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What The Seahawks Said Following Their 37-34 OT Loss To The Cardinals

Transcripts, interviews and press conferences from the Seahawks' Week 7 game vs. Arizona.


On the overall performance of the offense tonight despite three turnovers:

"I thought we played a great game except for those three plays, and those were my fault. There's so much that we can do, and we have so much confidence. Our confidence is not going to waiver. They're a great football team, too. We knew it was going to be a battle; it always is down here whenever we play. Nothing really changed except for the fact that we just have to tighten up some things. I have to be better, which I'm looking forward to. I'm looking forward to playing the next game. I wish we could play tomorrow. That's our mentality, and we'll be back stronger. We'll be better, and I thought we laid it all on the line. Every play was competitive. I even thought the last play to DK (Metcalf) where he went down the sideline for the touchdown. I thought it was game over, but they called holding and that was their call. I think throughout the whole game the effort from guys, how we played, how we competed, how we battled is a testament to who we are. It's never over. We usually win games like this. That's the reality. We usually win these close matchups. We've done it for years. Our confidence and our vision in who we're going to be and who we are doesn't change."

On how frustrating it was not to finish a close game like tonight:

"I thought when we took the lead we had some mistakes as a team. You can't have those mistakes in close matchups like this. We had the lead and kind of lost it there in terms of not staying on schedule, especially on offense. We had an opportunity to close out the game, really twice, and we didn't do our job as a team. It's a team effort, and it starts with me. I look at me first, and I have to be better. I'm looking forward to being better."

On the tackle made by WR DK Metcalf to save a touchdown:

"It was one of the most remarkable plays I've ever seen, the play, the effort by DK (Metcalf). I got blocked by the linemen, and I was trying to get away and make the effort, but then DK had the angle and just kept going. It was an unbelievable play by him. The effort, I really respect him for that. That's what it takes, a winning effort. He's one of the best players in the league. He's one of the most special guys I know. He's one of my best friends, and I really respect him. Not just because of his effort on that particular play but that's who he is. That's who he is everyday. He's consistent in that way. That's what I love him for."

On his interception in overtime:

"We thought we had an angle at Tyler (Lockett). Tyler had such an amazing game. Thought I had a window, guy made a good play. That was unfortunate. We can't have those mistakes. That's on me. We have a lot of season left, a lot more to go. We have to watch the film and all of that stuff too. I thought we played a really solid game except for those three plays to be honest with you. I think we did so many great things. We battled, we fought, we did everything we could and unfortunately it didn't go our way."

On his chemistry with WR Tyler Lockett:

"He just made so many specials plays. He was unbelievable. The post route he caught in the back of the end zone, that was an amazing catch by him. He just kept making play after play after play after play, and that's what we're looking for from him, just continue to show up. We have so many special players. Everybody participated, that's what we needed tonight. We just needed to get rid of the mistakes. Other than that, we played a great game."

On the S Budda Baker interception:

"We were trying to hustle to the line, and I was trying to zip it in there to Chris (Carson) and the D-end kind of stayed back a little bit. He just made a good play. He read it and made a good play."

On his second interception:

"That's a miscommunication. We do such a good job on those scramble situations. I thought (DK Metcalf) was spinning out to go deep, and as soon as I threw it, he stopped on a dime and that's just timing. Patrick (Peterson) made a good play, but we're confident in those. I don't think you can be frustrated about those because we've made so many of those great plays in those moments like that and that was just an unfortunate play. That's on me."

The best photos from Week 7's Seahawks-Cardinals game at State Farm Stadium. Fueled by Nesquik.

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