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Byron Murphy's Family On Him Being Drafted: 'This Is The Ultimate Goal' 

Seahawks first-round pick, Byron Murphy’s family is emotional and overjoyed, while also having big goals for the rookie. 


After landing in Seattle Thursday morning, Byron Murphy II and his family made their way to the Virginia Mason Athletic Center for Murphy's introductory press conference and they caught Seattle on a good day, the sun was shining and the weather was relatively warm. To open up his presser, Murphy introduced some very important people who were sitting front row: his mother, father and girlfriend.

"Today who I have with me in the corner right here. Got my dad, Byron Murphy Sr. Got my mom, my queen, Seneca Murphy. And my beautiful girlfriend, future wife, soon, Maya Hurd."

Outside of having a press conference, Murphy was fitted for his helmet, took photos by Lake Washington and started meeting all the new people that will be part of his everyday routine at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

Murphy's parents and girlfriend tagged along, all with faces full of happiness.

"It was something we've been waiting for," Murphy's mother said. "This is the ultimate goal for what he's been wanting to achieve, and he finally reached that ultimate goal of being a professional. And being picked and not only being picked but being picked in the first round, and not only the first round but the top 20. I was happy… That's a blessing not many people get to experience."

Before arriving at the team's facilities in Renton, the family celebrated Murphy being drafted with friends and family in Texas.

"The whole city of Dallas came out and showed him love and we were excited about that," Murphy's mother said.

Leading up to draft night, the family said they didn't really know what to expect because of all the buzz around Murphy. "I actually thought he was going to go before he was picked," Seneca said. "Because mock drafts had him going to Atlanta or Chicago, so we really didn't know…We were just excited and proud of him of everything that he's achieved. For me it was just pure excitement for him."

Seneca teased that she didn't cry on draft night, but her husband did.

Murphy Sr. said he was, "Very emotional, it's an amazing feeling, seeing my son reach his dream and I had the same dream too, once as a kid. It's an amazing feeling. Blessed and highly favored."

One sentiment that the Murphy family kept expressing was how grateful, blessed and excited they were for Murphy II.

"Definitely excited for the new chapter," his girlfriend, Hurd, said. "Because we're starting it together. It felt good to know that we were going to go somewhere that God had planned."

And on a goal that Seneca has for her son, "Come out here and give it all he has. Like he said, 'Put his head down and go to work.' Like I always expected him to do. No matter what level he plays on, whether it was pee-wee, high school, middle school, or college. I expect the same thing when he's with the Seahawks. I expect him to come out, work hard, give it all he's got and be successful. Impress his coaches, do what they ask, be coachable, do what you're supposed to do, on and off the field. The expectations have not changed since becoming a professional."

As for Murphy Sr. his goals for his son were straightforward: Defensive Rookie of the Year and staying "true to what got you here."

His parents both have high hopes that Murphy II can have a good rookie year and bring home the award.

"I've seen it, the last couple years they cheated the Seahawks out of Defensive Rookie of the Year, he's going to break the cycle," Seneca said.

Seahawks 1st round pick Byron Murphy II arrived at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center for the first time on Thursday, May 2, 2024. Check out some of the best photos from his first day with the Seahawks.

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