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DK's Big Day, Boye Mafe's Growth & Other Observations From Day 7 Of Seahawks Training Camp

News, notes and observations from the seventh practice of Seahawks camp.

20230803 TC Practice

Day 7 of Seahawks training camp featured fans thrilled by the speed and skill put on display by the people in blue.

But enough about the Blue Angels, which performed overhead in preparation for Seafair Weekend. There was also a football practice going on at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center, Seattle's last before they have a mock game at Lumen Field on Friday evening.

20230803 TC Practice Blue Angels

"We've had seven really good days in prep for this mock game coming up tomorrow," Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said. "I'm pleased with the progress we've made in all areas, really.

"It'll be a nice little test, kind of like an exam early on… The situations, see how guys respond. Do they take to the coaching and learning and all, do they make good choices when they get their opportunity? We try to make a big deal out of it to them, that it's a big test and all of that, because I want them to feel some anxiety about it. There is a test that's involved in this game."

As for Thursday's action, here are five observations from practice No. 7 of Seahawks camp:

1. DK's Big Day.

DK Metcalf is one of the NFL's top receivers, so him having a good day in training camp hardly qualifies as breaking news, but even though it's normal for Metcalf to shine on the practice field and gameday alike, Thursday's practice was a particularly good one. Metcalf had several catches, ranging from deep receptions to short passes that featured some impressive footwork and route-running, and found the end zone multiple times. Metcalf's first score came in a scramble drill play on which Geno Smith bought a little time with his legs, then fired a strike over the middle to Metcalf, who caught it in stride before outrunning cornerback Coby Bryant to the end zone.

Later in a red-zone drill, Metcalf got past Michael Jackson, with whom he has been having some great battles throughout camp, and caught a perfectly-thrown ball from Smith in the back of the end zone.

2. Boye Mafe's Year 2 growth is noticeable.

While players were not in pads Thursday, giving them a lighter day ahead of the mock game, they did practice in pads on Monday and Tuesday. Those padded practices represent the best chance for players in the trenches to show what they can do, and one of the standouts over the past few practices has been second-year outside linebacker Boye Mafe, who seems to find his way into the backfield for a sack or tackle for loss at least once or twice a practice.

"Mafe appears to be the most improved guy from last year," Carroll said. "It's really early, but he has shown so many bright moments out here, run and pass. If you talk to Boye, he'll tell you, the difference between where his mind is right now compared to last year, he can't even imagine how he played last year. He felt like he knew so little compared to what he's aware of now. That's the sophomore jump we talk about, he has really made it. So I'm hoping we're going to continue, and right now he's battling to be one of the featured rushers as well as being a featured guy on early downs too. He's doing great."

3. Zach Charbonnet's absence was a brief one.

On Sunday, when Carroll discussed rookie running back Zach Charbonnet's absence from camp, the update sounded somewhat ominous, but as it turned out, Charbonnet wasn't out long, returning to practice on Thursday. Carroll joked, 'So now we know what the definition of indefinitely is, right?' Then said Charbonnet's shoulder checked out fine with all the tests that were performed. Carroll also added that Charbonnet should play in Friday's mock game.

"Charbonnet got back today, which was really cool to see," Carroll said. "We're really happy about that."

4. Myles Adams continues to make plays in the backfield.

Myles Adams first joined the Seahawks late in the 2020 season as a member of the practice squad, and has stuck around for the past two seasons, spending most of 2021 on the practice squad before making the 53-man roster last year. Heading into his third full season with the Seahawks, Myles is in position to earn a significant role in the defensive line rotation, particularly with nose tackle Bryan Mone still on the PUP list with a knee injury. Adams has had a strong camp, highlighted by a couple of big plays on Thursday, including a sack on which he beat rookie Anthony Bradford, and a run stuff in the backfield.

"Terrific consistency," Carroll said of Adams. "He's been an every-day guy. He doesn't miss anything, he always works, always gives great effort, a really smart kid. He's been a really good team guy for us, and has continued to show that in this camp."

5. Injury Updates.

While Charbonnet was back in action, another running back was still sidelined, as second-year back Kenneth Walker III continues to sit with a groin injury.

"For a running back that's got to sprint and do the things that he does, we just have to make sure that it goes away before we get him back out," Carroll said. "It's not a serious injury, it didn't show a ton on the MRI, but we've got to take care of him. This is the kind of thing that you would worry about it being a nagging type of injury, and we don't want that to happen , so we're being overcautious this early in camp."

Also out was outside linebacker Darrell Taylor, who has a sprained shoulder.

"He sprained his shoulder," Carroll said. "We've got to wait and figure out how long it's going to take. It will not require surgery, we've just got to see how he responds. He felt way better today than he did yesterday."

Asked about the players on the physically unable to perform list, a group that includes safety Jamal Adams, cornerback Riq Woolen and linebacker Jordyn Brooks, Carroll said, "All of our PUP guys are making really positive progress. There has not been any kind of a setback at all for any of the guys. It's just a matter of when they can maintain a really high level speed-wise and explosion-wise over a long period of time before we cut them loose. They're OK, they're healed now, that's not the question. Now it's really getting them into football shape and guaranteeing that before we put them out there… Those guys are healed, it's about conditioning, it's about football conditioning. It's not just, 'I'm in shape, I can run.' That's not enough. We've got to get them out here where they can endure the rigors of a practice before we ever put them on the field."

Seahawks players geared up for practice on a sunny Thursday afternoon at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

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