Season Ticket Holder Frequently Asked Questions

Season Ticket Holder Frequently Asked Questions

Seat Relocation Guide

How are the appointment times determined?

Requests to participate in the Seat Relocation Process are accepted prior to the March 15th renewal deadline. Appointment times are scheduled based on your season ticket holder tenure. We will reach out via email with your dedicated appointment time in mid-late April.

Do I have to pay in full in order to relocate my seats?

No, but you will need to sign up for one of our online payment plans so that your account is paid in full by the May 31st deadline. If you relocate to seats at a higher price level, payment to catch up to 50% on your payment plan will be due at time of relocation.

How do I relocate my seats to sit with friends and family?

Seats on different accounts may be relocated together at the later relocation appointment window of the two accounts. Please contact your Account Representative or call 888-NFL-HAWK for assistance. If you and the other accounts in your party have the same appointment time, you can simply select seats at the same time using the interactive seating map.

What if I miss my appointment window?

Ticket holders can still contact our office to inquire about available seating options, even after your window closes.

Can I add seats using this process?

Unfortunately not. This process is for seat relocation only. If you are interested in adding seats in the future, please contact our office at 888-NFL-HAWK or visit our website to join the Blue Pride Notification List.

Can I move to a different price level?

Yes, your payment plan will adjust to the new price level at the completion of the seat relocation process. Keep in mind that some price levels may be sold out and not available.

After I've completed the relocation process, can I change my mind and get my old seats back?

Once at the "Review Your Upgrade" screen, you are able to either accept your newly selected seats or keep your current seats and go back to look at more options. Once you have accepted the new seats, your old seats may no longer be available. You can contact our office at (888) NFL-HAWK to check on available locations.

Can I relocate my seats more than once?

The interactive seating map allows you to relocate your seats one time. If you change your mind after your selection please feel free to give our office a call at 888-NFL-HAWK to discuss any alternate options.

Can I use my mobile device to relocate via the interactive seating map?

Yes, if you are using a mobile device you will need to log into Account Manager using your internet browser and select the “Full Site” option. This option will take allow you to select the “Upgrade Now” box and advance to the interactive seating map.

I have multiple sets of season tickets but only want to move one set. Can I just relocate one set?

Yes. At the "Select Seats to Upgrade" screen, simply select the seats that you want to relocate. If you would like to relocate multiple seat locations, they will need to be done one location at a time.

After reviewing the options, I decided not to relocate. How do I keep my same seats?

No action is required to select your same seats. If you don’t find a desired seating location using our interactive map, simply exit the browser and your same seats will remain secure.

Is there a processing fee for relocating my seats?

Yes. A $5 fee will be assessed at the time of relocation.

Can I relocate my seats to a location that has more seats than I need?

Yes, you can relocate your seats into a location that exceeds how many seats you currently own as long as it does not leave a single seat open. For example, if you have four seats, you can move into a location that has six seats available but not a location with five seats as that would leave a single seat open.

General Frequently Asked Questions

How do I print my tickets?

Tickets may not be printed as we no longer offer print-at-home PDFs. Tickets can be easily via mobile accessed through the Seahawks Mobile App or Account Manager on your phone.

How do I transfer my tickets?

Tickets can be transferred through you Account Manager by selecting the desired game and then selecting “Transfer” in the top right hand corner. You will then need in input the recipient’s name and email to complete the transfer.

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How do I know that my transfer has successfully processed?

Once you’ve successfully transferred your ticket(s), the recipient should receive an email asking them to accept the tickets. On your Account Manager you can see if the offer is still pending or has been claimed by the recipient.

Once my guest receives their tickets, how do they access them?

Upon receiving the transfer email from you, the recipient will need to click “Accept Tickets” within the email. They will then be prompted to sign in or create a new Seahawks account. Please note, they are signing in to a Seahawks account not a Ticketmaster account. Once they have successfully accepted the tickets the recipient will need to download the Seahawks Mobile App to their phone and sign into their account by selecting “Mobile Tickets”.

Where can I find my resale credit on Account Manager?

You can track your NFL Ticket Exchange earnings through your Account Manager by clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner and then selecting “Account Settings”. Select “View NFL Ticket Exchange Balance” to review your resale history.

How do I purchase sideline passes or other gameday experiences?

Gameday Experiences can be purchased through the Seahawks Mobile App or Mobile Website.

Mobile App

1.    Open, update or download the Seahawks Mobile App

2.    Go to the "More" section located on the bottom panel

3.    Click "Purchase Experiences" and begin to input your information.

Mobile Website

Navigate to and register with email and phone number.

How can I buy single game tickets for the upcoming season?

Single game tickets will go on sale via shortly following the NFL Schedule Release in April. We will also make 3,400 affordably priced tickets per game available at the CenturyLink Field Box Office in July. A date and additional details will be announced this summer.

Can I purchase away game tickets through the Seahawks organization?

No, the Ticketing Department does not manage or sell away game tickets. We encourage you to contact the host organization for more information on their single game tickets, visit for seats on the secondary market, or for travel packages.

How do I find out who my Account Representative is?

You can find your Account Representative through Account Manager by clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner and then selecting “Account Settings”. Select “Contact Us” in the top right-hand corner to find your Account Representatives name, phone number, and to send a message.

How long is the current wait on Blue Pride?

We are currently at capacity with 12,000 membership deposits. The wait time will strictly depend on ticket availability. Please note that it will take multiple years for us to fulfill all current membership requests for season tickets. To be added to our Blue Pride Notification list to be notified when deposits become available, visit our website.

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Where’s my Pro Shop Discount Card?

Your Pro Shop Discount Card can now be accessed through the Seattle Seahawks Mobile App on your phone. Log on to the Seahawks App and select “Pro Shop Discount Card” to login and claim or transfer your discount card.

How can I register to attend Seahawks Training Camp?

Seahawks will host Training Camp in late July through early August. Specific practice dates and registration information will be available at the end of June and communicated to Season Ticket Holders by email.