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Thursday Round-Up: Pete Carroll Joins Sports Radio 950 KJR's Chuck and Buck Show

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll joined 950 KJR’s Chuck and Buck Show Wednesday.

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Good morning, 12s. Here's a look at what's out there today – Thursday, September 1 – about your Seattle Seahawks.

Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll Joins The Chuck and Buck Show To Discuss Upcoming Season

With the Seahawks making the necessary cuts to trim the initial roster to 53 players, there are many questions surrounding the upcoming season. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll called in to 950AM KJR's 'Chuck and Buck' show to discuss the current team and plans for the future.

Co-Host Chuck Powell started off asking what led to quarterback Geno Smith winning the quarterback job.

"Really, Geno just stayed the course all throughout," Carroll said. "He was really solid and didn't make it an open shot, because he just kept doing things right. He really understands the scheme, he's in total command. He was the vet in the room, and he held onto that so more power to him man. He had a really good offseason and a good camp. And meanwhile, Drew kept battling and did a ton of good stuff, and just couldn't quite put it together. With the last week getting screwed up, you know the covid thing really messed up his opportunity to start that second-week, and come back the next week and get some more playtime. Just quite didn't get enough. So I'm excited that both guys can play, and Geno is going to be the guy that starts us out. Away we go."

Powell made a comparison to the early years of the Pete Carroll/John Schneider when the Seahawks built something special in 2011 and 2012 that led to an eventual Super Bowl run the next year, and asked Carroll if he sees a similar situation this year.

"First off, of course we're trying to do something special," said Carroll. "Every time we put this thing together, we're going for it. Every way that John [Schneider] does everything he can every step of the way with acquiring personnel. We're trying to build it, we're trying to create it, we're trying to adapt. To make sure we're staying at the cutting-edge of what our people can do, and what the game's calling for. When we started we didn't have a starting quarterback so it looks the same and all that kind of stuff. But this isn't as big a change as people might want to make of it, really. We're going right at it, we've got a culture, we've got a mentality that we want to try and find where we can play great football. In our best days in when we were really rolling, there was a combination of factors that really contributed. It was all of it, the run-game, the offense, the defense, it was not turning the football over. It was getting the ball, it was being terrific on special teams. We're the best turnover team on special teams in years, and years and years. We were really hard to beat. And so that's a great way to play this game of football, is you do things so well, you don't give the opportunities to beat you. That has not changed, that's the game to me, I don't know if the game will ever change in that direction. But it's how you get there. This time around, it's new quarterbacks, a new starter and that's what I think is most-familiar and takes us back in that sense. Other than that, we're forging ahead to make it a great football team."


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Carroll covered all bases answering questions from the Chuck and Buck team; from road-tripping with actor and comedian Will Ferrell, to the Seahawks rookie talent.

Check out the full interview here.

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