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What The Seattle Seahawks Are Saying About The Atlanta Falcons

Check out what the Seahawks are saying about the Falcons before the two teams meet in the Divisional Round of the playoffs at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

Gearing up for our playoff game against the Falcons on Saturday, here's a look at our Divisional Round matchups through the years.

Check out what the Seahawks are saying about the Falcons before the two teams meet in the Divisional Round of the playoffs at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

Head Coach Pete Carroll

(On this week's game in Atlanta...) "Pretty exciting time. Looking forward to the preparation. This is one that's a very interesting preparation obviously, because we know a lot about these guys and they know a lot about us, so it's a real battle for the coaches all week long putting together the plans and try to figure out the best stuff to do. They're doing exactly the same so it's really fun in that regard. We're feeling really healthy going in, a couple guys still in question but basically we're in pretty good shape. Looking forward to a great week."

(On the challenges the Falcons offense presents...) "They're good at everything on offense. They run the ball well, they're aggressive with their run game and it's a diverse run game. Both running backs bring style and they both bring catch and run. They have 85 catches between the two of them. They have a tremendously experienced quarterback that there's nothing that phases him. You can't fool him, you just have to try to out execute him. They've got big play guys, they're loaded. I think Kyle [Shanahan] does an incredibly good job with his offense and I've always thought that, since he was first coordinator years ago, way back when. He's always had a great sense for how he mixes stuff and how he utilizes personnel, how he analyzes defense. He's really an exceptional coordinator and that scheme goes along with all the other great tools that they have. Obviously they're communicating at a very high level, coach to player, and their ability to execute as well. They give you all the problems that anybody could give you."

(On Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan...)"His accuracy is phenomenal. It really is phenomenal.You don't ever have a guy really covered, when he's throwing it and particularly when it's [Mohamed] Sanu and Julio [Jones], those guys are apt to make the play when the ball is thrown. He puts it in all of the right spots and he's fantastic at it, and in difficult body positons, too. Falling away and having to move and that kind of stuff, he just does all of that and still finds a way to put the ball right on the money. 70 percent completion or something like that, 69.9."

(On how they defended Julio Jones last time they played them...) "We made a couple mistakes in that game that were really uncharacteristic. There were a couple issues that happened that we have to eliminate. If we do that again it will be easy for them. We made it pretty easy. He's a great player, he's going to make his plays. We're not going to keep him from catching the football. We just have to try to keep him from controlling the game."

Linebacker Bobby Wagner

(On the Falcons run game...)"They're up there. I feel like they don't do all the crazy pull one way, run this way type of things. They have a different style of formations of runs throughout the whole thing, you just have to be keyed into it. For every run they have a boot or play action that compliments their run game. You really have to be on the tendencies."

(On what stands out about Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan...) "His accuracy. He's throwing really good, he's very accurate, he's really good with the play action on the boots. I think there's he's more mobile than people give him credit. He's not going to run it but he'll get out there. He's able to make those throws on the move. Just being able to move around and make those throws with accuracy is what stuck out to me."

(On what brought success in their meeting this season against Atlanta...)"We just attacked it. We just attacked downhill. I like playing games against fullbacks. It's like old school football. They're going to run right at you and see who can last longer. I felt like the week of preparation, that week of focus that week was amazing, we did a pretty good job other than the blown coverages. I feel if we can approach the game the same way we approached that game we'll be fine."

Offensive Coordinator Darrell Bevell

(On Falcons linebacker Vic Beasley...) "He's better, he's come a long way since the last time we played him. He's a more volatile player and he's got great rushes. He plays with great energy, he finishes, so it's going to be a big challenge to make sure that we take care of him, that we don't allow him to direct plays for us."

Defensive Coordinator Kris Richard

(On Falcons running backs Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman...) "They're good backs, there's no doubt. Both of them are really good receivers out of the backfield, first and foremost. So you have to absolutely know where they are on the field at all times. They can empty out of the backfield, run good routes, they have really good hands, both of them have really good vision, good speed, they're elusive and they do well running after contact. You're talking about a bunch of guys that run with attitude, that are essentially the full package type back."

(On how the Seahawks defense slows down Matt Ryan...) "You put him on the ground."

(On how much Richard Sherman will be covering Julio Jones...)"It's tempting, but we're not too sure. We want to make sure we stay locked in. Obviously it's still a great matchup, there's no doubt about it, but we want to just go out there and do what we're accustomed of doing."

Quarterback Russell Wilson 

(On the Falcons young defense now versus last time they played them...)"They don't look different. They played pretty good the first time. Their defense, they just have that much more experience. They're super disciplined, Coach Dan Quinn is one of the best coaches in the National Football League, he knows how to coach those guys up really well. Those guys are flying around. Those guys don't look like rookies, that's for sure, or second year players. They're going to be a great football team for a long time."

(On if knowledge of Dan Quinn's system plays a true factor or if it's overrated...) "It's always about guys making plays. Anytime you have knowledge and fully understand something, it makes it simple. I think for us, we just have to understand it and just play one play at a time. Understand what they're trying to do, understand what they may try to do, and capitalize on that."

Wide Receiver Doug Baldwin

(On how they got in that 20-0 hole at halftime last time in the playoffs in Atlanta...) "I don't know, specifically I don't know that answer to that question. Part of it might be we were caught up in the moment, we we're caught up in the situation. Being in Atlanta, the first playoff game it's okay it's just another game now there implications, if we win this we could go and get to the NFC championship game and possibly go to the Super Bowl there's so many thoughts that go into that. I'm not saying that that's right but its human nature. In that moment I think we kind of got hit in the face. With all those thoughts that we shouldn't have been having. Instead of just playing football, playing the game that we love. Once we recovered from that, we were able to do that and just play football."

Defensive End Michael Bennett

(On Dan Quinn getting him to come to Seattle...)"Me and Dan go way back, he was one of the main people who brought me to Seattle in the first place. We just have a really good relationship, I kept in contact with him when he was in Florida, always going over my pass rush and going over different things that I can develop as a player and be a better player. I got the chance when he called me, of course Pete [Carroll] called me but I didn't know who Pete Carroll was, but Dan called me first and was like, 'You should come down here, I think we have something good we just need an inside rusher.' I was like, okay, so I just came out here." 

(On what makes Dan Quinn a good coach...)"He's a players coach. He understands how to put people in the right positon to be a great player. I think when you can do that, Pete [Carroll] does a great job of that, you can put people in the position where they can be great, they can do great things on the field for you. You see young guys, guys out there that were okay players, now I see them out there in Atlanta and they are out there balling. He embodies a hardnosed type of coach, and he expects a lot, but at the same time he has that relationship with his players where players can come and talk to him."

(On Dan Quinn's talent with defensive linemen...)"He understands pass rushing, he understands what a person's body is capable of doing. He demands it of you and he's one of those guys when you're a young player that you study and work on your craft. It's a daily journey when you work on your craft for him, and I think he knows how to develop lineman. He's done a great job, you see Vic Beasley jumping from 4.5 sacks to leading the NFL in sacks in just one year, after getting a summer under his belt. He's just a good guy who can develop defensive linemen."

(On if he prefers to go against tough offenses like the Falcons...) "I prefer to play against a terrible team because it makes the game a lot easier [laughing]. But at the same time, being an athlete, you want to compete and you're going against a team that's full of greatness. You think about Julio Jones, one of the greatest receivers in the game right now, I'm pretty sure he'll be in the Hall of Fame. You look at Devonta Freeman, this guy is just awesome. He can catch the ball off the backfield, he can do so many great things. Then you say, what about the second string running back, they got [Tevin] Coleman, he can break a big run at any time. Then you say okay what about the quarterback, MVP. They have so many great players, it makes the game very interesting and it also makes it a great challenge. It's one of those things where number one meets number one, and it makes it really good."


The Seahawks and Falcons have battled 16 times, including playoffs, since 1976, with Seattle owning 10 victories. The two teams meet again this Saturday in the Divisional Round of the playoffs at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

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