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4 Things To Know About Seahawks Wide Receiver Dareke Young

Four things to know about the seventh-round selection out of Lenoir-Rhyne.


In April,the Seattle Seahawks selected former Lenoir-Rhyne wideout Dareke Young with the No.233 pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. Here are four things to know about the Seahawks late-round gem.

1. He's a runner, he's a track star

Like many gifted athletes, Dareke Young grew up playing multiple sports at a high-level. Young starred on the football field at Middle Creek High in Apex, NC, losing just three games as a wideout for the nationally-ranked Mustangs. But Young also shined on the track in high school. In 2020, Young discussed his athletic background with NFLDraftBlitz writer Ed Hunt.

"I would say basketball is my favorite to watch other than football," Young told Hunt. "Track and football were the sports I played as I grew up. My senior year in high school, I made it to regionals. I placed top-five at regionals. I did 300-meter hurdles."

Young grew up watching and playing basketball as well, which is evident when he boxes out defenders.

2. Representing at the East-West Shrine Bowl

In January, Young represented Lenoir-Rhyne as the only Division II player selected to participate in the 2022 East-West Shrine Bowl.

Former NFL defensive back and CBS analyst Charles Davis sat down with NFL Network’s Path To The Draft team in April to discuss sleeper wideouts in the 2022 NFL Draft. One of the three discussed was Young. Davis had high praise for Young coming off his Shrine performance.

"What you'll notice is they did everything possible to get him the ball; jet sweeps, pitches, they threw it to him. He played in pro-style offense, he played in Delaware Wing-T, he even lined up in-line and blocked on the line of scrimmage. A physical presence out there."

The team discussed a quote on Young's talents from Colts offensive coordinator Marcus Brady, comparing Young's versatility to San Francisco 49ers All-Pro Deebo Samuel.

"If we could motion, you'd be seeing a little Deebo Samuel here with Dareke Young."

3. Dareke The Engineer

Lenoir-Rhyne Alum Dareke Young majored in engineering physics, earning his bachelors of science in 2020. In his interview with NFLDraft Blitz, Young discussed his aspirations off the field and possibly life after football.

"I'm majoring in engineering physics," said Young "I would like to do automotive engineering or mechanical engineering in grad school, which are basically the same thing. I would like to help design cars."

Young started Lenoir-Rhyne's MBA program in 2021, only stopping this spring to train for the NFL Draft.

ESPN Seahawks reporter Brady Henderson on Young's academic prowess:

4. Just call him Mr. Versatility

As aforementioned, Young played all over the field for Lenoir-Rhyne's offense as they transitioned through different coaching staffs and schemes. Not only did Young line up all over the field as a receiver - he also played running back for the Bears. In 2020, Young sat down with Justin Melo of Music City Miracles to discuss his skill set and resume.

"We have a new coaching staff, the scheme is pretty much a pro-style offense," said Young "I'm really excited to play in this offense. I'm an actual receiver now. Last year, I was used as more of a hybrid player. I was used both as a running back and receiver last year. This year, I'll be focused on playing receiver in a pro-style offense. We're expanding the route tree. We only had two Spring practices so I can't tell you too much about the new offense just yet. In my opinion, it's an offense that suits me. It's the offense I need to be playing in if I have hopes of making it to the next level."

There is power in words after all. Young became the tenth Lenoir-Rhyne Bear drafted in school history.

Check out photos of Seahawks seventh-round pick Dareke Young from his 2022 offseason in Seattle. The wide receiver out of Lenoir Rhyne was selected No. 233 overall in the 2022 NFL Draft.

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