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Monday Round-Up: CBS Sports Highlights Seahawks' Super Bowl XLVIII Team for 10-Year Anniversary: 'More Than An Athlete'

CBS Sports looks back at the work done by Seahawks Legends to shine a spotlight on injustice across the country, during and following their Super Bowl XLVIII run.


Good afternoon, 12s. Here's a look at what's out there today — Monday, February 12— about your Seattle Seahawks.

Ten years after the Seahawks captured their first Super Bowl title, CBS Sports looks back at the efforts of several Seahawks Legends to use their platform to inspire change in America.

In 2013, the 13-3 Seahawks went on a historic playoff run, winning Super Bowl XLVIII 43-8 over the Denver Broncos for the first championship in team history. In honor of the 10-year anniversary, CBS Sports looks back at a trio of Seahawks Legends, Richard Sherman, Michael Bennett and Doug Baldwin, and how they became a voice for African Americans facing injustices across the country.

On the field, the trio became household names at their respective positions for their contributions to Seattle's first title. Sherman joined cornerback Brandon Browner, safety Earl Thomas and safety Kam Chancellor in what would become known as the Legion of Boom - the league's best secondary. Baldwin emerged as a dynamic wideout threat in 2013, his third season in the league. Through Seattle's playoff run, the Stanford alum caught 13 passes for 202 yards and a touchdown in the Super Bowl. While with his disruptive work up front, Bennett helped Seattle become the league’s top-ranked defense. As good as the trio was on the field, they did even more important work off the field, becoming known for being vocal about their beliefs as Black men. At the height of their popularity, the group chose to use their platform to speak on three young Black men who were killed at various points in 2014 - amplifying the stories of injustice happening daily.

The untimely deaths of Eric Garner (July), Michael Brown (August) and Tamir Rice (November) at the hands of police rocked the globe, inspiring voices to demand change. CBS sat down with the group about choosing to speak out about the tragic deaths despite the backlash that came with it. Bennett discussed the importance of taking the conversations from the locker room to the people, and using their voices as black men to help bring justice for the voiceless.

"It's a story that you're compelled to tell," said Bennett. "And amplify voices, because that experience can one day be us. It can be our child. Stepping into our voice, when you think about that platform - it changes when you win the Super Bowl. You see everybody starting to understand what they can do with their voice."

Bennett recalls a team meeting as the deaths and viral instances of police brutality continued to go global via social media and news outlets.

"That was the longest team meeting I've ever been a part of," said Bennett. "We had to choose what we were going to do, and the conversation. And it got so emotional, I think I stormed out and came back in. That's when we started to realize the magnitude of who we were and who we are."

CBS looks back at the season that inspired the group to take their activism to new heights, going from speaking out at pressers to CNN. Eric Garner’s mother, Gwen Carr, became her son’s voice for justice after he was choked to death by police in Staten Island, New York for allegedly selling untaxed cigarettes. Carr discussed with CBS how gracious she was to see the Seahawks players keeping her son's name alive and fighting for justice.

"The impact that those players had on me," said Carr. "It warmed my heart. I was overwhelmed to know that they cared about my son's life."

Samaria Rice thanked the trio for using their platforms to tell the story of her 12-year-old son Tamir being gunned down by Cleveland Police for waving a toy gun.

"Doug Baldwin, Richard Sherman and Michael Bennett," said Rice. "Thank y'all for speaking up for my son. Thank y'all for speaking up for the voiceless, thank you for speaking about the injustice in this country. On behalf of black and brown people."

An inspired Baldwin reflects on hearing Rice's words.

"To hear Ms. Rice called me out specifically," said Baldwin. "That affirms that we were doing the right thing. But that's also re-motivating to continue to do the work to make sure that another Tamir Rice doesn't happen."

For as pivotal as the 2013 Seahawks were on the field - they will go down in history for using their voices to help others.

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CBS Sports highlights the work done by Super Bowl XLVIII-Champion Seahawks Doug Baldwin, Michael Bennett and Richard Sherman to highlight the injustices against African-Americans in America that helped to inform the world.

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