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What The Jaguars Said Following Their 31-7 Loss The Seahawks

Interviews, transcripts and press conferences from Seattle's Week 8 win vs. Jacksonville.


Postgame quotes from the following:


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Head Coach Urban Meyer

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On the status of James Robinson.

It's a bruised heel. He's going to get looked at tomorrow when we get back. I don't know the depth of it.

On his general assessment of the game.

Just disappointed. Obviously, we've got to play better, we've got to prepare better. I didn't see that coming. I saw a good week of practice, guys were fresh off a bye week. We got down 14-0 and we got out of a . . . we're not built to just be a throw team, and we got out of the run game, and then the penalties were nonsense. I don't know if it was the noise or what was the problem. But we've got to get that corrected.

On if this sloppiness today resembled the play of Week 1.

I felt like every week we made great strides. I thought the team got better and better and better. Today was a step back. We tried to build on the momentum of the win, because we played pretty decently in London, and offensively Trevor had one of his better games, and offensively we played better, and defensively we played better. We just went backward. On the positive, we held them to 60 some (rushing) yards, got three sacks – our defense just kept swinging. Just placed in horrendous field position. The defense hung in there against some talented receivers and talented players.

On Trevor Lawrence's play.

I'll give you more next week after I watch the film, but quarterbacks have a great day when the players around him play great. I can think of a couple of drops off the top of my head, some accuracy issues. We're a team. We do everything together. So we'll come back next week swinging hard.

On if the early drops played a significant role in the outcome.

I don't know if it was the environment. It didn't seem like offensively we were out of a rhythm. James (Robinson) went down, but Carlos (Hyde) is a good back. We just didn't have that balance, and then you start getting behind on the scoreboard a little bit and you start doing things you're really not built to do.

On if in that situation it hurts not having a big playmaker.

We have enough playmakers not to let that happen to us. We're going to continue to go back to work and get some momentum going.

On if he's concerned that this occurred after a bye week.

We had Myles (Jack) come back, we self-scouted. Yeah, like I said, I really felt we had a decent week of practice. The attitudes were fantastic going into it. Obviously, it just didn't start well, and then that second quarter got us in trouble.

On why, after not attempting a two-point conversion, he called for an onside kick.

Yeah, I should have kicked it deep. We kind of had that discussion on the sidelines. They wanted to try it and work on some things, get another possession.

Quarterback Trevor Lawrence

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On if this feels like a step back after the progress the team had made.

Yeah. I think a lot of the stuff, we need to go back and watch the game and be honest with ourselves, make some corrections and just move forward. I know I didn't play well enough today and as an offense, we just weren't clicking. A lot of things go into that. I think it's really just taking accountability for everyone's part and what went wrong. For me, third and fourth down, I think I had two missed throws on third down and one on fourth down. Guys that are open and not giving them a catchable ball, I think that's all on me. So there was three right there. And then guys just making plays when you need to make plays. That's me on the third and fourth down, that's receivers on some catches, it's everybody. [Offensive] line, running backs, tight ends, everybody. We took a step back I think in making the plays that we need to make as far as just, good teams do that and good players do that. It all starts with me. I think that's the main point where we start and I think just moving forward, just trying to keep it simple to where we just play and let our guys be the players that they are. I think that's where we'll all just have to go back and watch it and see what we can do to get better. I don't think this depicts the team that we are [with] how we played today. Just one of those days where we couldn't get anything going. Seattle did a good job of running with that momentum from the very beginning. I never felt like we were flowing our offense. I thought the defense actually played pretty well today and we didn't help them out at all. Got to play better for sure.

On if it was miscommunication on the interception.

Yeah, yeah the angle. Me and Tavon [Austin] talked about it. It's one of those, probably just leave it flatter, something that we had talked a little bit about. That's one thing, communication is so important in this game. We got to be on the same page. Stuff like that can't happen, whether it's the throw or the route or whatever. That just can't happen. We're driving and I think we were down by seven and we're driving and on the 50 yard line and then we get the turnover. It kills our defense and the momentum that we had. Stuff like that we have to fix, like I said. But that's all of us, me included. We got to get better.

On if the noise or the atmosphere a factor in the game.

Definitely, definitely a tough place to play. The issues today didn't have a ton to do with the noise. A little bit on a few of the play clocks getting low. Maybe there. But overall, that's not really what made a huge difference. It was just our execution wasn't great. But definitely a tough place to play. Even towards the end of the game, the game was kind of already put away, we're going on our two-minute drive and they're still roaring and it's still hard to hear. The fans did a good job.

On the offense struggling after James Robinson got injured.

Obviously when a great player like him goes down, it hurts. You rely on guys like him. Obviously, when a play is there, he's going to make it, but also make plays out of sometimes nothing being there. He's a guy that can do that. But I thought Carlos [Hyde] and Dare [Ogunbowale] did a good job when they came in and had their opportunities. I thought they did a solid job for sure. It was just kind of everything else along with that. Obviously, I didn't help. But there's just so many other things that were problems too.

On if he's more concerned that this happened after a bye week.

I think it just goes to show if you don't come out ready to play and you don't play well, this can happen to anybody on any week. It doesn't matter who you're playing, you just have to play well and we didn't. It's not concerning, for me it's not. Because I'm in that locker room, I'm with all those guys and see how hard they work, how they prepare. I know probably from the outside looking in, it might be. But it's not concerning, it's just we played like crap today. That's going to happen every now and then, but we can't let this happen again, for sure. 

On if this is the most physical beating he's taken all year.

Cardinals was a pretty physical one too. I would probably say that one is probably first but this was close, probably second. Same thing, it kind of felt like some of those early games where you get behind and we're having to really air it out and that just lets those guys pass rush. It makes it really tough on the [offensive] line when the [defensive] line can just straight pass rush and they're not worried about the run. So that's something where we have to manage the game better and we have to put drives together and get points because when you don't, you give the other offense that many possessions and they start scoring, the defense can only hold up for so long. Then you get behind and you have to start throwing it way more than you're running it. And there goes your balanced offense and it makes it tough. That was kind of part of it today too, but we all had a part in that.

Defensive Lineman Dawuane Smoot

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On Urban Meyer making defensive changes this week.

I know we played pretty hard this week, we practiced pretty hard this week. There was just some key adjustments that we missed during the game, and it just didn't work out for us. It didn't go our way.

On Geno Smith.

I feel like it was just a lot of 50-50 balls. A lot of plays that we could have made. He played great, honestly. We started rushing him, we knew he'd start holding balls. I think our rush got him. We've just got to win those 50-50 matchups.

On if this loss today was a step backwards for the Jaguars.

I don't think it's a step back. It's tiny, fixable things. It's things we can work on, and just fix. I think that we're definitely going to take a step forward going into this week, and just make sure that we keep our head down and focus on our next opponent. 

On if the mistakes today are concerning for the defense.

You've got to understand we just came off a bye week. We didn't have as much time together. It's just a new schedule. We've just got to get back into the groove of it all and figure it out.

Linebacker Myles Jack

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On having 12 men on the field on back-to-back plays.

In this league that should never happen. There's no excuse, we have to have better communication coming off the field. Obviously, it's a hectic environment. There's D-linemen running on trying to get the play. There has to be communication, and if you are running on the field you have to go 1-for-1. You can't just run on the field and say 'Hey, it's my turn to play.' It's a lot of things, it's the timing of the substitution, it's guys not communicating when they come on. It's such an easy thing to fix. It's not like it's something hard. Raise your hand, you know who you're supposed to grab when you're coming in. Everybody knows what they're supposed to do, we're just not doing it.

On how big of a set-back this game is.

You guys saw the score, it's not what we want to put up there. It was 17-0 at half. There are a lot of things that we have to do better. I can only speak for the defense. We have to get threes instead of sevens. If we're on 3rd down we have to get that stop. If it's 2nd and long we have to keep them there, not bail them out. It's a lot of stuff that we're self-inflicting. That drive that we had 12 players on the field, we were still battling. There's a lot of positives, but we have to fix some things. Especially if you lose the way we lost. We have to fix some other things. It's on us.

On being more crisp off of a bye week.

I would definitely think so. It's the craziest thing, we had our best two weeks of practices. Honestly, I can truly say that, and the coaches would probably say the same thing. Everybody was locked in, guys were communicating, the energy was there defensively. We did really well, until we got to the game. There's going to be fire drills sometimes but we have to be able to weather the storm. We just didn't do that today.

Defensive End/ Outside Linebacker Josh Allen

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On what happened in the game today after a successful week of practice.

We'll know once we watch film. Honestly, I can't say anything right now about it. We've got to watch the film when we get back. It's going to be a long flight, a lot of time to self-reflect and talk to guys in there and talk to coaches. It sucks.

On if this game shakes his confidence.

No, no. It was really one quarter of bad football. If you look at the stats, look at the numbers, we played great football. It was just that first quarter. You take that first quarter away, that team has zero points. We just have to do a better job of starting off fast, not even do a better job, we just have to know and put ourselves in situations before they really happen so we can make the plays. We just need to get back in that playbook and just get better individually.

On if he feels this performance was embarrassing.

I guess. It was definitely a bad loss. I feel like we had two weeks of those practices, and I feel like we were doing a heck of a job. Just to come out of the game the way we did was depressing and embarrassing. Like I said, if you look at the rest of the game and not just look at the score, we played statistically really good. We got to the ball. They only thing we've got to do better is get takeaways. If we get one of those, we won that game, I believe. Like I said, we have to go back in the playbook and correct ourselves. Look at each other individually and have ownership into the plays we missed. I believe I missed a couple plays. Once that play is over, you've got to move on to the next one. That's what we have to do a better job with. Not even play calls, it was penalties. We had a lot of penalties in the first quarter that set us back even more. Doing a better job of not forcing those penalties. Like I said, I believe we played good football in the second half. We came out. No we just have to play 10-strong, like Coach Urban (Meyer) always preaches. Play 10-strong on offense, defense, special teams. We all have to have ownership of what we need to do, and I feel like we are going to get back to it, we are going to fix those things, and we are getting back on our track.

The Seattle Seahawks take on the Jacksonville Jaguars in their eighth game of the 2021 season at Lumen Field. This album will be updated throughout the game. Game Action photos are presented by Washington Lottery.

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