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Playing In Germany Will Be "An Experience Of A Lifetime" For Seahawks

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll is excited about his team’s trip to Munich in the 2022 season.


Playing a game in Europe could be seen as an inconvenience for any NFL team, and especially for a team located on the West Coast, but when it comes to the Seahawks' trip to Munich in 2022, Pete Carroll is embracing the chance to take his team overseas once again.

Four years ago, the Seahawks played the Raiders in London and not only had a positive experience on the trip, they also left Wembley Stadium with a 27-3 victory. Preparing for this year's trip to Germany should be easier because of that 2018 game in London, and for Carroll the chance to face the Buccaneers in the first regular-season NFL game in Germany is something to be embraced.

"It's great. I've never been there, so I look forward to the trip just like everybody else," Carroll said. "I have a really good thought about going overseas, because we we've done it before. We had a great trip and we went to London. The way our people handled it—you've got to get a lot of priorities in order and all that—our guys are really did a fantastic job last time. So I'm holding a good thought. It's an experience of a lifetime for everybody here, and as far as (German linebacker) Aaron Donkor is concerned, it couldn't be sweeter. We're looking forward to it and we'll try to make the most of it."

Part of the reason Carroll welcomes a trip back to Europe is the fan turnout the Seahawks saw in London. The Seahawks have become one of the most popular NFL teams in Germany over the past decade—hundreds of members of the German Sea Hawkers came to London for the 2018 game—and also have a big following in the UK. The result four years ago was what Rob Staton from the BBC said was the loudest of the 15 NFL games he had seen in London.

"It has never gotten close to that loud," Staton said in 2018. "It was also a lot more defined for one team, in this case the Seahawks."

Four years later, Carroll is counting on Seattle's European fans to turn out in a similar fashion.

"It was a great turnout and it was a great celebration at the stadium, which always makes it fun," Carroll said of the London game. "I understand that we've got a great following (in Germany), and we've been hearing that for a couple of years. That's not the first time we've heard that, so maybe that's why it worked out. I would bet that—I don't know how to say 12s in German—but I would bet that they're going to be ready for us. We'll get them revved up, and looking forward to starting a relationship with those fans."

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