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Friday Round-Up: Pete Carroll Joins Seattle Sports 710AM To Talk Draft, Offseason & More

With rookie minicamp about to kick off, Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll discussed the upcoming season with Brock Huard and Mike Salk of Seattle Sports 710AM.


Good morning, 12s. Here's a look at what's out there today — Friday, May 12 — about your Seattle Seahawks.

Pete Carroll Joins The Brock & Salk Show To Talk Rookie Minicamp, Offseason Moves & More

With the NFL Draft and the bulk of free agency in the rearview mirror, the Seahawks look ahead to the upcoming 2023 season. As rookie minicamp gets underway this week, Seattle Coach Pete Carroll joined Seattle Sports 710AM co-hosts Brock Huard and Mike Salk on Thursday to discuss the year ahead.

Coming off a 2022 campaign that saw the Seahawks earn a trip to the playoffs, Seattle filled holes in free agency and the draft, and brought home fan-favorite linebacker Bobby Wagner. Carroll opened the show by discussing rookie minicamp and finding contributors in free agency.

"Knowing what we know about our class," said Carroll. "There are some free agency guys that I'm fired up about. I want to see how they can add to it. Those surprises that you get, is there a Doug Baldwin out there or Jermaine Kearse. One of those guys that comes out of that end of it, and makes a big imprint. Changes. Like a guy I love, Joey Blount last year, played a big factor for us when he was healthy. And also, are there a couple of guys in there that add to the class? So I'm wide open."

Pointing to Carroll's professional coaching tenure spanning more than five decades, Brock and Salk asked the Seahawks coach about his process in spotting a young leader.

"They'll show," said Carroll. "In their confidence that they exude. We'll start right off in the meetings. We'll have them introduce themselves and everything counts. And they're going to hear about that, everything they do is going to show us something in who they are and what they're all about. There's no one-way, but it'll be obvious for the guys that are really the ones. We're looking for guys that have something to prove. So it'll come out in their play, it'll come out in their effort. It'll come out in the questions that they ask - there's a million ways. This is such a live time for the coaching staff, we have to be so on the observing of what's going on. Listening, watching and all of that, so it's really cool."

"I'm anxious to see what happens at guard and center," said Carroll. "You know, that's a live competition now."

With interior additions in LSU guard Anthony Bradford and Michigan center Olu Oluwatimi through the draft, free-agent acquisition Evan Brown and Seattle's guards will have some competition in training camp.

"We got two guys coming in that could start, and that's possible," said Carroll. "We could see that happen, but they got a long ways to go to get that. They're going to have to battle guys. Really fired up about Evan Brown, he's looked really good for us in these early days of running our Phase 2 stuff, getting us going. Phil Haynes is ready to be a starter. He wants to own that spot, too."

With many questions surrounding Seattle's defensive look upfront in 2023, Carroll discussed scheme fits for players in the Seahawks defense.

"We have always been a 4-3 scheme that plays with 3-4 personnel," said Carroll. "That's the main thing. Instead of being a 4-3 down lineman we would like to have that fourth guy be an athlete that can really run and move. It's always been an intention to maintain that, to get as much speed on the field as possible. That's the overview of it. You can look at it right through the days at 'SC."

Carroll went further into his definition of what the fourth lineman looks like in his defensive scheme, pointing at outside linebackers like Cliff Avril and Chris Clemons that found success.

"Outside linebackers who can rush the passer," said Carroll. "Yes. Yes. All kinds. Bruce [Irvin]. Those are those types of guys. That's to maintain as much athleticism as you can get on the field."

Carroll maintains that Seattle didn't stray from that player in 2022, but rather implemented new wrinkles into the scheme.

"It didn't," said Carroll. "No, what changed last year was the influx of more coverage concepts that we used to do. That we just reinvented for us. There is a process to it that is in really good shape right now and I'm jacked about where we are now with putting that together. There was a time here where you watched us and we had evolved into a pretty simplistic way of playing. And we kicked butt with it. It worked out great and our players matched up and all that. Then I lost coaches on both sides of the ball and they took our scheme everywhere and people knew how to get after it because we had real intricacies about it that made it unique and all. So we've just continued to grow and adapt. You've got to keep getting better, you know? That's where we've changed."

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