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"Hungrier" DK Metcalf Plans To Be Even Better In Year 3

Despite earning Pro-Bowl and second-team All-Pro honors in 2020, Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf expects more of himself in 2021. 

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DK Metcalf had a busy offseason, one that included testing himself against elite sprinters and running an impressive 10.36-second 100-yard dash, participating in the MLB All-Star Celebrity Softball game, starring in a new Gatorade campaign and more.

But in case you were worried Metcalf's focus strayed too far from football, consider his answer when asked, six weeks before the regular-season opener, about what challenge he plans to take on next.

"The Colts are the next challenge," Metcalf quickly replied.

Yes, offseason DK Metcalf, the one who was seemingly everywhere, including a very brief cameo in a Young Thug and Gunna rap video, is now all-business DK Metcalf, and he isn't about rest on his laurels after a very impressive 2020 campaign.

Despite recording 83 catches for a franchise record with 1,303 receiving yards last season, Metcalf, who is still only 23, plans on improving upon his 2020 season, which also included 10 touchdown receptions.

While Metcalf doesn't make public and numerical goals he might have in mind, he bluntly states that the plan for this year is to "be better than last year, that's always the goal."

Metcalf's focus on self-improvement is so strong that when he was asked what is different for him in new offensive coordinator Shane Waldron's offense, he responded, "Hungrier." Then after a beat Metcalf said, "Oh, scheme-wise? My bad. Still hungry."

As for what might be different for Metcalf and the receivers, we won't know for sure until the regular season, but two common themes that come up when players and Pete Carroll talk about the offense are tempo and a more diverse passing game that gets the ball out of Russell Wilson's hands faster. Yes, the deep ball will always be a part of Seattle's offense—Wilson, Metcalf and Tyler Lockett are way too good at those plays not to feature them—but the consensus among players is that mixing in more short and intermediate passes should make this year's offense harder to defend.

"It gets the ball out of Russ' hands faster to his playmakers so we can break tackles and go score," Metcalf said, later adding, "I think it's been a pretty big emphasis that we didn't have last year. So, adding that to our repertoire is going to be pretty big."

Aside from striking out in the celebrity softball game—Metcalf good-naturedly declined to comment on that—Metcalf enjoyed a busy offseason fully of diverse activities.

"It was fun not just focusing on football for 12 months out of the year," he said. "I can go do other things and just take my mind off all of this. So, when I do get to come back and play football, it's that much more fun and, I get to do this for a living."

But now that camp has started, a "hungrier" Metcalf has only one challenge on his mind—Seattle's Week 1 opponent.

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