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The Sound Season 2, Episode 3: Home Sweet Home

Seattle’s rookie class builds trust and chemistry on Lake Washington, plus a day-in-the-life with second-year wideout Dareke Young.


The first pair of episodes of Season 2 of The Sound took us behind-the-scenes of Seattle's draft process before introducing us to the Seahawks 10-man 2023 draft class. Episode 3 begins on Lake Washington, as Coach Pete Carroll leads his first-year group on a canoe ride with members of the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe to bond and learn some history on the water. Carroll leads the group of towering figures, giving some sound advice before getting into the water.

"Spread the word," said Carroll. "Don't call it a boat. Seriously, they throw you in the water. A Canoe. If you call it a boat, you're going in the water."

Carroll goes on to inform the group of the Muckleshoot's history in the Pacific Northwest, before allowing the tribe to demonstrate techniques for the water.

"Welcoming you to all the traditions in the background and the history of our program," said Carroll. "But also our area. This is the Muckleshoot crowd, these guys are an extraordinary tribe and group of people that have always been in this close-knit area. Today is the day that we're going to meet them. They're going to show us some of their ways, and teach us a little about getting on the water."

Episode 3 is filled with comedic value, as the panicking group struggles to get in place on the canoe before taking off. Cornerback Devon Witherspoon tries to keep his cool and calm his teammates, as defensive end Derick Hall laughs from shore. The work-play balance is on full-display, as the episode shuffles to free-agent acquisition Dre'Mont Jones breaking down the dynamic in the building at mandatory minicamp.

"I feel like they try to keep things light and fun," said Jones. "Keep guys wanting to be here, and it's not like that (everywhere else). Other places are more about business, they're not really family-oriented that much like they say they are. (Seattle) is more receptive to the person behind the player, than just the player."

Running back Kenneth Walker III ran for over 1,000 yards in his rookie year, earning consideration for NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year honors. With the offseason in full swing, Episode 3 gives a quick glimpse into Walker working on ascending in his second year.

"The game is way slower," said Walker III. "When I first got here, I was all nervous. I remember the first run, it was a duo. I hit the right hole, and I just stopped in the middle of it. But now, in my second year, it's much easier - now I know what's going on.

Second-year wideout Dareke Young was selected last April in the seventh-round from Division II Lenoir-Rhyne University. After climbing the depth chart through his special teams play, Young saw limited action at receiver. Episode 3 gives a look at Young as he looks to make a bigger impact on the field - and tell his story. After working behind-the-scenes in year one, Young stepped out of his comfort zone a bit to take the cameras with him for 24 hours. From hitting the gym to having some fun, the episode gives us a look at a player striving to become a bigger factor in the offense and the city in his own way.

"My favorite part of the day was being out of my comfort zone," said Young. "I'm somebody who doesn't like a lot of attention. It didn't bother me too much at the workout, because I'd already told a few of the guys I'd have a camera there following my every move."

After pumping some iron in the weight room and doing some drill work, Young heads around the 206 to experience the city. Young gets an opportunity to represent the organization in a visit to the Seattle Aquarium and The Great Wheel - while working through his nerves.

"When we went to the aquarium and the Seattle Ferris Wheel," said Young. "I was out of my comfort zone, I had a few people staring at me so that was a pretty cool experience. But people were friendly, they asked me what my name was. Kind of gained a few fans during that whole day. I'll go to an amusement park, the first ride I'll get on is the scariest ride."

While Young gets comfortable with becoming a recognizable face in the city - his focus remains on the game. As is the theme throughout with each player interviewed - while having their own personal chip on their shoulder and motivations for the year. With a share of laughs and motivation, the third episode of Season 2 of The Sound gives us another glimpse into the driving forces behind each player and coach preparing for the 2023 season.

Behind-the-scenes of season 2 episode 3 of The Sound, highlighting the Seahawks Rookie Readiness program, including a canoe adventure on Lake Washington, exclusive interviews with players, and more.

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