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The Sound Season 2, Episode 13: 'Go Take It'

This week’s episode of The Sound looks back at the past two games, as well as some of the good work Geno Smith is doing off the field.

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With the 2023 season at the halfway point, the 5-3 Seahawks look to make another playoff push. The Sound takes us beyond the win-loss column, as the team grows through the highs and lows of the season. Episode 13 of Season 2 takes us through Week 8's comeback victory over the Cleveland Browns, as well last weekend's tough loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

The 2023 squad continues to build chemistry, and has built a 5-3 record while dealing with early-season injuries on both sides of the ball. Episode 13, titled, "Go Take It," opens with a detailed look at Seattle's 24-20 comeback victory over the Browns, alongside clips of coach Pete Carroll, defensive coordinator Clint Hurtt and safety Jamal Adams breaking down key plays that helped turn the tide in the matchup. Following Seattle's win over the Browns, the episode highlights Carroll foreshadowing a tough road matchup against the Ravens.

"I'm so impressed and always have been," said Carroll. "So impressed with the team we're playing, and really the way John (Harbaugh) has done a great job of coaching these guys for a bunch of years. They're just so well-rounded, and just good in all phases. They make you realize what it's like to play in a championship matchup. These are the types of games that we have to have in your schedule to build yourself up. So that you can get stronger, get smarter and you can learn from it. This feels like a championship game."

Before kicking off against the Ravens in Week 9, Legend and Seahawks all-time leading rusher Shaun Alexander met with the team for support and motivation upon arriving in Baltimore. The Sound revisits Sunday's 37-3 loss, which snapped a two-game win streak. Carroll reflects on Seattle suffering its largest margin of defeat since 2017; while quarterback Geno Smith takes ownership for his recent turnovers. Emphasizing the family atmosphere within the organization, the episode transitions to Seahawks Legend K.J. Wright providing some words of motivation to Seattle's leader in a discussion with Jen Mueller for K.J.'s Corner.

"Geno, you are the guy," said Wright. "They trust you, they look to you - you've led them to victory since last year. Understand that, even in the midst of you not playing the way you want to play, get back to just that laser focus. Understand that you still have to support everyone else around you. Still be that voice that they need, but also, have this focus within yourself that 'I've got to get right so that everyone else is right.'"

The 2022 AP Comeback Player of the Year's storybook tale of triumph after years as a backup is a testament to Smith's ability to overcome obstacles. But Episode 13 emphasizes the support of Smith within the building through his ups and downs, as coaches and players alike express their faith in their quarterback. As the cameras follow Smith to the Southwest Boys and Girls Club of King County in White Center for some fun with the youth, wideout Tyler Lockett discusses the weight on Smith of bearing the responsibility of the team's success as the leader of the offense.

"In this game that we play," said Lockett. "Everything is going to be put on the primary player. When you look at Geno as quarterback, if we win it's on him - if we lose it's on him. That's just how the world and media portrays it, but we also help everything go at the other positions. A quarterback can't be successful if the other players aren't doing their part. So a lot of it is miscommunication on our part, things we can do better on. The media will always try to put the blame on one person, but we just try to stick together. Communicate, and not let any tensions rise against us. That's the biggest thing as a football team, we've got to stay together and we've got to stay intact."

Episode 13 provides a refresher of the past two weeks, while reminding that the season is far from over for Seattle. The Seahawks prepare to face the Washington Commanders at home on Sunday, currently holding a 3-1 record at Lumen Field. Reeling from the worst loss of the season, Seattle looks to get back on track with a conference win.

Seahawks practice at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center in Renton, Wash. on Nov. 9, 2023.

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