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Tuesday Round-Up: David Moore Joins The Rich Eisen Show

Wide receiver David Moore joined the Rich Eisen Show to discuss Pete Carroll’s meetings, DK Metcalf’s physique and more.


Good morning, 12s. Here's a look at what's happening today – Tuesday, Oct. 13 – for your Seattle Seahawks.

David Moore Interviewed On The Rich Eisen Show

Since being drafted 226th overall in 2017, David Moore has consistently delivered for the Seahawks. He played just one game as a rookie, but has been a steady target since 2018. He caught a career-high 26 passes for 445 yards and five touchdowns in 2018. This season, he's on pace to break all three of those marks, as he has 10 receptions for 173 yards and two scores through five games. Often an unsung hero behind DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett, Moore is becoming an established weapon in the clutch for Russell Wilson.

Moore joined the Rich Eisen Show on Monday after the Seahawks edged the Vikings to improve to 5-0. In the 10-minute interview, Eisen asked Moore about waiting for his call from Pete Carroll on draft day, expectations for how far the team can go this season and what it's like standing next to a beast like DK Metcalf.

They also discussed Moore's initial conversations with Carroll, how calm Russ is in the clutch, and the locker room after Sunday's win. You can watch the full interview and read some of the highlights below.

On his conversation with Carroll in the spring and summer after getting drafted:

"He starts off his meetings all the time with, 'Always compete. You're either competing or you're not.' Once we got out of rookie minicamp, he was talking to me and his son (wide receivers coach Nate Carroll), just like 'Go out there and you be yourself. Just do what you've always done, don't be extra. Don't do anything new, just go out there and have fun. Just play at your best and be the best you that you can be every day. Compete every day against yourself and good things will happen for you.' Then, I just tried to live my days out like that and good things ended up happening."

On what it's like in the huddle with Russell Wilson in close games like Sunday's:

"It's kind of like practice. He comes in real chill, real calm and he's like 'Hey, we got this fellas. You guys go out there and do it and we'll finish it. Stay poised.' He'll call a play and he keeps us calm, and we keep each other calm. That's one thing that's pretty big in moments like (Sunday night). It's a big game, then coming down to the nitty gritty like that you have to stay calm in the best way. To have somebody like that, one of your leaders keeping you calm, yeah that helps out a lot."

On the locker room after Sunday's win:

"Very energetic. We were just kind of waiting for Russ and DK to get back in from talking outside, but as soon as they came in it was like a party, honestly. Music was raving, everybody felt like they were raving. I'm trying to get my tape off, but at the same time I'm trying to party. So, yeah, we were all over the place. It was a good environment for sure."

Good Morning Football Credits Seahawks' Clutch Defense

Through five games this season, much of the talk has been about the Seahawks' offense. Rightfully so, as the unit has scored more points than any team in the league. Russell Wilson is putting up record-setting numbers and DK Metcalf is emerging as a star receiver.

On Monday's episode of "Good Morning Football," Peter Schrager credited Russ and DK, but also recognized how clutch the defense has been in 2020.

"When they need to make a stop, the Seahawks defense has made the stop," Shrager said. "As much as we talk about Russ and DK, this Seahawks defense, they bend but they don't break."

Between the stop on fourth down against the Vikings to game-winning plays in the final seconds against the Patriots and Cowboys, this defense clearly has a knack for clutch moments.

Social Post Of The Day

The Seattle Storm captured another title for the city last week when they won the WNBA Finals. Apparently their recent playoff run – led by the legendary Sue Bird – inspired Russell Wilson during Sunday's clutch game-winning drive.

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