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What The Seahawks Said Following Their 31-7 Win Over the Jaguars

Interviews, transcripts and press conferences from Seattle's Week 8 win vs. Jacksonville.


Postgame quotes from the following:


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Head Coach Pete Carroll

Opening Statement:

This was a really good game for us, one we needed badly just to get at home and have fun with the fans. It was a really well played game for us. Defense did a fantastic job all day long really across the board, and just did what we hoped they would do. We continue it get better. We can see it, we're proving it, and we need to keep counting on it as we head into the second half here. The second half started today, by the way. That's the way we look at it. But that was a really nice job. A lot of guys did a lot of good stuff. Coverage was solid. The rush was -- we didn't sack them much but we harassed them all day. The other side, this game was -- the jump side is Geno. What a game he had. Starting off 14 for 14 and a throwaway was the first incomplete. He was so calm and so poised and just delivered the ball so well. This was really Geno at his best. That's what we can count on from him. We were able to do a lot stuff. Shane had a really nice plan for him to pop the ball around, guys caught the ball really well today. All the receivers made their catches. Lock has the big day with the yardage and catches and all that, and DK has two scores. A lot of really good stuff there. I was really proud of Duane Brown who was sick all week long. He made it out there. Wasn't able to practice during the week and sucked it up and played and did a nice job. I think what was also of note was our special teams, kickoff coverage team. They were lights out. They're playing so hard and consistently and we're counting on their juice and energy and all that. We talked about it last night in the meeting, called them up and the whole thing to challenge them to have a big game again and set the tempo, and they did. And it would be really wrong not mention the great heads-up play that Travis Homer made on the kickoff team there, kickoff return team, and then knocked one in the end zone just to have some fun and enjoy the heck out of the day.

Q. You mentioned Tyler, but for him to get going the way he did first half, just I know it can be up and down which receiver's having the day, but good to see him get going like that?

PETE CARROLL: Yeah, and he made a lot of tough catches over the middle to keep the ball moving and then he made some great plays down the sidelines. I don't know, you guys saw better than I saw the touchdown -- whether it was a touchdown or not. They quickly decided it wasn't. I don't know. Maybe it wasn't. That's too bad. Would've been nice for him to get that one. It did lead to the Geno leap, which was really poetic and all that. So just a fun day and really glad we got it going into the bye. Out guys deserve to have fun. We had a great locker room after the game and we will come back raring to go.

Q. Looked like Geno made some tough throws.

He did, yeah, he made some tough throws, big touch on the ball, and ball is on the sideline to Lock, and he was really just so good today. I'm so thrilled for him. I was thinking about it late in this week. Had preseason worked out right, the plan was for Geno to all three games in preseason and to play a lot, and that was to play as much as we could just to get him as much play time because he hasn't played. Remember he gets knocked I think it was probably at the end of the first quarter, beginning of the second quarter of the first game, so he me misses all those opportunities. So he plays half this or some of the Rams game and then full game, full game, that would've been the same kind of play time that we thought he would need for prep to get ready for the season knowing he was going to take a back seat to Russ. So you look at it. He did pretty well against the Rams. Did some good stuff the next week, good stuff the next week, but not enough, and this week he put it all together. I think it took him this long. He hasn't played in a long time. Unfortunately we had to lose some games in the meantime.

Q. Obviously a team result, but for him personally to get a win, how good do you feel?

Yeah, I think it's a huge accomplishment for him. We been saying we need to play in support of Geno. He's coming out, trying to figure out how get back to playing quarterback again, and we need to help him in every way. I thought the game plan was really good today. You saw us in the weather last week, just really concerned about making sure we took care of the football. Our offense did not turn the ball over again. That's incredible discipline by those guys. There is nobody doing that in the league. Our guys just keep on doing it. Geno is the center of all that.

Q. His decision making seemed to be very good today. Was that something in scheme or was that just him getting engaged?

I really think that last week was a hard game. Just all of it was a hard game. He benefited getting through that and came in really chill and calmed his way through all of it. If you look at the throws he made in this game there were some really good touch balls he threw. Geno is a strong-arm guy. He fires the football hard. He picked the right opportunities to take something off the ball to make them catchable for the guys, and the guys came through in a big way.

On D.J. Reed.

He's got a groin pull of some sort, some kind of groin strain.

Did he ever come back in the game?


What did you see on DK's first touchdown catch?

I really couldn't see it. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to. It looked pretty awesome from the glance that I got. I didn't get to see it.

On dropping so many DBs in coverage seemed to work today against the rookie quarterback.

Well, you know, we pretty much did what we been doing. Haven't changed a whole lot. We been playing this way for a long time now and mixing our stuff and doing a nice job changing our coverages, disguising them well. We disguised a lot today and in and out of stuff and pressured from those looks as well, which we like doing. I thought we had them a little out of whack for some of the time there. I had nice finishing drive. I guess you can give him credit for that.

Geno hasn't won a game as a starter since the last game of the 2014 season.

Is that right? 2014? Where were we 2014? Holy cow. That's a long haul. That's my point. He hasn't played. Go ahead, ask the question.

For him to ultimately get one under his belt after all this time...

Yeah, absolutely. It was a great day for G. He just deserves it. He's been such a great Seahawk and all that. He played his way through this game. Nobody gave him nothing. He earned this today playing great football.

What did you think of Darrell Taylor in his first game back?

He was really active. Had a couple great rushes. Moved the quarterback and all that. Didn't get a sack, but I thought he had some terrific rushes today and he was a big factor.

We could hear the music bumping and how excited the locker room was. After a win like this, what does it do for the morale heading into the bye week?

Yeah, we have a lot higher expectations than where we are right now. Like I think I might have said to you guys, being undefeated at bye is the way you should set your expectations. But we been so close for so long, just one play from having it like that, you know. Then so everybody had fun. This was not the craziest locker room we've ever had, but it was really fun know, really good. They knew that they got a little boost out of the deal by getting Monday off, too, tomorrow. So I kind of stoked the fires a little bit, so we had fun and it was good.

What did you think of the way Ethan Pocic played?

I can't tell you. I don't know. I'm really excited to watch the film and anxious to see how he did, and also watch Trey as a starter today too and see how he did.

With his pick today Quandre Diggs became the first player in the NFL the last five years to have three or more interceptions.

Really? Good for him. Good for him. He's got a whole half a season coming up, too. Yeah, he's a fantastic football player and teammate. He's just such a stud of a teammate. Some guys when they say stuff everybody listens; he's one of those guys. People respect him because of who he is and how he does what he does and how he works his business and all. For him to have success like that is great. He deserves every bit of it. He had a couple great tackles today, too.

Are there guys that kind of just have a knack for that? I feel like a lot of his picks are like oh, that looks easy, but he always seems to be in the right spot for it.

Absolutely. There are guys that have been there before, and when the opportunity arises they just cash in. There are other guys it's hard. They are not accustomed to it so they tense up or not sure how to handle it or make the decisions. I've always thought there are guys that are interceptors, guys that just do it and know how to get it done. He's truly one of those guys.

What specifically worked for the secondary as you guys made the turn over the last month or so?

Well, I would think that moving D.J. back to the right side was a really good thing that happened. He plays better over there for whatever reason. That was part of it. And then I think the play on the left side has elevated. The combination of the two corners has really elevated. Quandre and Jamal have been playing and busting their -- all of this time. I don't think they've improved that much more, but I think we're fitted together better. One of you guys brought up a while back about Ryan Neal. Ryan Neal has played a lot more and he's been a factor. I think he's been a factor for sure on third downs, and he's a playmaker and really active out there. He can match up with a lot of different guys and that helps us. I think all of those things together is what has made us improve. I think we've zeroed in on what's best for us, too. That's the biggest thing we've done.

How much has the communication improved since you moved the cornerbacks here?

I don't think that was the issue. I just think we need to play together and get out there and all that. You know, somebody brought up that we had problems with the communication, but not hearing that anymore. I don't feel like that's ever been an issue. So I don't know that we're that much better at it. I think in general the guys are feeling one another and playing off one another better than we have. That's all part of chemistry that coming together when you play well. We're getting there. Jordyn Brooks continues to play really well, and he's a big factor for us in a lot of different things he does. Bobby knocked out 14 tackles again today. Another huge day. Those guys are fitting together well, and that's part of the improvement. Jordyn is a really good, really good player. He's way more comfortable now. He's got all these games under his belt. Much more comfortable and doing things well, more consistently.

So the familiarity has improved?

PETE CARROLL: Yeah, yeah. We're just better at everything and clearer, and the communications are probably more precise and accurate and on pointe. So it just helps everybody, the fluidity of it.

Homer's return, how much is he coached to do that or how much is that him doing that on his own, Travis homer returning the kickoff?

Well, you know, it popped up on our Saturday walk through. See, Brian Cushing scored against the Rainbows in Hawaii few years back in our SC days, and in practice yesterday we kicked one, Homer picked it up, and I was telling some guys, this happened before. Brian Cushing did this years ago. Just having fun with it. Sure enough, there it goes. Bang. So you never know.

Do you have anything on the severity of D.J.'s groin strain?


Any other injuries?


How disappointing were guys on defense to have them score late when you're close to a shut-out?

Oh, yeah, yeah, we were just a couple snaps away from being out of there. Would've been really fun to get the shut-out. They're hard to get.

Was today reassuring that you can get back?

Absolutely. I've been seeing it and feeling it for a month now. Just haven't been able to cash in and get it done. We have so many good numbers that are supporting good play. Our penalties were down, we are taking care of the football, staying in the plus on the turnover stuff. Our kicking game is really solid. All of that. So it's hard to get all those -- check out the DVOA numbers. They're way higher than you would think for the record we have, and that's because we're doing a lot of things well. It just hasn't, for whatever reason, translated into getting these wins in the close ball games. And honestly, I don't want to dwell on this one, but we've missed Russ, too, in this three week span. He's a pretty good player.

What is the plan for Russ?

I don't know any updates now. His finger looks way better. It's really healed tremendously. He's getting closer. See what happens.

Does he stay with the team more than a normal bye or...

No, he's kind of got a vagabond following. Got all his people going with him. Vagabond? That's not the right word.

Quarterback Geno Smith

On getting his first win as a starter with Seattle.

Honestly, it just meant a lot for the team and for the fans. It's not about me, I said that from the beginning. I'm out there doing my job and trying to put ourselves in the best position to win. The fans were amazing today on Halloween, they came out, they were in full effect with the costumes on. It was great to get a win.

On what it means to have the whole team rally around him.

They have been supportive since they day I got here. I said that the team has embraced me, the city has embraced me, and it's really refreshing. With the history I had, having gone to two or three teams, to have somewhere to settle in, work, and get to know everybody, it's really refreshing. Just having teammates, these guys are tremendous in the locker room. Win, lose, or draw, we stick together. We always play together, and we always play to win. We got a win today, but having those teammates, it makes you want to do the right thing and always try to get the win.

On if he was aware that he completed his first 14 passes.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't. I'm always counting in my head, that's just how I have always played the game. You want to complete every single ball, that's the reality. If coach calls a pass, I want to complete it badly. Sometimes you have to throw it away, just because you are doing the right thing, but the reality is that in my head, even in practice, I'm counting to try and make sure that I'm completing the majority of my passes. I don't have to look up, I literally count in my head and keep track of them.

On if he ever considered taking the sack instead of throwing it away to end his 14-completion streak.

No, not at all, it's doing the right thing. I would throw it away if I was 28-28 because that's what it takes to win. That's something that I need to improve on from last week. I took some sacks in some critical situations. I had to get the ball away, so that was an emphasis last week, throwing the ball away if I get in trouble. I was able to do that a few times.

On how different the game plan was compared to the one vs. the Saints.

I think it was a lot different, it had to be. People don't want to take account for the wind and rain, but it was real out there. You can't just go out there and try to fling the ball all over the place, that's not realistic. Today, we had a great weather day and were able to get our calls off early, be aggressive, the pass to Tyler (Lockett) was beautiful and a great call by Shane (Waldron). We were aggressive early in the game, we stayed on it, pushed the tempo, and you can really see how it affected those guys.

On if it was his call to take the QB sneak on 4*th* and goal at the 1-yard line.

That was the play call, and I was just signaling for us to go for it. We had gotten down there, and I think it was critical for us to get seven in that situation and not settle for three. When you put the ball in the quarterbacks' hands, it's our job to get into the endzone. I felt like I was able to dive over and was able to get that done.

On his connection with Tyler Lockett in the second half.

I think it was the more repetition that we have gotten over the last couple of weeks. I have gotten to learn how he runs routes and how he gets to certain spots. Just the repetition, that was the main thing. We had spent a ton of time after practice, me and Tyler, and it paid off.

On his first touchdown pass to DK Metcalf.

Just give him a chance, give that guy a chance. He makes some amazing catches and amazing plays. He's phenomenal, great player, and he's going to be a great player for a long time. Any time you have a 1 on 1 with a guy like that, you have to give him a chance.

On if he expected DK Metcalf to be shadowed by Shaquill Griffin all game.

Yeah of course, Shaq is a great corner, and they rely on him to shut down number one receivers. He's been doing a great job all year and that's a matchup that we have seen in practice for the last couple of years. We knew that was going to happen, so we just had to make sure that we were aggressive.

On if he met up with Shaquill Griffin on the field after the game.

Yeah, it's always good vibes, another Florida boy. Shaq is a great player like I said, he was battling out there and was doing his thing. We got the best of him a few times.

On how much more comfortable he felt after this game.

The key to life is repetition, the more you get reps. The more you get familiar that you get with the guys that you are playing with, the better you are going to be, if you work at it and work hard. I just felt like, overall, getting the reps with those guys and having Ethan (Pocic) in there, we got a ton of reps in after practice, I think it paid off. We just have to keep pressing forward, it's one game, not to downplay it. We are happy with the win. We get a bye week and a chance to rest up and get ready for the second half of the season. It's going to be big.

On if there is some validation to his performance today.

In the words of the great Kevin Durant, 'You guys know who I am.' I show you guys every day, you see me the throw the ball. I'm not trying to be arrogant or anything like that, but I've done it for a long time. You can pull up tape from 2014 of me doing the same thing. The reality is that I know who I am. I'm never going to get too big or too high on it. I'm never going to listen to anyone else. I have the louder voice in my head, I know what I can do, and just have to keep working.

On how it feels to get his first win in years.

God is good. He's kept me and he's going to keep me in his arms and graces. As long as I do the right thing, I think things are going to go well.

On the communication at center with Ethan Pocic.

The communication was awesome, Ethan did a great job. I think with the tempo that we had, just being up tempo, he was calling out the Mike, getting the guys lined up, and was really orchestrating things. Kyle (Fuller) has done a great job as well. Kyle has been battling his butt off all season, even through the offseason, so I want to give him a lot of love as well. He is also a good player, but I think Ethan did a great job today.

On the trick play to Lockett.

I think Russ (Wilson) hit that last year or two years ago with Chris (Carson). Chris threw it back to him, we hit that. That's a good play, it's a play we've always had in the play book, Shane (Waldron) dialed it up at the right time and it worked.

On how this team can turn it around.

There's never a moral victory when we lose. The reality is the games we lost have all been one possession games. Those were all good teams, I think all those teams won today. The reality is we have to look at it with the glass half full mindset, instead of the glass half empty mindset. We've got a long season ahead of us and we can get it done. We've got the guys in this locker to get it done, and we all believe in each other and to me that's all that matters.

Wide Receiver Tyler Lockett

Just how nice does it feel to get a win after this little the stretch you've been on? It's something you guys don't do very often.

Yeah, man, it feels great to finally be able to get a win. If that was something that wasn't going to be able to happen, was going to be a long bye week. So just the fact that we got things done, we got to go out there, we were able to get the win, feels good being able to head into a bye week so that way we can reset and really get our minds focused.

Pete said there has been a rallying cry around Geno in the last few weeks. What has been the rallying cry and why is he someone so easy to rally around?

Yeah, it's kind of like you heard. He's been around and played a whole bunch of football. It's not like he's a rookie that's coming in and trying to figure everything out. We know what he's capable of and all that stuff. I think the biggest thing is just people can put so many expectations on you, especially when Russ has been here for 10 straight years. For us being able to rally behind Geno and really be able to tell him, We know what you can do, what type of player you are. You've shown it your whole entire career. We just want you to be you. I think that's exactly what you heard him talking about. He knows who he is. He's always going to be himself. For us as players, coaches, we have to be able to learn how to play through what people do best. I think that's what we were able to do today.

Did you think you scored on this first touchdown down there?

I knew it was close. I felt like if he gave me a touchdown, which he did, if they reviewed it it would've been inclusive. But somehow ended up changing it, and, hey, Geno, scored, so...

Geno talked about this, the game plan was going to be a little bit different with the conditions being better. Did you guys feel going into the game, I mean, good to get the passing game going the way did you early?

Yeah, but I mean, you never know what to expect when you're going into a game because all it takes is one play and it could change everything. We could run the ball, and if it's something there that we see, we'll run the ball all day. And so you just kind of got to take what they give you. We saw that each and every week, but it's true. Some teams will make you run the ball and say, we want you to run the ball the whole game to beat us. Some teams will say, we want you to pass it, and some teams let you do both. So you kind of got to be able to scout throughout the game and understand what it is they're trying to do, but also being able to understand like the game plan that we had coming in and making sure that we're in our right spots and that we're allowing Geno to have enough time to see the field, the coverages, with the play calls coming in so we're not getting delay of games. All of that helping us being successful on offense.

Your first 11 plays were runs. Was that the game plan or what the Jaguars were giving you?

I had no clue, but, I mean, we trying to make sure we can be a balanced team. That's the biggest thing that I can say. We don't want to be too heavy with the pass game, too heavy with the run game. I think when you're a balanced team that's when we're more dominant. That's when it's hard for teams to figure out what we want to do. You hear Pete talk about it all the time, but I think at the end of the day that's really what it is. When you're balanced, teams don't really know what to do. We know what defenses are going to play, we know what coverages they're going to do to try to stop us once we learn how to be great at what it is we're trying to do. I think it was good to keep trying to running the ball regardless of the run defenses that we play, the teams that are great at it. We are going to keep on doing what we do, and pretty soon that's going to open up everything in the passing game.

From an individual perspective you only had four catches the last two games, the first three starts for Geno; 12 today. What really clicked for you, the relationship with your quarterback?

I mean, that's for every receiver, man. When you go back to the drawing board and you're in those weeks and you're grinding, it's really about learning who your quarterback is, the way he sees the game, the way he throws the game, the way that he throws the ball, so that way you can make your adjustment and work on a lot of those things.

Throughout the first two weeks there were things that we missed and stuff like that, but we'll go back in practice and have those conversations. I'll see what it is he's thinking, he'll listen to me and see what I'm thinking, and then we are able to play off each other. So sometimes it takes a few weeks to be able get that going, but that's what practice is for. If you don't have that combination, it's hard it develop that kind of chemistry, especially in the game of football that we play. So the more that Geno understands my game, the more I understand his game, it helps us to be able to find a middle ground in how we can make each other successful. And that's not something just for me. That's something for every person on the team that's in a skill position, is that when you have people at quarterback, you have to be able to learn how to be able to adapt to what they do, what they're great at. You also have to learn how to not let the game that you play go. You got to learn how to balance your game and how they play and try to see if you can make it match.

As a guy who has returned some big kickoffs in your career, what did you think the Travis Homer's?

I was shocked. I was shocked. I just knew they were going to kick it to me after we called the time out, so I was ready. Then all of a sudden they kicked it to him again, and instead of him deciding to go down, he was like, you know, I'm going to go ahead and score and head into the bye week. That was a dope play. That was a dope play. I think the last time I've seen somebody do that was A.J. Brown maybe last year or the year before. But, hey, the fact that you're able to focus on catching it, then making a person miss while they have nobody in front of them to block, got to give him the credit.

What has Russ been like behind the scenes the last few weeks?

I think he's done an amazing job just being able to just progress through everything that he's been having to go through. We all know what injuries are like. When we come to the league they say it's 100% everybody is pretty much going to deal with injuries. So you don't know what you're going to deal with, but all you can do is figure out how you're going to deal with it. I think mentally he's won when it comes to that battle every single day, he always talks about winning, and it's about being able to win in every situation and in every circumstance. Sometimes it looks bad and sometimes it looks good, but when we're out there doing two-minutes and he's running the show and all that, it's about figuring out how to win and just finding a way. So even though the injury it's the same thing. It might not be on field at the moment, but it's the same thing. And it takes you to a different place. Speaking from experience. I've been hurt, I've had to sit out, I've gone through an offseason and all that stuff. And so seeing a game without seeing the game without being in a game can also do a lot of wonder for you too as a person and a player when you come back. Bye week has officially started.

Wide Receiver DK Metcalf

On getting the better of Shaquill Griffin.

I don't think it was the better. It was just a good battle out there. I had two opportunities to score, and I had a ball just land in my hands. It is always great to go up against Shaq, a former teammate.

On hugging the goalpost.

A little A.B. reference.

On whether he knew that Antonio Brown was penalized for doing that.

I didn't know that. It won't happen again. Now, I do. It won't happen again.

On the play of Geno Smith.

Geno has been great throughout this whole span while Russ has been gone. Just for him to get his first win, it's great, it speaks volumes about his character and about how he carries himself throughout the whole week.

On whether he expected Shaquill Griffin to shadow him most of the game.

Yes, sir. He's one of the best corners in the league. I would expect him to shadow either me or Tyler (Lockett).

On keeping the fight after some frustrating losses.

This is the NFL, everybody's good. Everybody has good teams, good players. Just for Geno to come in here while Russ is gone and get his feet wet. Just to get his first win, because we're all used to Russ. Just gathering around Geno, supporting him through practice. If he makes a bad play, or we drop a ball, it's all about coming back together, just sticking together throughout this adverse time.

On the respect of Quandre Diggs.

He can talk smack, he comes to work every day. He going to hit, and he's going to track the ball and catch interceptions. He's just a great football player. A lot of people respect great football players.

On seeing Tyler Lockett having a great game.

It felt great, especially for him to just get the ball and capitalize on his opportunities. I see he had 13 targets, and he caught 12 of them. It just speaks volumes about the type of work effort he has.

On his first touchdown catch.

I've been here for a while, and that was probably the first time I got a pass like that. It felt great just to come down with it. It starts with trust. That was displayed out there.

On the touchdown catch.

I'm a big receiver, so it was just like throw it up, and let me go get it.

On how his foot feels.

My foot's good.

On whether he knew that Geno Smith had completed 14 passes in a row.

I didn't until the end of the game. That's amazing for him to dial it up; short passes, long passes. He was in a zone.

On knowing that it is tough for defenses to cover both himself and Tyler Lockett.

Like I said, everybody is good in the league, but we got two good receivers, along with Freddie Swain, Penny Hart whenever we need a blow. I believe we are stacked at receiver, stacked at the skill positions, with Gerald and Dissly. It's going to be hard to guard us, especially when Russ gets back.

On his reaction after learning he was fined after the Saints game.

I got called on it two days ago. I didn't do nothing, so I'm waiting for my phone call with the League.

Free Safety Quandre Diggs

On what he attributes his recent success to.

I think guys get comfortable with who they are, knowing our assignments and what we want to do. I think that's what it is. I know a lot of people that say 'Well you haven't played', and I guess people forget what we did to the Rams the first half. I just let people talk, you know. I've been quiet and just enjoying life and knowing we're going to turn this thing around.

On what it means to be the only player in the NFL with at least three interceptions in the last five seasons.

I'm aware of that. We have a great media team and they piqued my interest two weeks ago when they told me. For me, it's a great accomplishment. Something that I wanted to get before getting into the bye week so I can go into this week and chill, relax, and hang out with my daughter. Hopefully I can get to Astroworld next week and see Travis Scott perform. It's a blessing, give all glory to God as always and it's dope that I can put on for my family. I've got something I can brag to my older brother because my hands are way better than his.

On what he thought about Tre Brown and his first start with the team.

I think he did great. I think he's a player that loves to play the game, it's our job to keep him focused and keep him locked in all throughout the game. It's me and Jamal's (Adams) job to keep him focused and make sure he knows everything. He's a young guy, he's only been really practicing with us for a month so he needs to know the checks and things like that. If it's loud, we can't get all of that to him so he has to know it. But, I think he's making tremendous strides and he's like a little brother to me because he reminds me of myself when I was younger, personality wise. It's kind of dope to see him go out there making plays, making big tackles, pass breakups. He's really sticky in coverage.

On how he feels about where they are as a team so far.

Of course we don't like where we are. We know we've got a lot of ground to catch up, but if you know anything about this team and organization is that we've always been really resilient. We've always hit a stretch where we've won five, six in a row and stack those wins. So it can be done. We know we can do it, I think last year having the same situation. We started off high-fiving, five and one and then lost a couple on the road then we got back on track. I know we can do it and we've got the right people in this building and on this team to get it done.

Strong Safety Jamal Adams

On how it feels to get a win heading into the bye.

It feels good, obviously. That was our goal coming in, the past weeks, obviously, but it didn't happen for us. One play didn't go our way, or whatever the case was. Today we came out and executed at a high level. Obviously, as defense, we didn't want to give up that last one. That really stings, because we wanted a shutout, but it didn't happen, but at the end of the day we got the job done.

On what improvement the defense has made over the last few weeks.

Just communicating at a high level. Everybody knowing their assignment, everybody doing their job, and just flying around the ball. When we're clicking on all cylinders, everybody communicating at a high level, understanding what situation is coming, where we're at on the field, playing situational football. That's when we're special.

On rallying around Geno Smith.

Geno is a guy full of confidence. Geno's been through it all. He's had ups and downs throughout his career, but he stays steady, he keeps working, keeps his head down, doesn't really focus on the outside noise. That doesn't really matter. He continues to work his butt off. His opportunity came, and when he got in there, he showcased it.

On whether this could be a turning point game for the Seahawks.

Yes, I think again, this is one game. We're going to keep our head down, continue to grind and continue to get better. Obviously, we have a bye coming up, but this is a hell of a win. Great start. 

On his interaction with the fans after the game.

Because it's bigger than me, it's not about me. It's about the kids, and the fans in the building, supporting us through thick and thin. I was once a kid. I once had a dream. I dreamed big. Obviously, I made my dream come true, so I hope to inspire kids in the stands, and hopefully one day they're doing what I'm doing. That's what that's about.

On whether he said anything.

I didn't really get to exchange words. There are so many people trying to grab and call my name. I just wanted to show love and hopefully to inspire. That's what I love to do. I love to inspire those around me, especially kids, because, again, I was once inspired and it took me a long way.

On what he learned about his teammates during the losing streak.

I learned a lot. I learned how they bounce back. I learned how they tie their shoes. I learned how they put their helmet on, uniform; a little bit of everything. At the end of the day, we know how we are. We know exactly who we are as a team when we pull it all together, and we go out there and execute, we're a pretty good team.

On what he's seen over the last few weeks that has indicated the defense is improving.

Again, it's just about executing. Everybody in the league runs the same defensive calls, in different ways. Everybody runs Cover-2, everybody runs Cover-3, Man, whatever it is, Invert. It's just about executing at a high level, and everybody doing their job. Then, the special players making the special plays. Hats off to Diggs. Diggs is doing his thing. It's no shocker to me. He's been doing that for a long time. He's been under the radar. He's finally getting the love that he deserves, so I'm happy for him. It's just the special players, that are going out there and shining and making things come true.

On the impact of Tre Brown on the defensive improvement.

Tre's doing a phenomenal job as a rookie, coming in, he's very mature for his age and his football IQ. He's only getting better. I'm excited for him. We're really hard on him. We push him to the limit. For us, in the back end, we want him to be great. That's what we preach in our room, is greatness. Doing the little things right at all times. But, he's going to continue to learn, he's going to continue to make plays. Just having him out there is definitely a bless.

On what it looks like to be hard on Tre Brown.

Just making sure he's doing the little things at all times. I can't give you an example right now, but just making sure he's honed in to the details, he's communicating at a high level, he's understanding situational football. That's what it's about.

On Brown making big tackles, despite not being very big.

Again, size doesn't matter. It doesn't matter in all sports. It's about will and want to. It's about your mentality. When you step out on the field, you have to realize that you're the baddest walking. That's got to be the mindset. So when he goes out there, he knows what's at hand, he knows his job, and his opportunity. And he's doing a phenomenal job; I'm happy for him. 

On the boost when Russell Wilson returns.

I mean, shoot, you tell me. I mean, damn. Come on, man. 3 is 3; he's that guy. But again, I know what he's going through with that finger. I'm still going through it, obviously. I know exactly what he's going through. He's pushing, he's doing everything he can to get back on the field with us. Until then, we have to hold it down.

On playing with his finger surgery and shoulder surgery.

It's been tough, obviously. In life, there are a lot of tough things that you go through, you just have to figure it out. No one really cares, no one really gives a damn about my finger. At the end of the day, I have to figure it out. So I'm out there battling each and every day.

On whether he talked to Russell Wilson about finger surgery.

I just kind of scratched my hand like this. I know what he's going through. A pin in the finger. It's tough, man. You kind of take your fingers and your little movements for granted at times. It's taught me a lot, so I know exactly what he's going through. Mentally, he's on another level. He's doing a phenomenal job. I can't wait to get him back out there.

On how his injury will impact his ability to hold and throw a football.

I don't really know, as far as how it's going to affect him. It affects everybody in different ways. I think he's going to be fine. He can grip the ball and shoot that moon ball out, just like he always does. When he gets back, I just can't wait to see the show, and witness it. Looking forward to it.

On whether he had the same type of pin as Wilson.

He tore the mallet, so he's on the top of his finger. I tore the middle part. So, my finger looks like that. I can't bend my finger. He can bend the top portion. At the end of the day, I'm a savage. I do this. I figure it out. He'll be back.

The Seattle Seahawks take on the Jacksonville Jaguars in their eighth game of the 2021 season at Lumen Field. This album will be updated throughout the game. Game Action photos are presented by Washington Lottery.

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