounds. And with that long frame, Forsythe was one of the best pass-protecting tackles in the SEC, allowing only two sacks and eight hurries in 513 pass-blocking snaps, according to Pro Football Focus. 

By his own admission, Forsythe will be looking to improve as a run blocker—the Gators didn't run a lot in his time there—but he already excels in the most important skill for an NFL tackle. 

"We didn't run a lot at Florida this past year, so I was kind of brushed up on that pass game," he said. "… "I know I definitely need to work on the run game, it's kind of been a big emphasis this offseason for me to do, just kind of press those angles and kind of hold those guys to get more movement at the point of attack, that's kind of my big focus."

2. Hearing his name called was worth the (longer than expected) wait.

Considering the importance of protecting quarterbacks and Forsythe's skill at that, a lot of people, including Forsythe, expected his name to be called earlier than the sixth round, with some draft analysts even projecting him to go in the second or third round on Friday. 

"It's just been a long waiting game," he said. "That's a question I want to find out myself, kind of why it took so long, but I'm still grateful to get the chance to hear my name called."

3. If he weren't playing football, Stone would be a pretty good wrestler's name.

Forsythe said there's no real story behind his first name, but the joke in the family was that if football didn't work out he could join former football player Dwayne Johnson and pursue a professional wrestling career with a geological name.  

"My parents always said that if football didn't work out, I could be in the WWE with the name Stone, sounds like the Rock along those lines," he said.

4. Hall of Fame lineman Steve Hutchinson worked him out ahead of the draft.

When the Seahawks were evaluating Forsythe for the draft they sent personnel executive Alonzo Highsmith, as well as Hall of Famer Steve Hutchinson, who is part of Seattle's front office with the title of football consultant.

"It was a great experience to learn from somebody like that," Forsythe said.

5. He's already got a good friend in Seattle.

While Forsythe is going to be moving a long ways from Florida to the Pacific Northwest, he'll have at least one familiar face to welcome him when he arrives. Receiver Freddie Swain, a sixth-round pick out of Florida last year, is a good friend.

"That's my boy," Forsythe said. "We would hang out on the weekends back in the day. His girlfriend and my girlfriend are real good friends, so it will be nice to get up there and hang out with him again."

With the No. 208 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks selected Stone Forsythe, an offensive tackle out of the University of Florida.

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