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What The Seahawks Are Saying About The Cowboys

Take a look at what the Seahawks are saying about the Cowboys before the two teams meet in Week 3 in Seattle.


(On the Cowboys offense) "They've broadened the stuff they're doing a little bit. They've expanded their style of play in the quarterback runs, for one, and a couple other things that they're doing. They're moving (and) they're growing. They'd been kind of the same for quite a while and you can see that there's a difference right now. They've been influenced by some other teams that have done some good stuff, in their division in particular, and you can see them experimenting with things and it fits them. The quarterback can do anything. He can stay in the pocket, he can throw it on the move, he can take off and run and make you pay. I think as they grow in their confidence with him his experience grows, they're just utilizing it more."(On Kris Richard's influence on the Cowboys defense) "I can see it in the corner play. Yeah. The corners are playing really well. They're on line of scrimmage and they're doing a nice job. They made a nice move with (Byron) Jones and he's made a nice quick transition. He's doing a good job for them."

(On Kris Richard's influence on the Cowboys defense) "I can see it in the corner play. Yeah. The corners are playing really well. They're on line of scrimmage and they're doing a nice job. They made a nice move with (Byron) Jones and he's made a nice quick transition. He's doing a good job for them."


(On the Dallas Cowboys pass rush) "Really good. You watch what they did to Eli (Manning) the other night. I think Coach (Rod) Marinelli does an unbelievable job of coaching effort. You see that. They move all over the place. We kind of call it 'spaghetti on a plate' just because you never know where they're going. They do a great job penetrating. Their games are really tight, which means one guy's in the gap and there's not a lot of space between them. So, they do a great job. Obviously, playing at home will be good for us. (We will) try to keep them off balance with some of the things that we wanted to do a cadence wise and things like that. But, another great challenge. Week in and week out in this league, you're going to face a terrific unit or a terrific couple of players. They certainly have both."


(On the Dallas Cowboys) "They look pretty good. Obviously, the running back, 21 (Ezekiel Elliot) the entire offense goes through him. He's a guy that really runs the ball well, great vision, good speed. He really understands how to play behind his pads, and then the quarterback, Dak (Prescott), has been doing an excellent job of keeping the ball. He's getting involved in the run game as well, stands in the pocket really well, so those are two guys that we certainly have to stop."

(On the Dallas Cowboys defense) "For Dallas, I think it starts with their pass rush. They have some really good pass rushers. They get to the quarterback and made plays so far in the season. The linebackers are really talented and smart, play tough too as well; and then their secondary, it's really stepped up. I think that they've really made a lot of great plays so far so to see that, it's going to be a tough challenge and we're looking forward to the opportunity to play a great football team."


(On what makes Dallas' pass rush so effective) "Well, I think they know how to get to the quarterback. I think (the pass rush) leads with (DeMarcus) Lawrence and the rest of the guys they have in and out and they have so many different guys that come in and out of the game that make so many plays. We're going to have to obviously slow down some of their guys that are really, really talented and just be physical and be able to make our plays."

(On Kris Richard's impact on the Dallas secondary) "Yeah, I think coach (Kris) Richard is a tremendous football coach. I think that he's done a great job coaching those guys up. He's so detail-oriented. You know that he understands the game so well. He's done it with some of the best players obviously in the National Football League and it translates over to Dallas and what they're trying to do right now."

(On if the upcoming game against Dallas is a must-win) "Well, I think every game is a must-win. I think that's kind of the mentality that we've always had. That's never going to change. The goal is to go 1-0 and have no fear and just go for it and see what we can do. It's going to be exciting coming back to CenturyLink (Field) and playing in front of our fans. I know they're going to be crazy loud and to see our guys – you know, one of my favorite parts of the game is always the kickoff and just seeing the energy in the stadium just (with) us pulling up the flag. Just, those types of things, and then obviously the fourth quarter is always great. Let's make it happen."

(On how impressive Ezekiel Elliott has been) "Well, obviously Zeke's one of the best running backs in the game. He's tough. He can run the ball really well. He's physical. I know Bobby (Wagner) will do everything he can to make sure he brings him down pretty quickly."


(On how difficult Ezekiel Elliot is to slow down) "It is very difficult. He runs really hard. I think they have a great scheme and he's able to read the linemen very, very well. He's very physical. I don't see him running out of bounds too often. He's a guy you have to put a body on and a guy you have to make sure you hit. I'm excited for the challenge. We (are) coming back home, I think it'll be a fun game."

(On how Dak Prescott's role has evolved in the Cowboys offense) "Yeah, he's doing a good job. I think last week you guys could see they tried to evolve him a little bit more in the run game. So, he's a guy that you have to be accountable for in the run game. He's going to make his passes. They (are) trying to do the whole new thing that everybody's doing, the RPO's (Run-Pass Options). If we read our keys and do what we need to do, I think we'll be fine."

(On if he's seen anything different from Dak Prescott and the Cowboys offense since last playing them December 24, 2017) "I think they're involving him more. A lot of teams when they see him running, they're kind of trying to make him run and he's taking it. I think if you watched the New York (Giants) game, he ran the ball a lot, he got a lot of first downs for them and he's a good complement to Zeke (Ezekiel Elliott). Zeke is such a good back that you have to make sure you have your eyes on him. Dak (Prescott) can run too. So, it's kind of like when you play a quarterback who can run, you have to account him for the run game. He is part of the run game and somebody else that you have to have your eyes on. I look (for) it to be no different. He's going to run the ball and we will catch him."

The Seahawks and Cowboys face off on Thursday Night Football, Nov. 30, 2023. Kickoff is set for 7:00 p.m. PT. Take a look back through history at the Seahawks' matchups against the Cowboys.