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The Sound Season 2, Episode 14: 'Familiar Determination'

The latest episode of The Sound not only goes behind the scenes with the current team, but takes a look back at a Seahawks Legend gone too soon, Tarvaris Jackson, while also highlighting a Make-A-Wish visit from his son, TJ.


Season 2 of The Sound has captured the highs and lows of the Seahawks' 2023 season to date, with the latest episode catching us up on their 1-2 stretch over the last three weeks. As the Seahawks head into Week 13's road matchup against the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday Night Football, Episode 14, "Familiar Determination," gives us a look at the team's efforts to create a spark. We also get a look at the organization's efforts to bridge the gap between past and present by honoring a Seahawks Legend.

In 2020, the football world lost Seahawks Legend Tarvaris Jackson to a tragic car accident at 36-years-old. The Alabama State University alum remains the last NFL quarterback drafted from a historically black college or university (HBCU), after being selected in the second round of the 2006 draft by the Minnesota Vikings. Jackson had two stints with Seattle; throwing for a career-high 3,091 yards in 2011 before returning to the franchise from 2013-2015, winning a Super Bowl title with the 2013 team.

The Sound often provides flashback looks at the development of the franchise through coach Pete Carroll's tenure, and the latest episode takes us back to the 2013 season after Jackson returned to the franchise following a year with the Buffalo Bills. Jackson echoes an appreciation for being back "home." That year, Jackson would be part of the first team in franchise history to bring a championship back to the Pacific-Northwest (Super Bowl XLVIII).

"It felt like 10 years," said Jackson at the time. "But it was 10 months. Now I'm back home, and I ain't gonna speak for everybody else - but it wasn't the place for me. I (won't) speak bad about anybody's organization because they gave me a chance to play ball for a year. Signed my check, so of course, I have to be grateful for that. But put it like this, the grass isn't always greener on the other side."

The episode takes us on a brief journey through Jackson's four seasons with the organization, throwing for 15 touchdowns and rushing for another 6 while becoming a favorite throughout the locker room and fanbase. Viewers get an inside look at the organization’s emphasis on family, as Jackson’s son, Tarvaris II receives his Make-A-Wish dream. Better known as "TJ," Tarvaris II was born with a heart condition that caused the 16-year-old to go through several surgeries and install then replace a pacemaker multiple times. When given the opportunity to make a wish through the foundation, Jackson sought to be reunited with the franchise with which his father saw the most success in his 10-year career. The Sound takes us behind TJ's visit to the Virginia Mason Athletic Center for the first time since he'd been taken by his father as a young child.

The walking reincarnation of the team's former quarterback creates an emotional scene for players and coaches who share fond memories of his presence - like Coach Pete Carroll, linebacker Bobby Wagner and former college teammate (Arkansas) Jason Peters. Wideout Tyler Lockett presents TJ with a No. 7 jersey commemorating his late father as the franchise shared stories and memories to help him remember the man that birthed him in a great light.

With three weeks of catching up to do, the episode provides exclusive looks and angles at each game from the team's lens, as players talk through key moments of each contest.

Normally, the main perspective following a win or loss is from the players themselves, providing context to the game's outcome and the thought process going forward. But in a pleasant shift in direction, Jackson's career trials and tribulations serve as the backdrop of the episode, while TJ gives perspective on the team and his journey through life.

The young athlete reflects on the mindset developed from his father and the words he cherishes to this day.

"Just keep going," said Jackson II. "If you don't work, you don't really get better. If you want to be really good or be a pro like he was, you've got to work. Not just in team practices, but work by yourself. And just to never give up, just keep going, and have that determination and fire inside your work."

Episode 14 balances the struggle of Seattle's consecutive losses to the division-rival Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers, with the beauty of learning a lesson from life's hardships. The Jackson family's resiliency serves as a metaphor for the episode, as Seattle looks ahead following their Thanksgiving Day loss to the 49ers. The episode ends with the team getting back to work, as football operations manager Jeremy Young closes the show by discussing the return to repetition of the weekly flow regardless of the win-loss schedule.

As Seattle prepares for its second-consecutive Thursday night game against the Dallas Cowboys - Episode 14 emphasizes overcoming adversity with consistency while honoring the family of past times.

Tarvaris Jackson II, the son of Seahawks Legend Tarvaris Jackson, visited the Seahawks at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center on Wednesday, November 22 as part of his Make A Wish experience. Jackson II attended the team's walkthrough and broke down the team huddle as they prepare for a Thanksgiving night matchup with the San Francisco 49ers.

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