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Before The Noise: Season 1, Episode 5

Take a look into how the team has begun growing together and establishing the foundation of the team during the offseason.


The Seahawks are excited to bring you Episode 5, the final episode, of the five-part series called 'Before the Noise.' The series is the prequel to the season-long docuseries ‘The Sound.’

In Episode 4 of 'Before the Noise,' fans heard from Brady Henderson of, Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times and John Boyle of all shared their experiences for what this offseason has been like this year and what is different than past seasons.

The final episode of this series, hear from head coach Mike Macdonald and players during their mandatory minicamp before they prepare for training camp and preseason in July.

Beginning earlier in the year after Macdonald was hired, the staff was hard at work preparing for the offseason and essentially the season as a whole.

"The goal of the whole offseason is really to just establish our foundation," Macdonald said.

And in this episode, the players and Macdonald explain the foundation that they are trying to create.

"You look at championship teams, throughout any sport, and most of them are player run," Macdonald said. "I think if we can communicate the standard and all buy in and guys start pushing that and holding each other accountable of what we expect on the field and locker room as a team then I think's when you're really cooking with gas. And we're not there yet, but I think we're on our way."

This was the final installment of 'Before the Noise' for this offseason. 12s can check out to watch all five episodes to grasp a better understanding of all the hard work, dedication and long hours that go into building the Seahawks.

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