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Timeout With Seahawks Linebacker Devin Bush

Stop the clock. We’re taking a timeout with Devin Bush to help the 12s learn more about the Seahawks player who enjoys reading and fishing. ‘Timeout with the Seahawks’ is presented by Delta.


Bush grew up in Florida and was coached by his father in high school.

"It was unique, it was fun. But it also got its challenges. With your dad being your coach and your father at the same time, those decisions are definitely on the forefront, but also it was a good way for us to also bond. We both loved the game of football; we both played the game, so it was very fun."

Michigan was the right place to be.

"It was a good opportunity, Coach Harbaugh, it was his first year coming from the 49ers. The dynasty they had there for a while, so I knew I was going to get a pro style type of program. A lot of the schools I liked, all their head coaches left so it kind of just led me to Michigan."

Devin was known as the hardest hitter on the team.

"Yeah I was up there."

Before signing with Seattle, Bush was with the Pittsburgh Steelers

"I mean you get what you get there. They treat you like professionals. It's a prestigious organization so you are going to meet a lot of cool people and have a huge fan base. You never really know who's a Steelers fan until you meet them face to face. You learn a lot there just because it's a small city, it's a sports city so everyone is really dialed in to sports."

He still has a place in Pittsburgh.

"Yeah it was cool, I have a place there currently. It's nice, very chill, and family oriented."

Seattle has some nice scenery that he likes.

"It's nice, nice scenery. Beautiful, a lot of places to eat and a lot of different cultural dishes to eat. I like Daniels Broiler, it was cool."

His thoughts on the throwback uniforms.

"I can't wait, they're fire. I wished they would bring them out some more. I wish the league would bring out a different uniform for each game."

Bush is excited for fellow Wolverine, Mike Morris, playing this season.

"I knew him from Michigan a little bit. He was years younger than me so I wasn't there when he got to Michigan. From what I've seen now; super raw talent, big, strong, you know you name it he got it. He is just a rookie. Hasn't had many reps in the NFL, once he gets that he going to be nice."

You can find Bush outside when not playing football.

"Since I've been out here honestly, I like nature walking. Music, reading, watching films and movies. I like to fish but have not been fishing here. Pretty much any outdoor sport."

Music is not a big part of Devin's pregame routine.

"I don't use music for like energy. I use music as a way to pass the time by. I would be listening to anything."

His gameday routine is not too complicated.

"I'm going to wake up in the morning, drink water, eat breakfast, something light. The night before or morning-of, get in the pool to stretch out. Not listen to too much music but watch a little bit of film and go over some notes. Once it gets closer to gameday, that's when I start listening to reggae music. Listen to some pop, some throwbacks, like the 90's and early 2000's. Once I get into the locker room, I probably listen to more up-to-date stuff."

Being the best teammate is important to Devin.

"My biggest goal is to be the best teammate I could be and to win. I think outside of those two everything just kind of falls into those categories. Of course, everybody wants to come in and be All-Pro and be this and that. But I think being the best teammate I can be, and winning, I think those two will take care of everything."

Take a look at photos of linebacker Devin Bush from his first four seasons in the NFL. Bush signed with the Seahawks as a free agent on March 17, 2023. Read more.

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