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What The Lions Said Following Their 51-29 Loss To The Seahawks

Interviews, transcripts, and press conferences from Seattle vs. Detroit.


Featuring postgame quotes from the following:


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Head Coach Dan Campbell

On his overall impressions.

"Obviously, give those guys credit, coach Carroll. They came out and they were ready to go, man. Played hard. They got after us, man. They did. So, they played well, we didn't play well, so it's a credit to those guys."

On if he had an explanation for why his team did not play well today.

"We couldn't stop the run. Couldn't stop the run, and they weren't even running very well, you know? So that was kind of the essence of this game. Until I really look at it. I know this, we were getting cut off backside. We weren't where we were supposed to be on a few things, whether it be, who knows? I've got to look at the tape. But I know this, we weren't stopping them. Look, Penny's a hell of a player. He is. But when you let him get going, you're making that quarterback 10 times better than he already is. And that's tough. Then offensively, you've got to match them. I felt it knocked the wind out of us when we didn't get the fourth-and-inches, or half a yard, whatever you want to call it. Because we got the three-and-out and we drove the ball and we didn't respond after that. Probably the most frustrating thing to me—I mean, look, it's all frustrating, but when we pulled it back within two scores, I really thought, "Alright, this is a chance to get this thing back in our favor. We'll get a stop here, a turnover, and now we'll make this a one-possession game.' And we just couldn't do it. That really disappointed me, even more than the other stuff, to be honest with you."

On a third-down play where the defense could get off the field but some tackles were missed.

"Yep. We didn't tackle well. You said it, and you saw it. It was not good. It was not good."

On what it feels like as a coach when your defense allows scores on six of seven possessions.

"Look, you have faith that we're going to pull out of it. It's what you do, honestly. You kind of have to throw your game plan out the window, particularly on the other side of the ball, because now you know you've got to get chunks, you've got to score, you've got to do things a little bit different than you would have—certainly a lot different, alright? That wasn't the game we wanted to put on Tim (Boyle), and that didn't help. But yeah, I mean there's a little bit of that, and then you score and it's onside kick. But at the same token you really believe, like I really believed our defense would get out of it. We'll pull out this. We'll find a way to respond. It was just tough, man. And then it doesn't help there towards the end, we turn the ball over offensively and now they're back on the field. So we didn't complement each other at all. But look, once it comes to a game like that, like sometimes unfortunately this stuff happens, and offensively we've got to score then. You've got to score. You've got to match them, match for match. They're going to score? We've got to score. They score? We score. They score? We score. We didn't do that. Two turnovers, we don't get a fourth-down conversion, so offensively we didn't do what we needed to do."

On the positive play of Amon-Ra St. Brown with other players out.

"Yeah, he's been steady for us. He's a steady, reliable player. That's one thing, to do it once, and you feel a little bit better after twice, but now when you start stacking them like he is, that's a consistent player. That's a productive, consistent player. Those guys, I think, are hard to find. So I'm glad we've got him, and as long as he just keeps training the way he is, he'll be just fine."

On how a performance like this affects his evaluation of the team's overall, big-picture status.

"Look, I think you have to take in everything. You take it all into account. You've got to be careful not to just judge everything off one game. But I know this, here's the beauty—we've got one left. And so if you go through it, you look and say, 'You know what? It's funny how all of a sudden with two left, maybe someone's performance didn't look as good with two left. But you do take that into account. You can't judge it off of one. I don't believe that. Take the totality. But I do think there's something to be said with two left if it's the same type of performance, and there again, that's after you watch the tape. If there's something there that's, you know. But I know this, If we play like this against Green Bay it'll be the same score. Those are the facts."

On if he sensed this outcome coming, if it was just the failed fourth-down conversion attempt that doomed the team today.

"No. You can't—I threw that out there. I don't think we can judge it off of that. It was early in the game, we had a chance to bounce back. It just felt like, my gosh. We had a three-and-out, we're moving the ball great, and then all of a sudden we stop, and then it's like the floodgates opened. So I just threw that out there. But no, I didn't see a sign of this coming. And there again, you never know the psyche of a team. If it is because of that, that just shows that we're not quite where we want to be mentally as far as being able to handle adversity and some of those things. But you never know, right? You go around, you score, we get a three-and-out and convert that to a first down, you score seven, who knows? You just don't know."

On if his decision to challenge was to sustain momentum.

"They weren't showing it upstairs, and I felt like it was one of those critical ones. I'm like, you know what, I'm going to challenge it. We're not getting a viewing of it, I gotten, hey look, I don't know if you're going to win this. So it wasn't like somebody was telling me upstairs. I just, I took a shot on it. I'm like, this is too big of a play not to challenge. So I just felt that way even though it was early. Of course, I'm standing right there, too. I felt like he got it. But, he didn't. There again, they stopped us."

On his thoughts about his team's effort.

"I thought the effort was good. We could bring it up again. We battled. We fought our way back to where we were within a two-score game. So it was there. Look, the details to it, some of the finish I didn't think was what it's been just as far as how you're going to finish through a gap or on some of our blocks. Look, until you've really watched it on the film you're not going to know. And I guarantee, a lot of this is going to be, it's one guy here, it's one guy there, it's not going to be, and unfortunately it doesn't matter if you're making a mistake now and your teammate makes it the next time and he makes it the next time, those things add up. It only takes one guy to kill a play on both sides of the ball. But we'll see. I didn't feel like the effort was a lack of effort. They did some good stuff, and they got after us."

On tackling.

"Look, the tackling wasn't good, but there were times when he's untouched running with our safeties. So OK, yeah, we need to tackle better once he's 20 yards down the field. But before he gets there, there were some gaping holes in there that we've done a pretty good job of lately, of handling that stuff, and I felt like we got gashed a little bit."

On the impact of missing key players.

"Well, I don't want to use that as an excuse. It always helps to have those guys here, and it certainly would help us. That makes us better. But at the same token it's like, look, I've said this before: Our young bucks? We're about to go into Week 17 or Week 18. We just finished our 16th game. So by now if you haven't grown up, we haven't done a good job of getting you to grow up fast enough. So I don't want to use those guys as an excuse. They're good players, and they've been great leaders for us, but they've rubbed off on those guys."

On the touchdown pass to Decker and another attempted pass to an interior lineman.

"You're doing what you can with what you've got. It was a good job, and a good job by Decker. A good sell. Nelson was wide open. It just didn't work out. You're doing all you can. You're shooting all your bullets, man. You're trying to find a way to score."

Quarterback Tim Boyle

On how prepared he felt having to score on almost every drive.

"That's the mindset going into each possession. Hats off to their offense and their defense. Obviously they were going down and scoring at will. On offense, we kind of went into the game thinking we were going to lean on the run a little bit, but they had a good game plan. They put five bigs on our five bigs and kind of matched us up front. We had a tough time running the ball early, but one thing I will say about our offensive line, they protected me really well tonight. Seattle gave some weird looks, but we handled it really well. Yeah, as the game progressed a little bit, the thought process had to change. You have to go down and score when you're not running the ball as efficiently as you want. You kind of have to lean on the pass game. At the end of the day, the ball is in my hand. I have to go and make plays and I have to be smart with the ball. I can't turn it over three times."

On if the life was taken out of the team a bit when they failed to convert the fourth down early on.

"Whenever you're fourth and inches and you get stuffed, there's some "oh, that really sucks." I don't think it really affected our whole game. I think we do a good job with Coach Campbell and our offensive staff does a good job of making sure that each drive is it's own individual entity. He might be right when he says it took the wind out of our sails, but I think in that moment it might have because we had a great drive going. We got all the way down, I don't know what the yard line was, but we ran the ball well, we passed the ball well and we got down there. When you get stuffed on fourth down, it always hurts, but I think we did a good job as the game progressed of putting that behind us and trying to go and score some more points."

On how much of the three interceptions were on him or on the circumstances.

"It's always on me. It's always on me. It's accuracy, it's decision making, it's timing. All three of them are on me. That's something that I have to assess with myself. Our turnovers, I can't keep doing that to the team. Ultimately, a quarterback touches the ball every down and I have to be smart with the football. I have to continue to create a plan when things break down. Being able to move in the pocket, being able to see different things. I think that's kind of where I got in trouble tonight. I couldn't see [Tom Kennedy] where I threw him the stick route. I saw him break out of it and I didn't know to what extent he broke out of it. He kind of tight turned it and expected me to go down with the ball and I kind of put it outside too much and that was one of the interceptions. The other one late in the game to [Amon-Ra St. Brown] I kind of had to move a little bit so I could get vision and by that time, I just physically couldn't put enough on the ball. They gave us the coverage we were looking for but the corner made a good play to adjust to the throw. And the first interception is just a horrible mistake on my part that fortunately I'll be able to bank and never do again. It hurts. Three interceptions, you can't do that. You're never going to have an opportunity when you turn the ball over three times in a game."

On if it still feels like a step forward in his progress with his second straight start.

"I have to view it as a step forward, I have to. It's start number three. I expect myself along with my coaches and my teammates for me to continue to get better. But ultimately, like I tell you guys, it's how many opportunities am I going to be given to make these mistakes. In my mind, in the NFL, it's all about production. So I have to address and assess my ability to make decisions and be more accurate and that's going to be a conscious effort moving forward. To answer your question, I think perspective on a game, it's emotional. I'm an emotional person so it just sucks. But I have to be better with the football. But to answer your question, I felt like I saw the field well. I felt like the majority of the time I made good decisions. Especially moments where we were leaning on the pass heavy. You're always going to remember the bad ones and the bad ones most of the time affect the game the heaviest. I have to assess that."

On Amon-Ra St. Brown's performance despite injuries to the offense.

"He's a true professional. He gets, at such a young age, he's a rookie, he gets what it means to be a professional. He works hard, he asks the right questions, he's always talking to the quarterbacks. But then you also have the physical side of it where he's just a natural football player, he really is. He's got great feel. You hand the ball off to him, he's just so versatile. I said to him after the game it's a pleasure being out there with him because players like that make quarterbacks like me better. When you don't have to be perfect, and guys like that can go out there and make plays for you, we are very lucky to have him on this team. He loves being here which is the best part. He's friends with everyone in the locker room, always has a smile on his face, he's a true professional. I know we're all very proud of him in the quarterback room."

On if Amon-Ra St. Brown talks to quarterbacks more often than other receivers.

"I wouldn't say it's more, it's just the level of question. He's trying to understand why we're killing certain plays so he can kind of anticipate what we're thinking. I think the best receiver, tight end, running backs are the players who are mentally kind of understanding what we understand with the game. It's not just reacting and going out there. It's understanding what we're seeing, why we're doing x, y, z and I think that's what is so special about him. He's just an instinctive, smart football player."

On how he explains today from a big picture view.

"It's chemistry. It's as this team, as this 2021 team has more reps and we are together more, we become closer as a team and we love each other. Jamaal [Williams] just spoke to us in the locker room, it's the last time we're going to be together next week as a 2021 team. And we owe it to each other to be professionals and go out there and prepare and go get ready to beat the Packers. That's the mindset this football team has. I know Coach Campbell speaks on it all the time about the grit of this team, but it really is true. Not a lot of two win teams are fighting the way we fight. That starts with our head guy and we're very grateful for that. It's really willpower at that point. We want to go out there and give it everything we have every week for each other and that's kind of the message since the bye is it's go time for each other. You have to lean on each other. It's not really about them, it's about us."

On if the willpower or the fight was missing from the team today.

"No, we had fight. We always have willpower. I know I'm the quarterback of this team today, but I'm extremely proud of how we fought. As successful as they were on offense, we continued to fight. I throw a horrible interception and I have everyone kind of on the sideline picking me up and telling me to turn the page. We go out there and we score two touchdowns. That's football. That's adversity and that's grit. We went out there and we fought. There were long drives and people were tired, but we do that for each other."

On the touchdown pass to Taylor Decker.

"I was thrilled when that play got called. We kind of had that play up all week and had the look for it. I think the safety played it well but I put it in a spot where Decker could kind of go high point it. I don't think I've ever seen an offensive lineman really look in a ball as much as he did. Special play and I'll remember that one forever and I certainly hope he will forever too."

Wide Receiver KhaDarel Hodge

On the pride he has on being able to execute plays today.

"I knew I had to make some plays. It's always the next man up in our room, in the NFL period. We have to take advantage of every opportunity. You don't get too many. I made the plays. I'm just happy to be in the position." 

On the play he thought he was in the end zone for.

"I'm so hurt. That would have been my first career touchdown. I was really happy. I had my whole celebration in my head, but when I caught it, it kind of all went out the window. I just spiked it. I just thank God. That was crazy. That was a crazy catch. That was probably the best catch of my career, so I just thank God." 

On how important this game was for him to be able to show his skills.

"It was really important because I hadn't gotten many opportunities the last couple of weeks. I knew I had to go in and prove myself once again. Just make plays just to get the coaches attention, the league's. I didn't perform as well as I needed to early in the season, but I knew I had to come out and make some plays, which I know I could do."

Wide Receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown

On next milestone.

"Honestly, beating Green Bay next week. It's our last game of the season, we want to finish it strong. Yeah, we just want to beat Green Bay, I feel like that's what we all want as a team. That's what I want, I want to beat Green Bay. I think beating Green Bay is our next goal." 

On defenses game-planning against him.

"Like I told you guys a few days ago, consistency is one of my biggest goals. Every week I want to be as consistent as I can so everyone on the team knows what they're getting, quarterback, coaches, my players, my teammates. Just being consistent is my goal now." 

On playing running back as a kid.

"Yeah, I played running back my whole life up to my sophomore year of high school, that's when I transitioned. Running the ball has always been kind of natural for me. I love running the ball, having the ball in my hands. So yeah, I played it my whole life up until high school." 

On next season.

"I think we have a lot of talent on this team. We had a lot of guys go down early in the year and unfortunately some of our big key players. I think going into next year, all of those guys are hopefully going to come back and we're going to have a lot of talent and we're going to be hungry. We're a young team, so I think it's going to give us a spring into next year. Getting our guys back, maybe getting some new guys in the draft and free agency and be ready to go next year."

Outside Linebacker Austin Bryant

On how he felt about a game like this.

"Yeah, just not good enough. There's no way around it. If you look at the score, they pretty much could do whatever they wanted. They were running the ball, they had the play-action pass, they hit us with some shots, too. We just never got our footing and got comfortable. The proof is in the pudding, the tape don't lie. We weren't good enough today, period." 

On why this week was worse than previous.

"I don't know. I thought we had a good week of preparation. I thought everyone was into it and we had great energy going into the game as well. But, it's the NFL and you never know. Everybody gets paid to do what they do and when they come to work, they come to work. They were better than us today." 

On how Seattle was dangerous with the run and play action.

"Very dangerous. As you all know, Russell (Wilson) is a mobile guy. He can move around, stretch plays and stretch the boot out. You may have him covered for a while but they get into a scramble drill and they have some really good receivers out wide with 14 and 16. That's what they did today. He showed us why he's one of the best quarterbacks in the league."

Offensive Tackle Taylor Decker

On his touchdown catch.

"Well, we actually had one in two weeks ago, but we didn't call it and then we just changed the number with it so it was a different play call than years past. We were using six to seven lineman the whole game where we were reporting the whole time. You can't hear the numbers they are saying when they were reporting. So, when they call out that personnel we go up to the referee, all three of us, I report and announced it. But, it's a little deception. The safety over top was late to recognize it and yeah, soft hands. I did tell him he got 'Mossed'." 

On what happened today as a whole.

"Number one, you have to give a lot of credit to them. They came out and were playing hard. We knew the name of the game with the weather. It was going to be 'run the ball, stop the run'. They just did it better than we did. They ran the ball, and they stopped the run. Then they got up, we have to be in two-minute and we have to throw it. They just outperformed us offensively and rolled guys through on their defensive line. They have a bunch of fronts that can be hard to identify what exactly it is. If this guy's a foot over here opposed to a foot over there it changes the blocking scheme for us. So, tough day. We have a lot of guys out but that's not an excuse. There's been weeks passed where we have been competitive and been able to control the game. Not too many times this year has it felt like we haven't had some control in the game. That just comes with being able to run the ball and stop the run. We weren't able to do that and got down early, we just had to dig ourselves out of a hole. We started to but then at that point you almost have to play perfect to get back in that game which we didn't."  

On how he felt watching five-consecutive touchdowns.

"Sometimes you get in those games where it's a shootout. You've got to be able to match it. We've had plenty of plenty of weeks where defenses held teams to less than 15 points. We have to do our part to go out there. Coach has said it before, 'I feel like it's this type of game and the offense needs to score a bunch of points' and we made a little run there in the third quarter. We were able to make it a two-score game, hoping to get within one. Then if you get to within one, the game changes and they are on their heels a little bit, we have momentum. We weren't able to get it within one score. We just kind of dug ourselves in a hole early and tried to climb out of it and we weren't able to."

The Seattle Seahawks take on the Detroit Lions at Lumen field for Week 17 of the 2021 season. This album will be updated throughout the game. Game Action photos are presented by Washington's Lottery.

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