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The Sound Season 2, Episode 10: Magic In The Air

Episode 10 of the second goes behind the scenes of Seattle’s Week 2 and Week 3 victories. 


Through 9 episodes, Season 2 of The Sound has continued to provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the Seahawks' daily operations, following the team from offseason roster formation through the first-three games of the season. Episode 10, titled "Magic in the Air," gives us a glimpse into Seattle's consecutive wins over the Detroit Lions (37-31) in Week 2 and Carolina Panthers (37-27) in Week 3.

The Seahawks have been hot since losing 30-13 at home to the Los Angeles Rams to kick off the season. Episode 10 begins at Ford Field in Detroit, as Seattle overcomes a rowdy atmosphere and 31 points from the Lions to earn the overtime victory. Cornerback Tre Brown discussed the performance of Seattle's 2023 top draft selection (No.5) Devon Witherspoon in his debut.

"There's a reason why he's a top-5 pick," said Brown. "He's very smart, very athletic, he's very gifted. Man, it's tough, because everybody is watching you. Whatever happens or goes on, it's on you. He got the bugs out, he really put on a show."

Brown made quite the impact himself, recording the team's first sack and interception of the year on consecutive plays. Fans get nearly 10 minutes of highlights and player thoughts on the win, before transitioning back to the Virginia Mason Athletic Center for the anniversary of the 2013 Seahawks Super Bowl XLVIII Championship season.

As the legends returned for a week of fun and celebration in capturing the franchise's first championship, SBXLVIII champion Red Bryant gave the team the motivational speech of a lifetime, encouraging players to "seize the moment" ahead of their Week 3 home matchup against the Carolina Panthers.

"When we took the field," said Bryant. "All that mattered was what it meant to you and the guy next to you. It ain't the Seahawks that's on you, it's the Seahawks that's in you."

The instant reaction of cheers to Bryant's message was carried over into the game, as Seattle captured their first home win of the year in front of the 2013 champions.

Despite Seattle's disappointing performance in Week 1, the 12s had the Seahawks back against the Panthers. The rocking crowd noise at Lumen Field aided in Carolina committing 13 penalties, including a whopping eight false start calls. From NFC Offensive Player of the Week Kenneth Walker III's two rushing touchdowns, to defensive tackle Jarran Reed's two-sack performance, episode 10 provides unique views from Seattle's media teams of all the big catches, hits and touchdowns in Week 3.

Wideout Tyler Lockett is one of the team's elders, yet a humble listener to those before him. The 31-year-old Kansas State alum sat down to discuss the win and his analogy on the marriage between the "old-school" and "new-school" Seahawks.

"I think the thing that brings the old-school and new-school together is that belief that we've been there before," Lockett said. "So even when I got there, I never really knew what it was like to win in overtime. Or maybe we don't do good for three quarters, but we figure out how to win in the two-minute drive. There's things I was never a part of, that the team before me was a part of. So then, when you have guys that played with them, and now you have guys that are still playing and young guys. These young guys are starting to have this belief, because they've seen these games where it's like, you can't win in the first, or the second or the third - but you can win in the fourth. Or you can still win in overtime. Doesn't matter if things go your way, we figured out how to be able to win. We've stopped a team on the one-yard-line. So, it's these things that you try to get people to buy in and do, it's a lot easier when they have that history."

"The first time I walked into the building again," said Adams. "It felt kind of different. Obviously, just new energy for myself because I had to honestly get myself out of a dark hole. Didn't know what was going to be the case or how I was going to react to it, but it was a long process and I finally got over the hardest part. And here we are now, we're chipping away. So, I'm super excited to get back out there. I just want to give a show to the fans of what I can do, and give them everything I have, as well as my teammates. That's what I'm about, I'm really just about football, being a great teammate and obviously, being a great leader. Just want to go out there and be me, that's all I can do."

Ten episodes in, The Sound has done a great job of building anticipation for the year and making the viewer feel like part of the Seahawks family. Seattle prepares to take on the New York Giants on Monday Night Football, with the Week 5 bye approaching. Providing fans with the opportunity to live out the season from the Virginia Mason Athletic Center to the field, The Sound is a welcoming look into the Seattle Seahawks way.

Check out the behind the scenes of the tenth episode of season two of The Sound "Magic In The Air".

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