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What The Seahawks Said Following Their 51-29 Win Over The Lions

Interviews, transcripts, and press conferences from Seattle vs. Detroit.


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Head Coach Pete Carroll

Opening Statement:

That was a really complete ball game across the board. Guys played really great. Really excited the way we came out. We made a big deal about these last two games and this one in particular because this is the one we had. And I told the guys in the locker room, the way that they approached it, focus-wise, the juice that they brought in pregame in the locker room, it was really fun to watch. And then to go play like that and be that far out at halftime, it was a really nice accomplishment. Nice days work. There's a million things to talk about in the game. You guys ask the questions. But I think you have to talk about the offensive line. You can see how the offensive line has worked with Rashaad here in the last month, and they played really well. And they blocked stuff to give them a chance to get going. And Rashaad ran like crazy again. Someone asked me during the week, what does Rashaad Penny have to do to, whatever. He's just got to go play again. That's all we have to do is get him back out there again. He looked great again today. It's a big boost. You can see the rhythm it gives our offense, the balance that gives our offense to be able to be that explosive and he looked great again. Russ had four touchdowns today. DK had three touchdowns, DK looked great. I don't know if I mentioned it but DK had a great week of preparation. And the one day he could really work full speed had a great day. Looked like a great player on the practice field. And it was interesting that he looked so good again today, and carried it across and really proud of him. It's been a hard year in terms of preparation. And it really showed up today. And it was a lot of other guys as well. To get the football like we did, the defense to get three takeaways, that's a beautiful thing. It was awesome. Great day for D.J. Reed. Had two great picks. And Ugo, really in the right place at the right time, makes the play. I don't know what happened to the football on the way to the touchdown. But it still was great to get three turnovers. And the offense didn't turn the ball over. Nine or ten times this year we've thrown a goose egg on offense. I don't know if we've done better than that. That showed up and was really helpful in getting the win today. Also, I thought Jason Myers had a great day today. J-My had a great game today. Hit everything, six PATs, three good field goals and kicked the heck out of the football out of the end zone all day long. Perfect day for him. Great to see that happen.

How is Bobby?

Bobby strained his knee. Has an MRI coming up this afternoon, this evening. So we'll see. It wasn't initially, didn't look obviously really bad. But we don't know that. We've got to wait and see.

Was he close at all to coming back in the game?

He was going to come back in the game. You saw him go back in. Then took him back out to take him inside just to make sure. Just felt it was better to not go and make sure we know what's going on instead of just going back on the field.

He ran back on the field for what would have been the next play. Did you pull him off?

He couldn't go back in on that play because the timeout was caused by him. So he had to wait a play. Then we waited a play. That was enough time to cooler heads prevailed and we figured it out. I'm glad we took care of him.

I know you'll probably have to watch film to answer it, but how did you feel the way Cody Barton played, stepping in?

I have to see the film. I can't tell you, but he handled everything well. He was calling the whole line of scrimmage and huddle calls, all of that. I think he had six or seven tackles as well. Brooksy had a bunch. But it was great he had a chance to play, jump in there and fill in for Bobby.

Russell was playing with a glove on his throwing hand. What went into that?

Did it during the week and liked it, so stayed with it.

You alluded to this at the beginning, but for your team, just the way they came out and played, last week you got eliminated from the playoffs. You haven't been in this position a lot. What did it tell about your guys the way they responded?

I'm really thrilled. Thrilled to see them respond like that. But mostly because they had so much fun today. They really had a great time today. They were really jacked about it. They were going to go out and get it. We talked about we have two games, playoff games, like our NFC Championship game, and trying to get to the Super Bowl in Arizona kind of thing. We had some fun with it, used our imagination. I don't know how serious they took it, but I was scrambling. But we had fun with it and they really met the challenge of the day. And played like we should have played. Played really good today.

Is that the best Russell looked to you since he's been back?

I don't know that. I thought he did well. He did great. He had good opportunities. A lot of rhythm stuff in this game, a lot of tempo stuff he handled well, and was able to change some things and fix some things really well. He's had a lot of good games this year.

You said all along how important you felt the need for balance is for your offense.

I don't really need to show you guys, but that's what it looks like, and that's what we were working towards. And when you play like that, you can play great football. And we've done it for a lot of years. And when we're really at our very best we're at our most balanced. And that's maybe hard to get excited about or whatever, which I don't care whether you do or not, but that's a great way to play this game. It suits everything. Look at all the play passes we got to run today and how that all fit together and made hard on the opponent. It's great ball. Shane had a great day today and called it beautifully.

Variety of plays and disguises today was the best you've had. What went into this week?

We had 71 plays today. We had another 25 plays than we've been getting. Seriously, we had so many more opportunities. These plays were in the plan all along. But when you're scrambling to stay on the field, you don't get to flowing the way you'd like to. The flow, you earn the opportunity to have that flow and opportunity by making first downs. Where are we on third down, seven for 12 or something like that? That's how it works. So I did think -- it did show up, though. You saw the little changeup on the goal line, the nice little around at the end of the game. There was a number of really cool plays today. Homer had one on a kind of a counter, a lot of cool things. But those are things we haven't -- we always have them. We just needed more opportunities. That's what controlling the ball and getting first downs does for you. It's been really frustrating that you haven't been able to see it because it's there. And we're capable of being like this. And also I think one of the things, let's give credit, Rashaad Penny has been a big factor. He's looked great, just looked great in running the football. I'm so fired up for him and for us. And, man, he's leaving no doubt. He's explosive. He only weighs 236 pounds. The program says something else -- 236. He's a load to tackle. He's running through tackles, bouncing off guys. And then he uses his burst and the quick feet. The touchdown run, I mean, there's about three different carries in this game that were exquisite. So just fired up for us.

I don't know how much you can evaluate line play, but Phil Haynes filling in?

I didn't say that and I should have mentioned that, that Phil got his chance today and did a really good job. He's a physical, tough kid. And he's really one of our guys in the system. Knows what he's doing. And showed that today. And that's a really good illustration of him hanging with it, staying with it and taking advantage of it.

It seems like the couple chances he's had to play, he's done pretty well?

That's right. He's a big man. Plays tough and strong, just like we like them. And he's almost a spitting image of what Gabe has, size-wise and the power and strength that they have. Pretty good.

Did he know when you guys took a knee that one more score there would have been a scoragami?

No, I didn't know that. If I had known that we still would have taken a knee.

You talked quite a bit about the impact that Adrian has had on Rashaad. Are you surprised that a guy could have that big an impact? He was only practicing for, what was it, one week?

I thought it was startling. It was so obvious. It was so obvious. And Adrian was on the sideline today, all jacked up, having fun, cheerleading, and all that. I've never seen him like that. Let me give a little bit of credit. When Marshawn came back the first week, he had a big impact. They were totally different guys as they re-enter, different stories and all that. But Marshawn had a big impact, too. And sometimes those special players they can affect guys in ways that -- that's why the teams they play on are always successful, because they help the people around them play better. And you got to give him credit to Adrian for what he's stood for and what he's -- being the eyes of the younger players from all the years past. Lucky we got a chance to visit with him.

What do you think he's doing that's rubbing off on other players like Rashaad -- with Adrian?

First thing, they're kind of in awe of him. And then the way he worked. That's what it was. Every step he took was full speed, flying around. And he looked great. And we said, holy cow. And the next play, and the next play. And only had a couple, three days of practice with him. And he made that impression that quickly. It was that obvious. No mistaking what happened. He influenced a ton of people. Myself included. I felt the same thing. This is what it's like being around a great player. And it just kind of jumped out at you.

What happened to Will Dissly?

He banged his heel. He's got a heel bruise or something. Not sure what it is.

What he thought of Jason Myers tackle?

That was good hit too. Didn't need that to happen. But he had a huge day today. (Jason Myers) was, shoot, man, he was on it.

What happened to Tony Corrente?

He got bruised up a little bit. The running back, he turned -- the running back took off and put his helmet right into the back of his head. Got smacked. I thought -- looked pretty tough. He hung in there pretty good. And had to take a knee. Came off there with a big smile on his face. He didn't want me to give him any gaff about it. So, he's a tough guy.

It's just one day but how much does this reaffirm the blueprints here, especially offensively?

You be the judges of that. I don't need to reaffirm it. You guys reaffirm it. This is what we're supposed to look like. This is the way we're supposed to play. We're supposed to get the football off the opponent. And we're supposed to run the football and own the line of scrimmage so we can do all the things that our offense is structured to do and play off our special teams. And special teams came through in a big way again. Good return from D.J. and Freddie had a good return got called back. Just a lot of positive stuff across the board.

You had to play musical chairs at the cornerback position for a good portion of the season, especially the last couple of weeks. How pleased have you been seeing Michael Jackson come in and get two pass breakups today?

I want to give credit to John (Schneider), going back -- when you realize we started landing guys, started getting corners in here, he was concerned about it. And Bless Austin didn't get a chance to play today but he was one of the guys -- we brought in a lot of new faces to try to give us some depth at that position. And we needed everybody. We needed everybody today. Johnny Reid had to come out and I think he got hit in the head a little bit. And for Michael to jump up, Mike found out he was going, like, yesterday afternoon. Didn't even know until we got the report on Sidney. All those guys we've been through this year, it's been a challenge. And, but I'm saying that John had the foresight to realize that we're going to need some extra guys. And he was right.

How's DeeJay Dallas?

He got a thigh bruise. Hit on that kickoff return.

Did Sidney Jones IV test positive?

Yes. He was the lone unvaccinated guy on the club, unfortunately.

Did it seem like Bobby's knee would keep him out of the finale next week?

I don't know that. We've got to get through tonight. I didn't see it, but I understand that he got in the splits and it was really kind of, I'm sure, a most threatening feeling position. And he was unsure what happened and what took place there. And he sorted it out, came running off, like the stud that he is and ran back in. I'm really glad we took care of him, kept him out.

Quarterback Russell Wilson

That went well. Is that exactly how the offense is supposed to be?  

I think we executed in every way. I've been telling you guys for a little bit here, that's kind of the game we want to play, a complete game from first down, second quarter, third quarter to fourth. Everybody touched the ball. We were able to facilitate to different guys. Our playmakers like DK, Tyler, they were exceptional today. Gerald made exceptional catches. We converted on third down. Rashaad Penny ran the ball, lights out. Offensive line was tremendous all night. They did some really good pressure looks we picked up in a great way. Ethan did a really good job up there up front and making sure me and him are on the same page and the guys blocked it up well. We got the ball in the end zone a bunch. Able to score quite often. The one thing I wish we had finished the last five minutes better. That's me being extra picky, trying to find how can we be even better than that. But I think we're always searching for the next best step. And I think we definitely took that today. That was huge for us.  

The second possession after the three and out, you converted on a couple of third downs to go down get the touchdowns. How big was getting the third downs and staying on the field?  

We converted. Gerald showed up on that one, where he ran the end breaking route. We looked to the right, those guys kind of weren't open over there a second; they covered it pretty well. Came back, here comes Gerald, first down, got the ball on the edge couple of times. Next thing, got the ball in the end zone. Shane called a great game, did a great job of dialing it up and getting the stuff we needed to get to. And I thought, too, in key situations they changed their coverages a ton. They were changing it up from the cover one to three to six, to six-man, just cover 2. Mixing it up every different situation, and then they went 0. DK did a great job on that zero look. And I was able to, right before I got hit place it, just place it up to him. It was right where we needed it to be. It was beautiful. Couldn't have done that any better.  

How did Freddie Swain get so wide open on that one?  

That was a dialed up play we saw earlier in the week we possibly could hit. He does such a great job in the run game but he also does such a great job reading the routes and understanding where he needs to be and the placement of where he needs to be. Kind of looked right gave eyes away and came back to him and he was wide open. That was a beautiful play by him.  

This was the first game you guys played in a long time with no playoff implications. There could have been potential for a letdown. What does it say about the team the way you guys came out this week?  

I told you earlier in the week I think that the standard of excellence that's what we're searching for every day. And the thought process of players and the character of guys that we've had, we knew we weren't going to be able to just give up and give in. That's not going to be allowed. Just that's not in our nature. Obviously this season hasn't been what we wanted it to be. And I think it's been challenging so many different ways. But I think to be able to answer the call and to be able to come back at home, our last home game here, and to be able to play at such a high level was exciting for the fans. And our fans are the best fans in the world. Just to be able to do that for them, I think that was really special. And I thought -- guys want to play great. Guys want to do all the things they want to do and dream of and everything else. We're working at it every day. I thought this week of practice was, we've had some really great weeks, but I thought with everything going on, I think it was one of our best weeks we could possibly have. And that definitely showed up in so many different ways.  

The crowd pumped up walked off the field they were chanting your name. Early in the week you said you hope this isn't your last game here. Never know how things are going to work out. Walking off the field this game, what was going through your head maybe?  

I was thinking about joy, I was thinking about our fans and what a special moment just to be able to win this game here at home for our fans and for them to feel that energy again. I felt like throughout the whole game the crowd saw that energy and got to feel us and vice versa. And that was really special tonight. So anytime you see those kids, too, you always want to -- they're screaming your name or whatever, to give them a towel or sign their jersey, those kind of special moments like that are always amazing. And obviously I love the city. It's been such a special journey. And obviously to be able to win tonight was a great game.  

You wore a glove on your right hand today. What was the impact of that?  

It was raining pretty hard today. I was, like, okay, I've been practicing with -- I've practiced with it before, never really done it in a game or whatever. But I don't think I needed it, but the first or second quarter it was raining pretty hard consistently. Pregame it was, too. I practiced in pregame with it. Practiced without it. Kind of mixed it up, just whatever I'm going to do I'm going to go with it the whole game. That's kind of how I was thinking about it.  

When the run game was humming the way it was today and the way it has the last three, four games, do you feel a difference in how the pass rush is on play-action plays? Or does that vary by game?  

It varies by game. Depends on the players they have their mentality, in terms of are they just trying to rush up the field every time or not. When you have that established running game able to run the ball so physical like that, it wears those guys down on the other side. And I think that from our play-action game and all the things we were able to do we were really able to do everything because I think we were able to execute. We executed in every way today. I don't think there's -- maybe one or two plays we could have done a little bit better. But then those one or two could have been touchdowns maybe. Just I think that we played a great football game. And that's what we needed today. And that's what we wanted to feel and that's what we've been talking about. Like I said, I think Shane did a great job. Our O-line did a tremendous job in every way, from run game to pass game. And then when you see DK score three times that's always a good thing for us. When you see Tyler get in the end zone, when you see Rashaad get in there, too, that was really awesome.  

You volunteered you might not be back for next year. You knew that was going to cause national speculation. Why did you choose to do that?  

I didn't choose to do that. I wasn't trying to cause anything. But I think the question was about Bobby and whatever. And we were talking about --  

The day before.  

 I think somebody mentioned Bobby and everything else so we were talking about that. I'm not going to get into that. Listen, I think for me my mission today was to be able to win today. Just win the journey. And so you can have any thoughts you want. But I'm grateful. You can't get me out – (put me) in a bad mood. I'm full of joy. I'm full of gratefulness. I'm full of just being blessed, man. So I'm not going to waiver off of that. I'm just grateful what we've been able to do today. It was really special. I thought the guys played great. To feel good and to be out there again for our fans and what we were able to do today, it was really special. So to see the Hawks win again it's a good thing.  

What does it do for the offense when you get 71 plays?  

It was huge. To be able to get that many plays to be able to be out there execute the way we wanted to, that was huge. Third downs were great. I thought that us running the ball was really efficient too as well. Throwing the ball, we were able to throw everything we wanted to do. Guys were making tremendous catches, tremendous plays. I thought one of the coolest plays was Tyler slipping down. They tried to disguise their coverage and Tyler did a great job running on the left side for the big gain. That was sweet. We had some special moments. And I think we caught our groove today. So hopefully, we've got one game left. We go to travel down to Arizona. We always know that's a battle. They've been doing a great job all year and we've been battling too. We're looking forward to that challenge and journey to be able to play down there and get to work again.  

What do you make of this surge that Rashaad has had over the past four weeks?  

I think what you make of it his talent level has been remarkable. I think unfortunately he's gone through so many tough times and so many tough injuries. I think that's just been hard on him. And I think to sum it up when you're healthy when you're able to be out there and to overcome some of the stuff he's gone through and just continue to have those guys encourage him and us encourage him in the locker room and him to go after it every day at practice, I mean what a testimony. What a testimony to just continue to have perseverance. He's had tremendous perseverance. I think that's been amazing. I think also, too, I think when Adrian Peterson walks in the building you get to see Hall of Fame running back run the football at practice and all that. It shows you this is what it looks like. In every way. Every day they call him AD for a reason, All Day. I noticed that. I told you guys that story when I was at the Pro Bowl. It was a walk-through practice and he was running full speed. That's inspiring stuff. So I think, first of all, it's a testament to his work ethic, his encouragement. I think our training room and everything everybody's done to get him there. And the guys and the energy around him. I think the third part is being around great players like that. It always helps. Those three things have been evident.  

$2.7 million raised for cancer treatment research. What do you know of all the work over the years, what does that mean to you?  

I think when I came here in Seattle, 2012, and I never forget getting here. And it was something that meant a lot to me knowing that my dad passed away, knowing that my dad always told me it's the hash mark in between of significance that you can leave on a place. You always want to leave a place better, you always want to go to a place and make it better. You want to always encourage people and make people believe, this and that. That's why I went to the hospitals. My mom was a nurse, was an ER nurse and did so many different things. So for me, I've seen my dad pass away in a hospital room when the line went flat. So for me I understand what it's like to lose family members, to lose loved ones and all that. So, I don't mean to get too emotional, but I just think when you get to go into a hospital room, now having three kids, for me and Ciara, to be able to try to make a difference for people every day and just try to inspire. I always say sports and music are the two most entertaining things in the world. To be able to live life with C and to be able to give back and give a little glimpse of hope, it's what life's really all about. And I believe that God's given me so much ability but also so much opportunity to serve. And I just thank God every day I get to serve and to give back and to help. And that's what's been probably the coolest part of the journey is just to be able to make a difference for people and to see kids walk in with cancer and then to be able to help raise funds or to be able to encourage them, give them a word of why not you or whatever it may be, give them that glimpse of hope. And I think that to see guys like Milton Wright walk out of a hospital room when they only had 12 to 18 hours left to live and to know that because of T cell therapy and what our foundation was able to do with Why Not You Foundation so many different things to encourage them, why not you, you can overcome them. I told him the story about my dad. And he said why not me. He gets up and goes, walks down the hallway, gets T cell therapy and no more cancer. That's why I believe. That's why I believe. That's why I do it, because somebody else is going to be affected by it. And I think that for me and Ciara, we've seen that happen over and over and over again, the success rate of it all. We've seen kids walk out of the hospital room with no more cancer and no more problems. And we've also lost some too. But the belief and the hope that someone else is going to be encouraged, that just maybe if there's a small chance maybe they get to walk out of that hospital room, it's worth every second, every minute and every hour, every day to wake up with that kind of encouragement and love. And I think that what we're supposed to do when much is given much is required for us to love and supposed to serve. And so I'm grateful that I get to do it. I'm grateful I get to do it with Ciara every time and so many other amazing people in our foundation, Why Not You Foundation, and I'm grateful for our school, Why Not You Academy. We went to the school the other day, I think it was three weeks ago -- the weeks collide nowadays -- and just to be able to give to those kids and to know that they're dreaming and it's happening for them and they're reaching for the stars. Just like me and Ciara used to. And it's a special thing. So I think that's what -- to go win games, do all this amazing stuff, do some cool things in your lifetime, your sports career, that's awesome. That's what I dream about every day and wake up for every day. But the other part of it that makes it even better is that God chose me to do that and gave me opportunity to encourage and so many others and hopefully I can encourage somebody else. So you can't say enough about the teachers at Why Not You Academy and all the schools around us who teach our young kids, teach them to overcome with all the things going on with COVID and much and more. And you think about the nurses and doctors at Seattle Children's Hospital right down the road. They're the true heroes. These kids are true heroes. So I'm just grateful that our foundation, Why Not You Foundation, is able to make a difference like this with $2.7 million today and just to be -- it takes a community. It takes a village, it takes amazing people. It takes people that want to dream with you. So why not, why not you, why not us? So that's been cool.  

How deep are those connections off the field connections -- how big a factor are those off-the-field connections here in Seattle to where you envision your career ending and going?  

I think that for me I take every day one day at a time. My favorite scripture is seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you. Verse 34 says don't worry about tomorrow because tomorrow has enough worry in itself. That's how I've always been. I think for me, obviously this city has been everything for me. It's been a special place. And it's always going to be forever a special place for me. So I've told you guys my goals and my visions, my thoughts and everything else. And so I hope that it all gets to collide together and get to do it together and hopefully we can do everything that I've ever dreamed of and we've ever dreamed of together. So that will be the goal.  

I know you didn't want to talk about the future too much, but with your no trade, you do affect whether you'll be here next year or not. Do you expect to be a Seahawk in 2022?  

Like I said earlier, I hope so. I hope that's the case. I take one day at a time. Today is really about our team today. And that's what I'm going to focus on today. But it was special today. But that's my hope.

Wide Receiver DK Metcalf

On how his good practice this week helped his play today.

"I usually practice on Thursdays because my foot injury has been holding me out. But, I heard we were going helmets Thursday. We haven't gone helmets in like 5 weeks, so I figured they were cutting players, so I wasn't going to be the one that they were going to cut. I decided to show my (butt) a little bit at practice." 

On how satisfying it was to be able to practice.

"It was good. I showed them that you can't cut me, because I'm still good." 

On whether he was joking about possibly being cut.

"They hadn't gone helmets in like 5 weeks, so, yeah, that's what I thought." 

On how his foot has been managed this season.

"I mean, it's been pretty good. Me practicing once a week, and then the walkthroughs have been helpful. Just really focusing on my mental game this year." 

On when that started.

"Yes, around week 4 or 5." 

On whether it is hard to get in a rhythm with Russell Wilson without practicing together.

"No, sir. I don't think so. Me and Russ practice a lot during the off season, so when something like this happens during the season, it shouldn't be a hiccup." 

On whether his foot will require offseason surgery.

"We will find that out at the end of the season." 

On whether this game felt like how the offense is supposed to perform.

"Right. Yes, sir. Everybody was touching the football. You have Freddie (Swain) and Tyler (Lockett) and Gerald (Everett). I saw a stat that said like nine different receivers caught the ball today. That's how the offense should look. Everybody positive, getting positive yards. The running backs are doing good, and the O-line are blocking their butt off. That's how it's supposed to look." 

On why the offense has not looked like today earlier in the season.

"I don't know. You tell me. I think we've been watching the same game. We've had a couple of hiccups during the year. One or two plays, a missed block here. Football is the ultimate team game, so everybody has to be clicking every play for this thing to roll." 

On whether this season has been frustrating.

"I would say around week 7, 8, 9, it was frustrating. But, you start to accept your role on the offense and on the team and you start to mature a little bit and figure out that this is a team game, like I just said. You can't be selfish, or you can't want the ball every play, because you know you have 10 other guys out there fighting their butt off every play. I won't say frustrating, but a lot of growth for me this year." 

On how it felt to have a difficult time on offense, and then play this well today.

"I mean, it is great. Like you said, we fought all year. We've come out on the bad side of the games most of the time this year. That was a very good team out there, the Lions. To do that what we did to them on offense, defense and special teams, was very refreshing." 

On the third down touchdown play with the zero blitz from Detroit.

"I actually thought he was going to Tyler. Tyler or Gerald. But, I looked up and I saw the ball and I kind of figured it was a zero blitz." 

On the reason they were not able to accomplish the objective of a championship season.

"That sounds like a Pete question. I don't get paid that much to pinpoint mistakes." 

On passing Joey Galloway for most receiving yards and touchdowns for a receiver's first three seasons in Seattle.

"We've been losing, so that s**t don't matter."

Running Back Rashaad Penny

On the amount of explosive plays he's had in the last 2 weeks.

"No, not really. Again, I don't think those guys get enough credit, the O-Line. It's been a few games where you've seen creases, and just us putting it together all week in practice and the results are here on the field. We do this night in and night out. I wouldn't want to be with anyone else. This team, this offense, it means a lot having those guys. My job is easy when there's a big hole, all you have to do is hit it." 

On how the offense played.

"It's just the finish part. Today we showed we can finish. This offense is explosive led behind Russ (Wilson), and all the good receivers, Tyler (Lockett), DK (Metcalf), Freddie (Swain). We have a stable of backs that can do this night in and night out. We have a very good offense, I think the part was just finishing. We did what we said we were going to do this week." 

On the impact of Adrian Peterson.

"When you have a guy who has been running in this league for so long, and is on the verge of the Hall of Fame, it honestly gives you a boost and you want to mimic everything that you see him do. We kind of have the same type of injuries so I've torn his ear off with all of the questions I've asked. He said it helped and it worked. Having him and seeing him work in walk-through, watching him practice, and watching him prepare for a game, it honestly saved a lot of our running backs. We're happy that he came in and was a leader from day one and he continued to lead and that was something we missed in the running back room with Chris (Carson) being gone. I can't thank him enough, and I'm happy to have him around."

Linebacker Cody Barton

On his mindset having to step in for Bobby Wagner.

"You hate to see someone go down, especially Bobby, being our leader, the center and rock of our defense. As soon as I saw him go down, I knew I was going to go in. I was excited to be out there, just to be able to compete and play some football. You don't want to see guys go down." 

On if that was the first time he'd played middle linebacker for Seattle.

"Yes, first time. I had a lot of fun. I had a lot of fun, to be honest. I just love being out there and playing football and just being with the team and being able to compete out there. It's awesome." 

On if he was relaying the calls to the defense.

"That was me. I had the 'Mike'. That was pretty cool." 

On if he considers himself most comfortable at middle linebacker.

"I feel most comfortable at 'Mike.'"  

On what the team is playing for since they aren't going to the playoffs.

"Playing for each other is the biggest thing. We talk about it every week. Whatever the media is saying or whatever the record displays of this team, I don't think it reflects who we are as a team. Our biggest thing is we just play for each other. Every play, we're going to be out there going hard for each other."

Left Tackle Duane Brown

On if there is a better feeling than blocking for a running back that is having a big game.

"Not at all, there is no better feeling in the world than coming out with a plan to run the ball and the team knows that you want to run the ball, but you are still able to dominate in the run game. We came out today with kind that of mentality, just being physical. Whatever was called, we wanted to be physical. The coaches had all of the faith in us to continue to dial them up and (Rashaad) Penny went in with a lot of confidence. He has been playing really inspired and I'm really happy for him." 

On if Rashaad Penny's success is due to scheme or opportunity.

"It's a little bit of both, the scheme has been great, but it wasn't always pretty for him. We had some looks where he had to make some things happen. He had to make guys miss, it wasn't always clean holes for him, but he was getting through there. Like I said, he is just running with confidence, you can see the switch that he has had over the past few weeks. I think it is a combination of things, but (Rashaad) Penny has been a force to be reckoned with over the last few weeks. The guys up front, I take pride in my guys, whenever we dial up the run, we want to make it happen, so they continue to do it. To have him go over 100 yards in the first half, there is no better feeling in the world." 

On how much confidence the QB sneak on 4th and 1 gave the offense.

"Whenever we go for it on 4th and short, the guys upfront are excited. That's an opportunity for us to go out and extend a drive. That's big on Russ's (Wilson) part to want to do that and put his body on the line to get that yard. It was big for us to be able to extend that drive in that moment, it's demoralizing for a defense, so we were happy about that."

Cornerback D.J. Reed

On the opportunities he received to make a play on the ball.

"The quarterback was targeting me early on, so for me, I was like, 'Okay, give me some targets', so I was happy about that. I was able to capitalize today." 

On coming back after not playing for a few games.

"I know, and I was tired too, that COVID isn't a joke, so you better mask up and stay your distance, but I was definitely tired coming in and playing. I had to catch my wind." 

On how good it felt to get an interception.

"It felt good, I got my hands on two today. I can catch, so that's never an issue, but it's been getting the opportunities and I was able to get them today."  

On his battle with COVID.

"Man, I was hurting. I had to get tested because I had a bad headache, I was about to go to the ER. It was really a migraine, my head was throbbing, so I called my girl because she was in L.A. and she said, 'Don't go to the ER, try just to relax.' I took some Tylenol or whatever and I was able to go to sleep, but I tested and was positive. I had a sore throat, so my head was hurting, the next day I had a sore throat, I had some congestion in my chest, I was spitting up mucus, and then the next day I started coughing. It was a swirl of things, so it was definitely serious for me."

Linebacker Jordyn Brooks

On seeing Bobby Wagner get injured on the first play.

"Yeah, that was tough. I actually didn't see it, my back was turned on the play. I just reached out to him, hope he's OK. During that time, you just have to keep moving, got to keep going, next man up mentality. I thought Cody did a great job stepping in." 

On making the adjustment of playing without Wagner.

"It's a blow to have that kind of player not on the field. But, these type of things you prepare for, just in case somebody goes down, you got to have the next man come up and make the calls, get everybody lined up and I think we did a good job of that today." 

On what he saw out of Cody Barton today.

"He was communicating well. Helping getting guys lined up, making calls, and also making plays. I thought he did a great job." 

On stopping Detroit on fourth down on the Lions' first series.

"That was good momentum for the first half of the game. Just get them off on that first fourth down. We knew coming in; I think they were on a record for the most fourth down attempts, and so we knew once we stopped them on third down, they were going to go for it anyway. We couldn't celebrate too much on fourth down, just get ready for fourth down, and I thought we did a good job on that." 

On three interceptions in the second half.

"Corners out there making plays. D.J. (Reed) and Ugo (Amadi). We probably should have had more than three this game. We missed some opportunities. I thought those guys did great on their coverage, dropping back into zones and getting the ball." 

On coming back strong after a tough loss last week, with perhaps not that much on the line.

"To me, it's a lot on the line. We may not be going to the playoffs, but winning the last home game, that means a lot to me. Ending it on a good note and building momentum for the next season. Last week was tough. We bounced back this week. We'll try to finish it right in Arizona next week."

The Seattle Seahawks take on the Detroit Lions at Lumen field for Week 17 of the 2021 season. This album will be updated throughout the game. Game Action photos are presented by Washington's Lottery.

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