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Young Seahawks Fan Pulls Loose Tooth By Tossing Football

A 5-year-old Seahawks fan yanked his tooth loose in unique fashion during this past Sunday's divisional round playoff game against the Carolina Panthers.


With the Seahawks trailing 31-0 at halftime of this past Sunday's divisional round playoff game against the Carolina Panthers, the Devereaux family wanted to add "some excitement to a tough first half."

The excitement came in the form of Leo Devereaux, age five, ridding himself of a loose tooth by doing his best imitation of Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson.

Leo's father, Jim Devereaux, posted a video to his Facebook page detailing the halftime entertainment. The short clip shows Devereaux, who was wearing a '12' jersey, handing a football to his son, who was dressed in Wilson's No. 3. The football had a string tied around it, with Leo's tooth tied to the other end. 

"To to add some excitement to a tough first half, Seahawks vs. Panthers, we decided to do a tooth extraction- 12th Man Dentistry, Russell Wilson style," Devereaux captioned with the video. 

Leo took the football from his father, raised his right arm back, and fired a strike toward his dad. His attempt was a success, as Leo's tooth was heard hitting the living room floor.

"Best play of the whole game!" said Laurie, Leo's mother, who was filming the tooth's uprooting. "Good job, kid!"

Wilson himself even caught wind of Leo's effort, posting a tweet about the Devereaux's video on Thursday afternoon. 

"#3 is ruthless and toothless," Wilson wrote.

And according to a story, the tooth fairy paid Leo a visit later that night.

"She left $2 for that one because it was a pretty good stunt," Devereaux said. "She was generous. It's all downhill from here."

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