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What The Seahawks Said Following Their Win Against Arizona

Take a look at what the Seahawks said following their meeting in Week 4 against the Cardinals.


Opening Statement: "This was a heck of a football game. It was a bitter-sweet ball game because of the guys who got banged up today. It was a terrific match up with the Cardinals and everybody battled right down to the last second. Fortunately, (Sebastian Janikowski) was able to kick another 50-yarder and win the game. We're feeling for Earl (Thomas), we're feeling for Will Dissly. Both of those guys got banged up today. There's nothing we can do but send love to them and build them up and all that. The bitter-sweet is so obvious. That's how we're feeling about it. This was a really interesting job for us today, to play like that on offense and not convert a third down all day. We ran the ball for over 170 yards which is fantastic. Mike Davis ran like crazy. He gave us a great effort today when Chris (Carson) couldn't go. Rashaad (Penny) helped out as well. It was the kind of style we like. I know everybody likes big margins, but that's playing offense, defense and special teams all game long and giving yourself a chance to win on the last play of the game and we did. That's how it goes sometimes, and I have no problem with that. We have to clean up third down though, that's for sure. All the way across the board. We came up short on two or three of our third downs because of a penalty or we were just short of the sticks and it made a big difference in the game. To out-clock them in a game like this – I don't even know how we were able to when we didn't convert a third down, but we were able to. I'm real fired up for the guys and real fired up to get this win at the end of the game to teach the guys that have not been with us about coming through. The two-minute drive was beautifully executed. Using the clock, (Russell Wilson) using the running game and mixing it up to get us down there in seven plays and thirty-something yards to put 'Seabass' in the 50's. You get him into the 50's, you've got a great chance now. Unfortunately, we missed a couple kicks early and it made this one a little dramatic at the end. He came through when we needed him the most. I thought one of the great plays in the game was when Tre Flowers pulled the ball out forcing a turnover. We weren't able to take advantage of that, but that's something we were really proud of. To be plus one on the day, we know when we're plus, we win. The numbers are just extraordinary how we do that. That's what it takes. It really means the offense didn't turn the ball over today. It was a fantastic effort from those guys and that's a couple weeks in a row. We sure love that. Bitter-sweet day."

On FS Earl Thomas' injury: "I don't know. Lower leg…fracture. I'll give you that."

On his emotions toward the end of the game: "I've been through a lot of games. Coach Grant told me a long time ago that we should get a chance to win on the last play of the game. We had done that. We missed so many opportunities in the game that it had to come down to that drama. Fortunately, we have a guy that's been there more than anybody in history and he came through for us. It was because of what had also occurred to the other guys. I was already emotionally messed up because of that. I don't know what I was doing when you saw me at the end, but I was already kind of half-wrecked because of the guys getting hurt."

On RB Mike Davis' performance: "He played a great football game. I mean he played a great football game. He was so competitive, elusive, and tough. They are hawking the football and he wouldn't give it up. He played a great football game. He found out when we were at the stadium that he would get the chance to start. We talked about wanting him to start because he had more background and experience then putting Rashaad (Penny) out there without any warning at all, but knowing Rashaad would play. Mike (Davis) just came through beautifully. Our guys really believe in this guy because of all of the work that he has done since he has been here. He has gotten so tough and so aggressive and so competitive. He is right at the heart of the kind of guy we like having on our club. For him to come through in a big way was great."

On the offensive line's impact on the running game: "These guys up front did a terrific job today. There are some teams that have a hard time running on these guys. To put up a 170 (yards) is awesome. That is right where we want to get to. We can play off of that, we can fit off of that. We can put our team together off of that. It is the closing of the circle that we talked about; special teams, defense, and running the football. I am really fired up for where we are the last two weeks."

On executing on the final drive with no timeouts: "Unfortunately, we messed up our timeouts early in the game. What I can tell you is these are situations we have worked numerous times on. Tell Russell (Wilson) you have no timeouts, here you go with 1:50 left to go. That is plenty of time for us to move down the field. That is why I was really happy that we were able to mix the run and the pass to get it done. Mike (Davis) had a couple terrific runs in there to do that for us."

On RB Chris Carson working out before the game, but not playing: "He just couldn't quite get right. Once he felt it in the middle of the week, we took it easy on him in hopes that he would be okay on game day. He was really close, but just not right. C.J. (Prosise) had bounced back for us as well, so it just wasn't the right thing to put him out there. Next week he should be okay, we will keep our fingers crossed on that."


On this being the second year in a row that the Seahawks have had to rally after a major injury at Arizona: "Sometimes I think we, as players, as fans, as people who just love sports, or just watch the game occasionally, I think that sometimes forget that this is our livelihood. This is something that we wake up, ever since--I remember when I was four years old throwing the football with my Dad. He had a San Diego Chargers football. He caught it against the 49ers. Those are the things that you dream about. The thing about this game is that you hope to play it forever, but it is never forever and you never know when injuries are going to happen or when just the game is over or whatever it may be. I do believe for Earl, it's not over though. I do believe that he'll come back stronger than ever, but that's the unfortunate part about this game, but it's part of the process I guess. I think that in terms of your question specifically, I think that the thing that we did really, really well tonight was that we rallied together. We played pretty well early on and got off a little bit and kept battling back and forth. It's always a tough game against Arizona. It's always a challenge for sure and it's always been that way, but we were able to stay the course. To be able to move the ball down the field the last drive of the game with not much time left, do our process the right way and execute at a high, high level and sure enough, give one of the best kickers ever to play the game a chance again. We believe in him and he did a great job of making the field goal."

On the team's mindset in the final drive: "For us, any time there's time on the clock, we believe there's a chance. We've done it so many times before. There's never a doubt. We got the ball back and we just moved right down the field and made our plays. Guys made great plays and we just stayed on it. The offensive line did a tremendous job of blocking things up and giving me enough time to make some throws. We did some great runs and mixed it up a little bit there. We practice it so often and so many times and we've done it so many times successfully that we believe that every time we're going to do it, it's going to be the next best moment. We believe that. Just to knock in the game winning field goal with (Sebastian) Janikowski there, it gives you a view to believe in. It's a long journey. You continue to believe and those moments are great moments. To be a great team, we have a lot more to do, but to be a great team, you have to have moments like that. You have to be able to fight through adversity and moments and be able to overcome, some way, somehow and we were able to do that tonight."

On whether he agrees with Head Coach Pete Carroll that the injuries the Seahawks suffered played into the team's emotions after the game: "I would say maybe partially. I think that to lose a guy like (Will) Dissly. A guy who has just made so many great plays as a rookie. He could be a Rookie of the Year-type player and just has done so many special things. He's worked so hard and has come in at the highest level professionally and done a tremendous job coming from the University of Washington right to us in Seattle. He's just done so many great things. Whenever you lose a guy like Earl who has been such a critical part of the journey over the past seven years, he's meant so much. I think that's why we love each other so much because we know what it's about. We get to go to work every day. Imagine waking up with your family every day. That's what we do and just being around each other. So, that's how we view each other. To be able to win the game, obviously Janikowski, like I said one of the best kickers of all time, had a little bit of trouble early, but there was no doubt that he was going to be able to win the game. It's in his blood and he's done it so many times and you can't doubt in those moments."

On how much it helps him that the Seahawks have run the ball physically the last couple weeks: "We were able to run the ball really well. I think that today, we were able to get in the endzone. Mike Davis stepped up in a huge, huge way. He was the star of the game, I think, just making so many plays. He's an explosive player. He works the right way. He's a professional, he comes in ready. Just always learning, always ready to make plays. He's done that so many times. That was huge for us. I thought (Rashaad) Penny made some good runs too when he got a chance to. That was great to see. You've got to give a tribute to the offensive line. They were blocking their tails off and they were physical as can be. Just to see those guys do what they can do best was pretty cool."

On whether his run block was the best run block of the day: "I'll do whatever it takes. At the end of the day, it's all about winning."

On how much fun it was to block during that run play: "I've made a couple blocks in my time. Any time a guy gets into the end zone on something like that, it's always great."

On the team's lack of third down conversions: "We had a couple third-and-long's we almost got, but we had three to four third downs that we were just short of getting them. They did a good job, but we got a lot of first downs. We made our plays when we needed to. Like I said, this game's always a battle. NFC West game is always a challenge, but we have no doubt in what we're doing and how to do it."

On being 2-2 in the season's first month before next week's game against the Los Angeles Rams: "At the end of the day, we're 2-2 like you said. I think that we wish we could be 4-0, but there's no hopeful wishing here. I think you have to be able to stay the course. Just stay the course. Play one game at a time. Every game is a championship-style game and believing in that. We're going to celebrate this win in the sense that we came on the road, a great environment, loud. A lot of Seahawks fans being here it's always great to play here. It's obviously such an amazing, amazing stadium. So to be in here and get a huge win. Then we're going to move on to next week. I believe we're playing at home next week, so going back home and obviously another great opportunity to face another great football team in the Rams. We have a lot of respect for them and what they're doing and everything else. We're going to prepare at the highest level and be ready to roll."

On how great it was to see WR Doug Baldwin playing: "It was great seeing Doug. He's a superstar out there. He made some great plays tonight. He's going to make more and more. Just his knowledge of the game and what he's doing is spectacular. As good as it gets. He's a great competitor and just one of the best receivers in the game. So, it's always good to have him on the field."


On the team's history at this stadium: "A lot of crazy games, a lot of crazy injuries, but we're happy to pull this one out. We're happy (Sebastian Janikowski) made the field goal. I thought it was going to be like that 6-6 game and have a crazy overtime. He nailed it. That's why he's a really good kicker."

On how this win will help this young team develop: "It's really good, especially for the young guys. Guys like myself, Russell (Wilson), Doug (Baldwin), we've been through this. We've had games where we've come back from down 21 to win the game. We're kind of experienced from the standpoint of believing and knowing that we're able to pull these games off. It's good for the young guys to get in this situation and realize that it's not over until the clock strikes zero. We just need to keep fighting and keep working, and that's what we did today."

On if this was a must-win game: "No. We just came out, performed, played our game. We don't think like that. We don't ever get desperate. We don't ever do that. I've been here for a while. We started 1-4 before, and I think we went to the Super Bowl that year. I'm not concerned. It's a good road win. We needed this win, and we're going to celebrate."

On RB Mike Davis' performance: "I think it's great. Mike Davis is a guy that we've watched a lot. We've seen Chris Carson a lot, but Mike Davis is a guy that even when he got his chance last year, he came out and he balled. Unfortunately, I think he got a little bit of injuries and things of that nature, but we kind of knew and we expected that from Mike. We expected him to come out and run the ball like he did. He tried to make people miss all of the time. I'm happy for him to get his opportunity. I think that's all he needs, his opportunity. I think he's a very good back, and he makes a lot of guys miss when he gets the ball, which is why I think he should in the rotation more."


On FS Tedric Thompson: "He's ready. That's it. He's ready, had Earl not come back when he did, Tedric Thompson was ready to start the season. We were ready and confident going into the season with Tedric, and now it's his time. He has a couple days to get back in the playbook, get back comfortable but we expect big plays from him, no fall off. I mean, I know it's going to be a slight difference playing against an all pro, potential Hall of Famer in the big middle, but Tedric Thompson is definitely the man we believe in and he'll be ready next week."

On shutting down Arizona's offense: "That's holding up, we try to go out there and do that every week. This is a defense first team and part of our defense philosophy is stopping the run. It's all about the run, whether you are on offense or defense you want to stop the run or get your run game going, we did a good job stopping it."


On the team's formations in the running game: "We had a little bit of everything. We had zone, power schemes, pulling around the edge or me pulling off to the corner. You've got to throw those different looks out there. The coaches did a good job of having different variations to throw the defense off."

On the play of the running back group: "It's awesome. They really run behind our pads. They're looking for contact sometimes, and defense don't like that. Mike (Davis) and Chris (Carson) are two different backs. Chris is downhill and trying to run over guys. Mike is very shifty. It's a great one-two. When we get Chris back, having that one-two is going to be very effective for us."

On the improvements made by the offensive line: "Everybody has been doing pretty good. Last week was our first time with (J.R.) Sweezy at left guard. It was D.J.'s (Fluker) first game out there. This week, to see their improvement and the chemistry being built, guys having their second game with the full five, it's been pretty good. We're going to need it. Next week we have a big challenge coming up. That team is probably playing the best football in the league right now, so we're looking forward to it."

On having the second straight week with a 100-yard rusher: "It's a great feeling. That's what we're all about, trying to get the run game going. To have two different backs go for 100 yards, it says a lot about our offense, and it says a lot about the commitment from our O-line. Straining, finishing plays, finishing blocks, receivers blocking downfield, Russell (Wilson) throwing blocks downfield, everybody's involved. It's a great feeling to get that kind of yardage and come out with a win."

On the adjustments made after TE Will Dissly left with an injury: "First of all, we're keeping Will in our prayers. He's having a heck of a rookie year, and it sucks for him. I hate it for him. I know he'll bounce back stronger. We had some extra offensive linemen coming in, George Fant coming in at tight end. We had some different looks, spreading the defense out, continue to run the ball with four wideout sets. Things like that. Everyone just committed to it. Having a strong running game makes us a very dangerous offense."

On how a win like this can help out a young team: "It just shows our resiliency. We had plenty of times where we could've taken the game over, but things happened and it didn't go our way. It was a tight game. We take our hat off to them; they're a tough football team. It just shows our resiliency. To be able to get this kind of a win on the road, our first divisional game, (Sebastian Janikowski) kicking to win the game, it just gives us a lot of momentum going into next week."

On the running game's ability to get more yards per rush this week: "Last week, the defense gave us opportunities to keep coming out and sticking with the run game, even when it wasn't pretty. This week, we broke open some bigger runs. We were able to get bigger yardage consistently. That means a lot to us. That definitely makes the defense tired, makes them frustrated, and you could see that happening. We're just trying to keep that going."

On how much the running game's success is because of the running backs, and how much is because of the offensive line: "I think it's a combination of the two. Sometimes the holes were there, where (Mike Davis) didn't even have to make any guys miss until eight or 10 yards downfield. Sometimes, he made a little bit of something out of nothing, and broke open for six to eight yards. Mike is very shifty, and they're a great one-two punch. Chris (Carson) runs behind his pads and makes guys pay. Mike is more of a shiftier back, and I like both of their running styles a lock."

On the team's failure on third down: "It was a lack of communication, trying to get on the same page. It was nothing we hadn't seen all week, so we just have to continue to communicate, and all get on the same page. Other than that, it's just pitching and catching, making plays. We'll get it corrected. Definitely something we have to look into this week."


On having a lot of misfortune at State Farm Stadium: "Yes. At the end of the day, you're going to have misfortunes. Our goal isn't to win every game. It's 2018, that's not going to happen in this league. At the end of the day, our goal is to win our games at home and be ready to go on the road at the end of the day. We just have to trust in each other. There's no slacking. There's no cut off because Earl's gone. The next guy, he's been preparing since camp. We're confident that the next guy, whoever steps up, is going to be ready to step into that role and do the best he can.


On his TD celebration: "I just feel like I have been slept on ever since I came into the NFL. It is just a reminder that I will wake them up one day."

On if the celebration is new: "I have been doing it. It is just motivation for me to keep going."

On if he sensed a big day was coming after having success on his first two carries: "Oh yeah. I felt like I was going to go off right away. The guys up front, I can't express it enough how much they were blocking today. It was great."

On how confident he is in the team's run game: "It just lets you know how good our offensive line is up front. No matter who you throw in – me, (Rashaad) Penny or Chris Carson – we are going to come in ready to go."


On the ups and downs from today's game: "It is all mental. I know physically I can kick the ball. The first half, it was rough."

On if he knew a game like this could come down to a field goal: "Coming off the field after I missed that last one. Obviously, we had a lot of time on the clock and our offense did a great job putting me in position."

On the mentality kickers must have to succeed: "It is always the next kick. You turn the next page and try and forget about the first one. It was rough today."

On how many times he has had a game where he has missed two field goals, but came back to make the game-winner: "My rookie year, I think against Tennessee. That was a long time ago."

On if his confidence was shaken at all after missing: "No, my confidence is always there. I know that I have prepared myself during practice. I know what I can do, so it is all mental."

On if he was able to put the misses out of his mind when lining up for the game-winning kick: "It is just another kick. You don't think about it as the game went on. Guys played their hearts out. The offense and defense played pretty well."

On if he was anticipating the opportunity to kick the game-winner during the Seahawks last drive: "You always want to beat a team by touchdowns. You don't want to kick field goals. Guys stuck with it and we did the job."

Game action photos from the Seattle Seahawks' 20-17 road win over the Arizona Cardinals in Week 4 of the 2018 NFL season.