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10 Questions with Zerick Rollins

 Zerick Rollins, 32, is in his seventh season with the Seahawks, his only job as a coach in the NFL.


Zerick Rollins, 32, is in his seventh season with the Seahawks, his only job as a coach in the NFL. He began his career as a graduate assistant at his alma mater Texas A&M in 1998 - the first two seasons on the defensive line and the last season with the safeties. Rollins was a two-year starter at defensive end, and was given the Academic Achievement award his senior year when the Aggies won the Big 12 South Division title. His undergraduate degree was in economics and received a scholarship that he turned into a Master's Degree in Educational Administration. He was hired by the Seahawks from A&M in 2001 as a defensive assistant, was the defensive line/quality control assistant from 2002-2005, picking up the linebackers during the 2005 when John Marshall moved to defensive coordinator, and he has been the linebackers coach ever since. A native of Houston, who attended the same high school as former Seahawks defensive end Jacob Green, Rollins and his wife Chandra have three children – daughters Zeriah and Zenae, plus a son, Zachary.

The following 10 questions asked of Rollins were all answered with a big smile and occasional laughter, which led the inquisitor to wonder if he was just having fun, or perhaps putting us all on. Actually we knew better, since he's always been fun to talk to about football.

Do you have a defining moment in football?

The biggest highlight had to be winning the NFC Championship game in 2005. Winning that game gave me a great feeling for everybody. All the work we put into it and having a great young group of linebackers who really performed well was a great experience for any coach to have.

What was your defining moment out of football?

Marrying my wife and then having my kids – we've been very lucky together.

Who was your role model?

I have three older brothers who were all great role models for me – Joseph, Leonard and Dwayne. I'm the youngest and I learned everything from them.

If you weren't a head coach in the NFL, what would you be doing?

Coming out of high school I always wanted to work at a big corporation. I don't know what I'd be doing there, but I wanted to work for some company like Coca Cola – somewhere in big business.

What was the last movie you saw?

The Fantastic Four – I really enjoyed it.

What was the last non-football sporting event you attended?

The circus came to town about a month ago, so I took the wife and kids, and we had a great time.

What was the last non-sports TV show you watched?

I watched the (soap opera) Young and the Restless with my wife.

What is your favorite meal?



What's your favorite hobby outside of sports?

I love to read and I'm a bad golfer. I'm a big reader of non-fiction.

Who are the other three people in your dream golf foursome?

Playing with Tiger Woods, Martin Luther King and my father Leonard would be a great combination.

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