Seattle Seahawks Season Ticket Holder Frequently Asked Questions

Season Ticket Holder Frequently Asked Questions

Season Ticket Renewal

When will season ticket renewal begin?

Season ticket renewal takes place starting in March every year. A minimum 25% initial renewal deposit is due to secure your season tickets, with the full balance due a few months later. Specific dates will be communicated ahead of time each year.

For 2021, the renewal deadline was on April 8th. Full payment for season tickets is due July 15th. 

How are Season Ticket Holders notified about when renewal begins?

All season ticket holders are notified by email when renewal begins. A renewal invoice is uploaded to your Seahawks Account Manager to review and make payment.

How do I renew my season tickets?

During the dedicated renewal period, you can renew your tickets online through Seahawks Account Manager or by contacting your Account Representative. A minimum 25% initial renewal deposit is due to secure your season tickets.

Are payment plans available for my season tickets?

Yes, we offer a variety of payment plans to spread out your payment including 2-part and 4-part plans. All available payment plans will be communicated during the dedicated renewal period.

Can I add season tickets to my account?

Due to our season ticket capacity and wait list, we don't currently have availability to add seats outside of our Blue Pride Wait List. If you are interested in adding seats in the future please visit our website to join the Blue Pride Notification List. Charter Seats, Field Seats and Suites do not require a wait list position. Please feel free to contact us if you'd like more information on any of these seating options.

General Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I access and manage my season tickets?

A. Your season tickets are mobile! You can view, transfer, or sell mobile tickets through the Seahawks Mobile App. Be sure to log into your account on the Seahawks Mobile App for convenient access to your tickets on gameday. Additionally, you can transfer or sell your tickets through Seahawks Account Manager via your mobile browser or on a desktop computer. Visit our Mobile Ticket Guide for full tutorials and step-by-step instructions.

Q. Can I print my ticket from home, or get a season ticket card instead?

A. No, we have eliminated PDF paper tickets and season ticket cards as we complete our transition to fully mobile tickets. All tickets are mobile and accessible via your smartphone or mobile device. Screenshots are not accepted due to the rotating barcode technology.

Q. How do I transfer my tickets?

A. Tickets will be available to transfer following the July 15th final season ticket payment date. Tickets can be transferred digitally through your Account Manager by selecting the desired game and then selecting "Transfer" in the top right-hand corner. You will input the recipient's name and email to complete the transfer. View the full step-by-step instructions on how to manage your tickets.

Q. How does my guest accept my ticket transfer?

A. When you send your tickets, your recipient will receive an email or text message asking them to accept the tickets. Your recipient will follow the steps from their email or text message to sign in or create a Seahawks account and accept their tickets. Once they have successfully accepted the tickets the recipient will need to download the Seahawks Mobile App to their phone and sign into their account by selecting "Mobile Tickets". On your Seahawks Account Manager, you can see if the offer is still pending or has been claimed by the recipient. View the full step-by-step instructions on how to accept tickets.

Q. How can I buy single game tickets for the upcoming season?

A. Single game tickets are available now! Visit our Single Game Tickets page for more information and to purchase.

Additionally, the Seahawks will host an online public on-sale event with 1,400 single-game tickets per home game available for $75 each. The Seahawks will sell half of those tickets during the public online event, where fans may purchase a maximum of four tickets per person. The remaining tickets will be made available online to members of the Blue Pride Wait List. Additional information will be announced later this summer. 

Q. Can I purchase away game tickets through the Seahawks organization?

A. The Seahawks receive a small number of tickets through our visiting team allotment. Tickets are typically located in the upper level of opposing team stadiums. For more information or availability please contact your Account Representative directly. You can also visit the host team website for more information on their single game tickets, visit for seats on the secondary market, or for travel packages.

Q. How do I find out who my Account Representative is?

A. Please feel free to call us at 888-NFL-HAWK and we'd be happy to introduce and connect you to your rep. Contact information for all of our Account Representatives can be found online.

Q. How long is the current wait for additional season tickets on Blue Pride?

A. We are currently at capacity with 12,000 membership deposits. The wait time will strictly depend on ticket availability and renewal rates. Please note that it will take multiple years for us to fulfill all current membership requests for season tickets. To be added to our Blue Pride Notification list to be notified when deposits become available, visit our website.

Q. Where's my Pro Shop Discount Card?

A. Your Pro Shop Discount Card can be accessed through the Seahawks Mobile App on your phone. Log on to the Seahawks App and select "Pro Shop Discount Card" from the menu to claim or transfer your discount card to a seat partner.

Cashless FAQ

Can I use cash at Lumen Field?

Concessions, retail purchases and parking payments will only be accepted on credit, debit or prepaid cards to speed up transaction times and improve efficiency throughout the stadium. 

Which cards are accepted?

All major credit cards are accepted, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

What if I bring cash to the game?

For fans who don't have a debit or credit cards, there are 10 cash-to-card kiosks in the stadium. They convert any amount of cash to a prepaid card that can be used anywhere in the stadium. Kiosks are free to use.

Where are the cash to card kiosks located?

Field Plaza (Sections 138 & 131), Main Concourse (Sections 103 & 119), Club Level (Sections 213 & 231), Upper Level (Sections 304, 330, & 340), Lumen Field Event Center/WAMU Theater.