What The Seattle Seahawks Are Saying After Their 26-6 Win Over The Detroit Lions

Watch and listen in to what Seahawks players had to say following the team's Wild Card victory over the Lions on Saturday.

Watch and listen in to what the Seattle Seahawks had to say following the team's 26-6 win over the Detroit Lions at CenturyLink Field on Saturday.


DeShawn Shead: "Once you're stopping them on third down, you're getting the offense back on the field and giving them an opportunity to score. I think that was a big jump that we did today."

Marcel Reece: "[Thomas] Rawls has an amazing feel for the game and we know once we get him going early there's no stopping him. Even if the [offensive] line has a bad play, someone falls down or I have a bad play, [Thomas] Rawls is going to make something out of nothing. It's special and it's a privilege to have a [running] back like that."

Doug Baldwin on Paul Richardson's one-handed TD catch: "When he came up with it, I just looked around and couldn't believe it. But we've seen that from Paul. But for him to have that success in a playoff game with so many implications. Then with a guy draped all over him and pass interference, that was an unbelievable catch by him."  

Russell Wilson: "Tonight, the offensive line, you have to give kudos to those guys. They've done an unbelievable job tonight aginast a very good job defensive front. We were physical."

Thomas Rawls: "Offensively, defensively, and even in the kicking game. We had our identity. We wanted to run the ball, we wanted to do it on the ground, we wanted to maintain our identity and stay true. That's exactly what we did."






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